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The Phantom: Villain or Tragic Hero?

*The 2004 film version is the version referenced for the purpose of this article.*

The Phantom is a unique character in that not only is he the antagonist of his tale but he’s also the protagonist. 865 more words

The Phantom Of The Opera

Bad Guys and Politics

“The antagonist is the hero of his own story.”

This piece of writing advice has been said over and over again, and it’s absolutely true. No matter how evil your Bad Guy, he or she still believes they’re doing the right thing for their own reason. 542 more words


WIPjoy #27

Protagonist Takeover Week: all answers must be in your protagonist’s words

Do you sympathize with (or relate to) the antagonist?

Sohalie: It’s pretty hard to sympathize with someone who steals all your possessions, then kidnaps you and throws you in prison, with plans to demand ransom from your family that will ruin them financially. 12 more words


Interview With a Killer (or not)

While we’re on the subject of villains…one way to get a handle on your mystery is to get a handle on your villain.

Your killer (or any other criminal) should be fully developed before your story even opens. 515 more words

Craft Work

How to Create a Powerful Antagonist

When you’re writing by the seat of your pants and begin to realize you’re coming up short in several areas, you begin to rethink things. In my novella, the antagonist has gone through several key changes. 50 more words


Nancy: The Problem with Empathy

Odds are, if you’re a creative person, you use your creative expression to process and make sense of the world around you. Knowingly or unknowingly, you also might be working out your personal issues in your work. 703 more words


Villains, Antagonists, and Everything in Between

In last week’s post, I wrote that one of the most important aspects of writing a mystery is the villain. I chose this word, instead of antagonist, because it sounds delicious. 781 more words