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There is no more to say when there are no ears to listen. We are trapped all together inside an ant farm, and digging further into the soil seems like a plan. 91 more words


Opinion: Disney's downhill drop

Remember the good ol’ days? Miley’s scandalous double-life drama, Zack and Cody’s hotel dilemmas and Raven’s future vision powers? Of course, how could one forget what then seemed to be the everlasting epitome of the Disney Channel. 705 more words

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Ant Farm/Terrarium as Vitrines

excerpt from Carlos Castaneda’s “Journey to Ixtlan”

press release for above ant farms

I’ve been looking into Ant farms and using this nutrient gel formulated for them. 292 more words

Guest Blogger: James M. Jackson - The Allure of a Mystery Series

The Allure of a Mystery Series by James M. Jackson
One of my great pleasures of mystery fan conferences such as Malice Domestic and Left Coast Crime is the opportunity to talk with a wide variety of readers. 736 more words

Watch Out When the Ants Scatter on Jim Jackson's Farm

James M. Jackson came in handy. I needed his novel Ant Farm. It leads to more. I can’t wait to get around to them. 556 more words


A Review Of :: Gnomoria

“Fortress-Like” Gameplay In Beautiful Pixel-Art Aesthetic

Gnomoria is perhaps the best example of a “Dwarf Fortress BUT” game I’ve encountered. This game takes the fundamental fantasy of the genre (oversee a group of beings and help them survive by defining the rules for their community) and gives it a facelift with pretty pixel art, and a point-and-click GUI. 304 more words