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Black-ish Season 4 Premiere Review: "Juneteenth"

Black-ish has always been honest when it comes to race relations in America and the season 4 premiere was no exception. The episode began with the Johnson family attending Jack and Diane’s school play about Christopher Columbus. 184 more words


Rare Water Intoxication Almost Killed Actor Anthony Andrews

Actor Playing Professor Higgins Saw ‘Rain in Spain’ Stay Mainly in His Brain. Actor’s Love of Water Nearly Flushes Life & Career.

Sharon Kleyne, host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, has spent decades researching and teaching the importance of water supplementation of the body’s water vapor, yet even she was surprised to recall an incident in which water nearly became a deadly substance. 386 more words

Sharon Kleyne

August 21, 2003: Anthony Andrews Water Intoxication

August 21, 2003: Actor Anthony Andrews almost dies of water intoxication. The Telegraph article. My Battle with the Bottle. “Actors must expect their excessive drinking habits to be breakfast table gossip, especially if they become too intoxicated to perform. 341 more words


Brideshead Visited

21 August 2017

Tim Koch recalls a HTBS post from 2013.

Mark Twain once allegedly said that ‘The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.’ It is not quite such a pithy remark, but I can now say that one of the wettest days that I have experienced was during a summer in North Yorkshire, a place where I recently took a short holiday. 438 more words

A find via the Foyle’s War Appreciation Society and tumblr, Michael Kitchen and Joanna Lumley, the latter captured in this photo blowing a kiss with The Greatest himself, are among the celebrities in the audience at the taping of… 36 more words

Michael Kitchen

Brideshead Revisited S1E6, "Julia"

Dir. Charles Sturridge. Starring Diana Quick, Charles Keating, Jeremy Irons

(My thoughts on the preceding episode are here.)

“Julia” signifies a shift in focus for… 1,268 more words


Brideshead Revisited S1E5, "A Blow Upon a Bruise"

Dir. Charles Sturridge. Starring Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews, Claire Bloom

(My thoughts on the preceding episode are here.)

“A Blow Upon a Bruise” is maybe the most apt name for an episode of television ever aired, because it’s exactly how it feels to watch this painful hour; I’ve watched this miniseries all the way through a few times, but like “Home and Abroad,” it’s not an hour I return to frequently. 1,068 more words