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[SHA] Fantastic Titles for the Post-A & Samples

The Heavenly Bishop of the Cyan Burrows

The Warlord of the Insatiable Mercenaries

The Sinful Chief of the Baneful Refinery

The Lord of the Ancient Barrens… 712 more words


A sneak peek into the main antagonists in Spider Man Homecoming! Trailer#2 breakdown

So guys Spiderman: Homecoming trailer #2 just

dropped by and it look AMAZING with all the drama going around between Tony and Peter, the menacing acts of Vulture and few comedy scenes between Peter and his buddy Ned. 444 more words


Game Antagonist

Gumblar the main antagonist of my game plan. He throws chewed gums around the candy city and makes all the candy people suffer from being stucked on gums. Another subject requirement.

One Minute Lesson: How Much Space Should An Antagonist Take Up?

Your story doesn’t have to be about a hero at war with a villain. An antagonist can have a small part (not the same as a small role), accomplish his/her purpose to challenge and therefore aid in the unveiling of the hero’s  transformation in response to those challenges, and then be suitably disposed of, if that’s how you want to play it. 57 more words

Antagonist Vs. Villain

This evil character was created by Lauren Gallegos. She was featured on Illustrator Saturday in 2012 and 2016. She is represented by CATugeau. 362 more words


Kembo Ree, Cultist of the Yellow Sign

A character illustration for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game setting (or any other setting really; after all cultists such as this can be used in many different settings). 21 more words


Antagonism - Going Deeper Than "Bad" & "Evil"

If you’ve read my post regarding what makes a story bad, you’ve already read a brief rant on the features that qualify an antagonist to be one. 1,017 more words