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On Balance (Scarab Beetle, Scarabaeidae)

These little pink flowers sprout up every year, and they tend to make very nice backdrops if I am lucky enough to find a photogenic insect on them. 49 more words

Macro Photography

Labor of Love (Unidentified Fly)

This fly moved very awkwardly and slowly over the leaves. These lanky, stick-figure insects and spiders are hard to shoot because something is going to be grossly out of focus. 191 more words

Macro Photography

Climbing up Hills Before its Too Late

Looking down at my fleshly toes,
I creak to the loo at 4 in the morning,
a listing dreadnaught,
careening into doorframes.

Flick of the cold light puts first signs of age… 136 more words



These days when I empty the skimmer basket of the swimming pool, my wail of anguish can be heard:


They’re lovely creatures and I hate to¬†find them drowned. 45 more words

Living In Italy

Young Assassin Bug

I know this is an assassin bug.

That’s about all I know about it. Its body was a little under a half-inch long. The spines looks like they could be quite painful. 25 more words