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The Hunt for the Great Antagonist - Luo-Lang "The Blonde Haired Stranger"

I have always loved watching antagonists since as long as I could remember. Those characters that become obstacles to the protagonist’s goals. Creating the tension within the series, whether it be in a menacing way like classic horror villains or merely testing their character like bullies from high school dramas. 2,414 more words


VGC Day 21: Bad to the Bone

Welcome back to our 30 day video game challenge! If you’d like to catch up with the other days, click here.

Today we’re covering: 486 more words

Video Games

Overarc Villainess Bust (Version 1)- UPDATE

UPDATE 4/30/17: Facial Structure and refining.

UPDATE 5/01/17: More details.

UPDATE 4/02/17: Additional collar.

UPDATE 5/9/17: Hair.

UPDATE 5/10/17: Hairstrans.


Blandy McBlandface: Flat Antagonists

After my most recent post, I did some more thinking on flat villains. I wondered, am I being too harsh on Eragon? One of my absolute favorite games is  1,255 more words


Antagonising Antagonist

The antagonist, the adversary of the hero is giving me grief. And so it should, as I am the protagonist in my memoir. A vicious circle, the chicken or the egg or the egg or the chicken has me chasing my literary tail. 354 more words


Camp NaNoWriMo part 16

Genre: general, introspective (is that a genre?)

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Minerva watched her cousin writhe before her. 523 more words

Creative Writing

3 Steps to Find the Heart of Your Story (How to Outline Pt. 3)

3 Steps to Find the Heart of Your Story (How to Outline  Pt. 3)

By  K M Weiland

Most of the time when you start figuring out how to outline a story, you know one of two things about that story. 2,324 more words