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Does the antagonist always have to be a villain?

Typically in fantasy there is no distinction between the idea of a villain and that of the antagonist. There are the good guys and the bad guys. 690 more words

The Perfect Antagonist

For me, the antagonist – what we might loosely call ‘the bad guy’ – can make or break an otherwise good story. He is the living and breathing incarnation of the obstacle your protagonist (or ‘hero’, if you insist) needs to overcome. 1,078 more words


Character Sketch: Tim Collins

Tim Collins was twenty-eight, but looked like a middle-aged man. No one would ever say as much to his face. He worked in construction as an electrician and referred to himself as being as old as he felt, trying to get rid of the stigma. 609 more words

Writing Exercises

5 Reasons Your Story is Stuck

If you’ve been writing any amount of time you have been there—THE SUCK. This is where no matter how hard you try, you just cannot seem to move your story forward. 2,024 more words

Kristen Lamb

When Bad Isn't So Good

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and thought, “That heroes were great and the plot was engaging, but the villain was kind of… blah”? 459 more words


Characters Done Right: Turning the Tables

I have a weak spot for betrayals in my fiction. There’s just something beautifully heartbreaking about beloved characters suddenly changing course. Whether I’m reading it, writing it, or watching it on TV, done right, it’s one of my absolute favorite things. 499 more words


Are LHRH antagonists more appropriate for some patients than LHRH agonists?

A new paper from a panel of experts in the UK has suggested that the use of LHRH antagonists (e.g., degarelix) may be more appropriate than the use of LHRH agonists (e.g., leuprolide acetate of goserelin acetate) in… 253 more words