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So You Want to be a Writer

Part 4

Characterization, Part 1

The next thing a writer should do is to create their characters. There are three types of characters in fiction. They are the main characters, the minor characters, and the walk-ons. 615 more words

Why Hans Gruber is an easy bad guy to root for

As a film lover, I found Alan Rickman’s death very sad.  I realize now that I’m getting to the age where the actors featured in the “In Memoriam” bit at the Oscars are no longer MUCH older than I am, just “older.”  (Just for the record, Rickman was over 30 years older than I am.)  But I felt that I’d seen Rickman pretty much from the beginning of his film career.   1,159 more words


Checkthisout! With the letter A.

Checkthisout! Three times, something to look at, starting with the letter A.

It Seems My Antagonist Isn't Good Enough

Sorry for a bit of a hiatus on the blog posts.  It’s still winter break for some, and for those of us on the East Coast, there’s been a lot of snow and a lot of snow days.  391 more words


Villains vs Antagonists

It’s not surprising that the terms “villain” and “antagonist” are often used interchangeably. You may be thinking well aren’t they basically the same thing? Not exactly. 456 more words

Are My Characters Based On You?

Readers expect stories to include heroes and heroines. Naturally, in order to make things exciting, antagonists are also required. I’m often asked about the characters I create, and whom they may be based on. 573 more words

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