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Old, Weird Monday #4 - "The Butcher Boy" - Buell Kazee

Off the tracks of the Anthology of American Folk Music (AAFM) comes Buell Kazee’s “The Butcher Boy”.  Buell, an old-time music banjo picker laid it down on Brunswick in 1928 and it’s one of the best cuts on the collection.   128 more words

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Old, Weird Monday #3 - Coley Jones' "Drunkard's Special"

Here’s a goofy sort of tune about a drunkard who suspects his wife of cheating on him only to hear her claim the most absurd excuses which he goes on believing. 548 more words

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Old, Weird Monday #1 - Greil Marcus, Bob Dylan and The AAFM

As the original intent of this blog was to provide a more eclectic range of music, I feel that my selections, although still spread across a range of pop, blues, rock and jazz, are starting to become more mainstream than the tunes I typically listen to and read about.   634 more words

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