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AF Project

So, since I’m stuck on the whole AF thing (again, AF is short for anthocyanin free),  just wanted to share one of the crosses that is part of an AF hybridization project. 160 more words

Hybrid Update: Sarracenia courtii x "Green Monster", Anthocyanin free clone

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!  Here’s an update of a hybrid that I created in 2009.  Looking forward to what the mature adult plants will be like — and not only because I think both of the parent plants are pretty FRESH, but they are also anothcyanin free, and  … 90 more words

A couple of years...

One of the hybrids I did a couple of years ago caught my eye as I was doing some clean up in the yard today. Check out what a couple of years did… 36 more words

Hairy Situation

One aspect of carnivores that really fascinates me are all the mechanisms used for luring and trapping a meal.  Just as an example – these downward pointing hairs on the hood of this… 64 more words


Clockwise from top: S. flava “widemouth” x ‘Adrian Slack’, S. ‘Alucard’ x leucophylla anthocyanin free,
S. “Goliath” x ‘Adrian Slack’, S. oreophila – veined x ‘Adrian Slack, S.
172 more words

One. [Lost and ... found?]


Hey everyone, hope you’re having a good week so far!

Yesterday I harvested a seed pod in where I thought there would be no seed at all. 321 more words

Go Green!

In today’s world, we hear a lot about being green. Think green. Be green. Green. Anthocyanin Free that is. (Anthocyanin is that pigment that makes things… well, er… … 152 more words