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This Week in Review - 06/05/2015

A Note from Jessica: Welcome to the very first This Week in Review! Every Friday, we’ll be sharing the best things we’ve discovered and g-chatted about over the past week. 350 more words


Film Critics Go Down on 'Grey': The 9 Best Lines From 'Fifty Shades' Reviews

Fifty Shades of Grey: Critic-proof and cringingly bad?  

The R-rated tale of a virgin and her billionaire continues to rake in record numbers at the box office, standing as the highest-grossing film ever released in February. 651 more words

That College Dream: Talking to Myself

So for my Magazine Writing class, I (for reasons known only to that little voice in my head that makes me do weirdly heroic things) volunteered to be the person to do a presentation on our first reading assignment for the next class period. 184 more words

20 Something

20 Something: The Hardest Semester

I think this is going to be my hardest semester of college. This is semester number 10 for me. I have always taken a full course load. 546 more words

20 Something

How to Write Jokes #5 A Pop Up Book o' Analogies

Nobody has ever turned a Pynchon book into a movie before, for the same reason that nobody has managed to cram the New York Philharmonic into a Ford Focus. 712 more words


One-Half The New Yorker's Film Critic Splits, Sort Of

New Yorker magazine critic David Denby, whose erudite and often contrarian film reviews have been essential reading for New York cineastes since he began as the film critic for New York magazine in 1978, will give up the reviewing duties he’s split with the equally erudite and contrarian (but generally funnier) Anthony Lane at the turn of the year. 227 more words