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Thus the work on the house of God in Jerusalem came to a standstill until the second year of the reign of Darius king of Persia. 332 more words


The Key to a Great Story - Puppeteer Antagonists

In my previous post I discussed the puppets of the master puppeteer. Many of the traits of the puppets I described could be antagonists in their own right, without a puppeteer, but you cannot have a puppeteer without a puppet with strings to pull and manipulate to the detriment of the goals of the protagonist. 455 more words


Constructing a Self-Referential Collage

Moon shattering upon a highway her voice inside you.

Her voice inside you, a falling stone.

Her mountain stone an echo, your mouth erupting.

Tattooed with Hittite song her skin barely visible, a windshield. 58 more words

Text & Image

Character Flaws

  1. Absent-minded – Preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one’s immediate surroundings. Abstracted, daydreaming, inattentive, oblivious, forgetful.
  2. Abusive – Characterized by improper infliction of physical or psychological maltreatment towards another.
  3. 1,936 more words

Abstract Antagonist

Racism/intolerance in a community or in general

Poverty or the economy in a community or in general

Nature as an entity (e.g. a natural disaster or an extreme climate) 16 more words


The Key to a Great Story - Puppet Antagonists

This post is about what I call Puppet Antagonists; characters whose strings are pulled by the Puppeteer Antagonist, which will be discussed in the next post. 454 more words


Asserting Control with the Killer Elbow

At the same bus stop I talked to a cute little girl only a week earlier, I had an experience as different as you possibly have. 500 more words