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Time poor? Short fictions to read for Indigenous Literature Week July 2-9 2017

Too busy to read a whole book for Indigenous Literature Week this year?

Here are some short inexpensive suggestions for the time poor.

Links on the titles take you to where you can buy the book. 379 more words


Pablo Neruda

There’s No Forgetting

Ask me where I have been
and I’ll tell you: “Things keep on happening.”
I must talk of the rubble that darkens the stones; 229 more words


Returned From Camping

After not doing any writing for a few days, I am comfortable with my decision to quit being a writer for good. I made the right choice; wasn’t leading anywhere anyway. 11 more words


Novella review: Moontide by Mercedes Lackey

This novella length tale is a strong one by a master of the craft. Moontide is the first tale in the anthology, Winter Moon. A she has done for decades Ms Lackey has given us a strong character that is not quite the norm. 128 more words

André Breton

When the windows like the jackal’s eye and desire pierce the dawn, silken windlasses lift me up to suburban footbridges. I summon a girl who is dreaming in the little gilded house; she meets me on the piles of black moss and offers me her lips which are stones in the rapid river depths. 117 more words


Kenneth Rexroth

There are sparkles of rain on the bright
Hair over your forehead;
Your eyes are wet and your lips
Wet and cold, your cheek rigid with cold. 103 more words


Paul Celan

Unreadability of this
world. All doubles.

The strong clocks
back the fissure-hour,

You, wedged into your deepest,
climb out of yourself
for ever.

— Paul Celan, “Unreadability,” … 9 more words