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Green Hopper...

While looking at getting scenes of the daisies, I ran across this small hopper on some nearby older roses. This looks like a grasshopper nymph but I am not sure of that. 58 more words


.:Soul:. Antennae


Firstly, the V.I.P. Group gets a HUGE Discount on these, just for LOLz… Peenie Antennae. Yup. Peenie. Antennae. 38 more words

New Releases

Why? Asked A Photographer of Butterflies.

Fond? Not strong enough. Really like? Not that either. This image evokes stronger for me, Love. I love this Tawny Emperor butterfly image. Comes the question, why? 379 more words

Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

Philips ka Dabba

I tried to work the TV today.

No, not rewire it or something. The TV has been switched off for some months now and trying to work it, is a bi-annual ritual we perform. 678 more words

Red-Banded Delight

You’ve got to keep your eyes peeled for them. I now know where to find them in the Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch Habitat. 152 more words

Eatonton, GA

There's a Smaller World (Parasitoid Wasp, "Parasitica")

In general, “parasite” evokes a pretty negative reaction, and when speaking of actual parasitic lifeforms, for a lot of people, that reaction involves a healthy amount of skin-crawling. 129 more words

Macro Photography

multitasking impossible

cartwheel flower multi-radio-probing the skies .. (click to enlarge ..)

it has become
completely impossible
for my crazy mind
to multitask

Scheduling still works … 34 more words