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The Antagony of Anheuser-Busch

Every story needs an antagonist.

Harry’s horcruxing wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting without Voldemort’s noseless threat, and Frodo’s plucky resilience wouldn’t have been as impressive without the Great Eye stalking his every step. 789 more words


Characters: Flat and Dynamic

“Stories are events that happen to people.”

That is what Tom Tomlinson says when he starts talking about Characterization in The Portable MFA in Creative Writing, … 291 more words


Characters: Introduction

Have you ever read a book without characters?

Neither have I. Characters are an integral part of almost any story as they are often the focus of the story, and they move the plot forward. 120 more words


The 'Tagonist': When the Protagonist and the Antagonist Aren't That Different

I had an epiphany today.

Okay, okay… A breakthrough, if you want to use a less dramatic word. While continuing to outline my novel I realized what made my antagonist not only a serious threat to the main character, but also a… 198 more words

The Antagonist

Text of the sermon preached on Proper 10B (July 12, 2015) by the Rev. Katie Hargis at St. Cornelius Episcopal Church in Dodge City, KS. 1,415 more words


Exalted - Abyssal

Stark lights shown down over the village of Bramble, the stars acutely visible on this clear night. The moon was full, illuminating everything below in a silver glow. 1,510 more words


Character Interview: Nan Sampson Bach's Juan-Carlos

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard, and Juan Carlos was written by Nan Sampson Bach. Juan is the antagonist in Nan’s fantasy series ‘The Gatekeepers Saga’.) 3,543 more words