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"wounds that never close"

Hollywood likes to insist that by meeting one special person, be it lover, alien, or friend, you can heal and be healed in turn. Lonergan tends to the wounds that never close, and although…

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Untitled VII

“…fiercely unrelaxing, and impossible to ignore.”  That’s how Anthony Lane describes a movie in one of his reviews.

That’s how I feel about these paintings. The arrows, wedges, dots, and now three-stripes are very insistent in directing my attention. 191 more words


Publication Bias in Action: The Case of Oxytocin and Trust

 This article recounts how initial laboratory research showing the hormone oxytocin induced trust between people eventually was demonstrated to be mostly Type I error.  In this case, it was the original research team (lead by psychologist ANTHONY LANE) who came to realize that that their own lab had focused on statistically significant findings while ignoring insignificant experiments.   64 more words