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Question of the Week #94

On a busy street you are approached apologetically by a well-dressed stranger who asks for a dollar to catch a bus and make a phone call. 231 more words


7 Questions to Ask Yourself at the End of the Day (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 345)

“We thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.”
— Bono

In my psychological research studies on perception, I have learned that a major part of conducting research is being able to ask the right questions in order to receive the right answers or a series of possible right answers. 832 more words


Asking The Yahoo Community

Rightioo SO, two weeks ago, I asked you guys to send me weird, disturbing,scarring questions which you did. And can I just say, the questions you all sent me deserve gold medals. 561 more words


Rough week...

Things have been pretty confusing lately.
Lots of huge decisions and at times I don’t have any answers. Mentally tired. Need an escape. Trying to find a bit of peace and quiet from all the madness. 147 more words


How To Handle Church Conflict

This is very good, sound Godly advice.

Our goal in any conflict is to see things from Christ’s point of view.

Source: How To Handle Church Conflict


How Do You Deal With Regrets? 

Have you ever wanted something so desperately that you swore you could give anything to just to have it, but at the end, all you ever get is a disappointment? 148 more words