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Loving The Antagonist

One of the most important aspects of a story is the conflict that the protagonist runs into. The conflict can be anything, from the weather to that weird uncle on your dad’s side nobody really talks to. 433 more words


The Forty Elephants - the All Girl Gang of Victorian-era England: A Steampunk Feminist Perspective

The Forty Elephants was a 19th-century all-female gang who specialized in shoplifting. Their centre of operations was the Elephant and Castle district, but they were known to range further in the hunt for worthwhile targets.  367 more words


RPG ; Character Design - Back Story; Antagonists


Augustus Gloop -

German born Gloop comes from a decent class German family. Who can fully support Augustus’ eating habits. He is an only child, this is why his mother dotes on him 24/7. 642 more words

Games Design: An Introduction

Musing: How Understanding Internet Arguments Can Make You a Better Writer.

I’ve touched on the motivations of a good antagonist before on the blog, but let’s apply some of this to real life. People are quick to dismiss internet arguments as worthless, but the common internet troll can actually help you more than they can hurt. 587 more words


A Simple Equation.

An algorithmic observation: Villains=Ugly. Heroes=Hot!

Somewhere in the dusty recesses of some decrepit parchment, etched in the blood of some unsullied virgin and laced in the pheromones of a crucified swine, heroes are epitomised as virtuous, self-sacrificing, boisterous and attractive. 713 more words


The Last Unicorn. Reflection #2

-The current protagonist is a unicorn (she has no name currently)
-The current antagonist is an old sorceress that runs a midnight fair.
-No current exact time period, but there is quite a large amount of forest. 7 more words


I Fell In Love With an Antihero

I don’t write much here anymore. But I will write more soon. Much more. If you read me often, you’ll know it’s because of my job: it takes up all my thoughts and energy, and by the time I get home in the afternoon/evening, I don’t have much left to dedicate to other thought. 974 more words