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A Bubble of Antagony

I often thought that authors were bias.


That they’re having fun writing our names on someone else’s story.

Story that still happily ends even if we weren’t there. 428 more words

Life, Love, Lessons

July #WIPjoy - Netherworld

Bethany Jennings, a wonderful blogger, Christian writer, and homeschool mom (wow! talk about being an inspiration) has this hashtag called #WIpjoy, in which she comes up with a question for each day in whatever month it happens (usually three times a year). 1,416 more words


Tips from Other People, Part 6.

You know what, people? I’ve never written a story with an actual antagonist. I’m not sure why exactly, since I love a good villain as much as the next person. 187 more words

7 Tips on Creating a Complex Antagonist

When I first developed my story for Netherworld, I just created a villain simply so that my protagonist had some evil to fight against. But when I started questioning my villain’s motives, I realized that to have a full story, it is crucial to develop the villain because that’s the crux of the problems that create the story. 1,407 more words

The Writer's Thoughts

Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Story Time 004

Please place your offerings and tithes in plate and open your bibles to Revelations and pay respects to the High Reverend Murphy. Hear of his travels; of his battles, hard fought, against the forces of sin. 105 more words


An Observation on Superheroes

I thought I would close out my three post streak about superheroes with a simple observation I had recently. Superheroes, in comics as well as on the screen, aren’t usually protagonists by the standard definition. 331 more words

Film Analysis

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 24

Day 24 – I love a good antagonist. That said, anime has some pretty terrible villains scattered throughout the many series so thinking about the best one is taking some effort. 199 more words