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The Summer Malison

It’s just starting to cool down little by little, but while it is still summer, here is a rather sinister early Hopkins poem, The Summer Malison. 964 more words


A Clockwork Orange

After reading Lolita I decided to read another controversial classic, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Anthony Burgess.

Initially I found the book near to impossible to comprehend, as it was narrated by a teenager called Alex, speaking in Nadsat, which is teenage slang created by the author.It wasn’t fun flicking back to the glossary every five seconds but luckily I got the gist of it quite quickly. 139 more words


Anthony Burgess - A Clockwork Orange

Aaaargh! This was such a weird book.

I’ve seen about 5 minutes of this movie and heard references to it in various TV shows and word of mouth so I thought I would add it to my list of things to try. 480 more words


Watch this fascinating interview with Anthony Burgess and Malcolm McDowell, shortly after the release of A Clockwork Orange

Burgess has often voiced issues with Kubrick’s version of his novel, but here he is, if not effusive, complimentary about Kubrick’s transitioning of the book to film. 16 more words


Happy birthday to the King of The Droogs, Malcolm McDowell

Everyone knows A Clockwork Orange, but remember Malcolm as the hedonistic, orgy loving Rock star, Reggie Wanker, in 1983’s Get Crazy?


The bare necessities.

One of the best ways to edit a story is simply to give it time, much as wine tastes better when it’s allowed to breathe. But there will be times when there’s not a minute to lose and you’ve got to produce something out of necessity, and sometimes that leads to some excellent work. 338 more words

Do you have to understand every word?

When Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo was first published in 1904, many of the words used in the text must have been unfamiliar to the general public. 726 more words

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