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Anyone Can Play

I know my answer!

(If you must know, I’m stuffed with feta.)


The Screenplay: The Blueprint Matters (Ch 2)

Writing is a challenge to many, and yet a gift to others. Where do you fall within that scale? In the middle? At the top? The bottom? 191 more words

Fiery by Nature, or am I?

Growing up my dad always told me that as a ginger I was fiery by nature; this entails not only being a passionate person but being… 530 more words


Everyone Needs a Hero (Ch. 1)

Protagonists usually fall into one of the following literary patterns or types:

  • The anti-hero: This is the guy your mother would not want you or your sister to date.
  • 913 more words

A Matter of Character (Ch.1)

“What makes a plot truly memorable is not all the action, but what the action does to the character. We respond to a character who changes, who endures the conflict of the story only to emerge a different person at the end.” – James Scott Bell… 835 more words

Shakespeare's Baddies

Thinking back on the stories that I’ve loved throughout the years, I always find one element that shines through more often than anything else: the antagonist. 2,321 more words


Deathstroke is reportably the main antagonist of the solo Batman movie

The Wrap have reported this morning, that “an individual with knowledge of the situation” has confirmed that Slade Wilson A.K.A. Deathstroke will be taking on the bat in his standalone movie. 239 more words