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Cop saves man from ants

TORONTO – A California police officer is being honoured for saving a man from an ant attack.

Dan Garza was on patrol June 4 when he came across a vehicle stopped on the side of a highway. 169 more words


The Good, The Bad, and The Ant Infestation

I don’t know if any of you have ever come back to your apartment at 11:30 at night to find hundreds of ants pouring out of one of your air vents, across your living room carpet, into your kitchen, and up to your sink, creating a writhing black line that bisects your home. 890 more words


Attack of the Ants!!!

You’ve heard of planking, coning, and Harlem shaking, but what about anting?  While laying flat on random surfaces, just grabbing the ice cream from a cone at the drive thru, and making crazy dance videos with all your friends have all become internet sensations, I don’t think anting is going to take off anytime soon.   1,262 more words

Bug Wars

She’s won the battle today. Though my body is weak, my mind is strong! As I sat listening to Elsa describe the tremendous efforts she’s taken to keep the enemy away, my mind flashed back to a recent early morning bonding time I had with Auntieji. 735 more words

I Can't Wear Pants Anymore.

This past week has been taken to another hemisphere by the hoard of itty bitty ants that decided to colonize my ceiling light fixture in their attempt to escape from the weekend rains. 156 more words

Literary Love

A Letter to Avis Australia.

Hello Avis Australia. You recently sent me an email asking me to fill in a feedback form about my latest trip. I generally don’t fill these out but I had a rather unusual journey and I feel it’s in Avis’ best interest that they know my story. 683 more words

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