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There's a Smaller World (Parasitoid Wasp, "Parasitica")

In general, “parasite” evokes a pretty negative reaction, and when speaking of actual parasitic lifeforms, for a lot of people, that reaction involves a healthy amount of skin-crawling. 129 more words

Macro Photography

multitasking impossible

cartwheel flower multi-radio-probing the skies .. (click to enlarge ..)

it has become
completely impossible
for my crazy mind
to multitask

Scheduling still works … 34 more words


Buckeyes Tease

Shooting a Buckeye butterfly with a Macro- lens requires that you approach within about 18″. Now how are you going to do that, with such a skittish butterfly? 220 more words

Butterfly Types

On Balance (Scarab Beetle, Scarabaeidae)

These little pink flowers sprout up every year, and they tend to make very nice backdrops if I am lucky enough to find a photogenic insect on them. 49 more words

Macro Photography

Labor of Love (Unidentified Fly)

This fly moved very awkwardly and slowly over the leaves. These lanky, stick-figure insects and spiders are hard to shoot because something is going to be grossly out of focus. 191 more words

Macro Photography