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‘ABC’s of Death 2.5’ Fits Quite Comfortably into the Franchise as We Know it (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Directed by: Various

Cast: Various

ABC’s of Death 2.5 is every bit as outlandish as both preexisting franchise entries. This film, however, has a much grimier appearance to it, lending it a stronger B-movie vibe, if you will. 1,005 more words


Musical Influence - Leon Pryce

Musical Influence

I`m under the influence of music

Music is my drug

I`m so addicted to it

I hear the words

And all I do is keep writing… 455 more words


Found Footage Anthology 'The Dark Tapes' Can Be Surprising And Ghoulishly Delightful!

Written by: Tara Mae Jackson

Directed by: Michael McQuown and Vincent J. Guastini

Cast: Cortney Palm, David Rountree, Matt Magnusson

It seems people either hate or love the found footage style films, there aren’t many who are on middle ground with this wave of horror style that has been popping up everywhere since the popularity of The Blair Witch Project in 1999, and probably refueled largely in part thanks to movies like Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, and Rec. 921 more words


Sooth Lady Wine

‘She happened to have the kind of house you couldn’t just exist in.

With the worn floorboards and cold fireplaces, busy kitchen and bustling mantleplaces. 99 more words

Independent Thoughts.

Pablo Neruda

… you and I together have gone down a single river
with linked mouths filled with salt and blood …

— Pablo Neruda, from “II Furies and Sorrows,”section II of “Born in the Woods,” … 14 more words


Phoenix and Marilyn by Tracy Fells

‘Are you sure you want to go through with this?’ Hannah paused, giving Lou a moment to consider, her fingertips tightly pinching the edge of the paper strip. 154 more words