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Secret Antagonists

It is important to know all of the antagonists in your stories so that you can develop them fully and not have plot holes. In the sci-fi and fantasy genres, there is usually a bad guy or an evil empire. 276 more words

Writing Fiction

Character Builder Template

Hey, everyone! Back again, but with a different sort of post. Below, you’ll find a character template I made with information I often use to create a character. 29 more words


Would you date your bad guy?

Writers are usually quite diligent in developing their protagonist, the settings, the concept. All great stuff.

But there’s one area where I typically need to nudge and prod. 804 more words


The Antagonist as the Protagonist from Their Own Perspective

Part One of this series on writing antagonists, challenged you to consider that the antagonists of your story don’t always have to villains. This part will consider the idea that from the antagonists perspective, more often than not, they are the protagonist of their own story. 900 more words

Short Story: A Dragon's Fury

The following is a short story that I wrote as a writing exercise exploring some of the ideas presented in Part Two of my Antagonist series of articles. 1,414 more words

Creating & Writing Villains - Humanization

Let’s face it, we’ve all created and written characters we ended up despising. It wasn’t that our protagonist or antagonist annoyed us or angered us with their choices. 621 more words

Character Creation

Sinners and Saints

There are times when the reactions of the fan community can be as interesting as the source material itself. In keeping with the theme of villainy and Game of Thrones from last post, it would be remiss of me not to touch on Cersei’s competition in season 6, the High Sparrow, who made me ponder on the matter of religious villains and their perceptions to audiences. 737 more words