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Creating Villains

blake-broacher asked:

How do I make a villain totally detestable and loathsome, I’ve no protagonist as the narrator is also a morally dark grey guy. Also all of my villains turn into anti heroes because of their grand ideas for the future bring a bit skewed in execution.

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The Hunt for the Great Antagonist - Zabuza Momochi "The Demon of the Hidden Mist"

Next up on the Hunt for the Great Antagonist is one of the antagonists from the cornucopia of characters that is Naruto. Zabuza Momochi is bar none one of the most impactful antagonists of my childhood. 2,000 more words


The Barb: Antagonist Ideas

That mind bending question: how? The antagonist in my current manuscript is the inner critic. In order to give this ethereal character depth, I delved into its origin. 358 more words


The DNA of a Great Villain

Recently I watched Unforgettable, starring Rosario Dawson. In the film the ex-wife is undoubtedly a villain and she makes it known as soon as she walks on the screen. 434 more words


Touching Base and Story Structure


It’s actually been like…two months since I posted something? Yeah, apparently life happens sometimes and when it does, it does it in a very rude and uncompromising way, and I’m not just talking about accidental pregnancies…which isn’t something I’ve had to worry about too much, incidentally… 869 more words


How I, a Former Judge, Won a Short Story Contest

Honorable Mention counts, right?

First and foremost, props to the Grand Prize winner, Sef Churchill and her wildly imaginative story, “Porthole.” She should write her own (legitimate) version of this post. 1,478 more words


The Hunt for the Great Antagonist - Luo-Lang "The Blonde Haired Stranger"

I have always loved watching antagonists since as long as I could remember. Those characters that become obstacles to the protagonist’s goals. Creating the tension within the series, whether it be in a menacing way like classic horror villains or merely testing their character like bullies from high school dramas. 2,414 more words