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Publication Bias in Action: The Case of Oxytocin and Trust

 This article recounts how initial laboratory research showing the hormone oxytocin induced trust between people eventually was demonstrated to be mostly Type I error.  In this case, it was the original research team (lead by psychologist ANTHONY LANE) who came to realize that that their own lab had focused on statistically significant findings while ignoring insignificant experiments.   64 more words

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Remember when you were watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Adam Driver took off his mask, and you thought you were looking at some kind of advanced alien? 1,017 more words


Women with weapons: on Emily Blunt and the triumph of Higgins-ism

In subway stations a few weeks ago, I began seeing a poster, for a film called Sicario, that featured Emily Blunt wielding a pistol. To put it plainly, this bugged me. 477 more words


New Yorker on Corbyn

A very interesting look at the Corby phenomena by Anthony Lane in the New Yorker – The Corbyn Supremacy.

Our story begins on May 8th, when the Tories, contrary to all predictions and polls, awoke to discover that they had won an outright majority in the general election.

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Quote of the Day: 3rd Wednesday of August 2015

I don’t think writers are much smarter than other people. I think they’re more compelling in their stupidity.

— David Foster Wallace, quoted by Anthony Lane in his review of James Ponsoldt’s film about Wallace, in… 26 more words


Quote of the Day: Anthony Lane Reviews "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation"

It honestly doesn’t feel like summer because usually, in summer, self watches a movie a week.

Anyhoo, she wants to see “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.” 135 more words