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Writing Update

It’s 5:30am and I’ve been up since 9am yesterday. I can’t sleep. I want to say it’s because the story is burning inside me and I have to get the words out before I burst. 492 more words


The Bad Guys have pushed back the DEMO! (not really)

Somethings have come up in life that have slowed down production a bit, but I’m still working one this. Currently I’m just going to make a few more character models. 136 more words

Game Development

Character C

Since completing my first draft, I’ve had more free time on my hands. Time to think, time to reflect on what I’ve written. And no, I haven’t looked at my manuscript or my outlines. 837 more words


Red Serpent syndicate

The Red Serpent Syndicate is a structured crime organization led by 3 primary Families.

Not too much is known about the crime syndicate.

There are many subgroups within the organization known as Families, yet there are three primary families: 127 more words


The Antagonist.

“Edward Blake, The Comedian, born 1918, buried in the rain. Murdered. Is that what happens to us? No time for friends? Only our enemies leave roses.” 511 more words


Emma's Random (Reylo) Thoughts Part 9: The Awful Interrogation Scene

Well, it’s once again time to post a shameless attempt to get more views.  :)

I want to talk about the interrogation scene.  I touched on it in my first Reylo post, but I want to break it down, and talk about why, if your goal is to set up a protagonist and antagonist, it is the worst of all possible scenes. 3,642 more words

Roots of evil are human passions

Evil is the habit of taking pleasure in harming others.

Evil can be ignorant. That is, to have such high status that the character ignores everyone around him. 89 more words