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Sean Connery as Bond.... James Bond : The Poster Gallery

With the latest James Bond outing, Spectre hitting the screens this week it’s time to look at the man who claimed the role for his own in 1962. 316 more words


13 Days of Halloween - Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock is one of my favorite filmmakers for a variety of reasons, but mostly because he was an expert at cinematically unfolding a mystery in a way that captures the viewer’s attention from the first frame to the last. 392 more words


Movies: My Top 25 Horror Films Part 4

Welcome back to week 4 of my Top 25 Horror Films countdown. In this weeks’ edition, we explore back-woods cannibals, a disturbed inn keeper, a pair of nocturnal bloodsuckers and a gaggle of British NOT zombies. 1,834 more words

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COUNTDOWN OF HORROR, Part 3: The Shorter Series

Not every horror/scary movie series has to be as long as Friday the 13th to be considered successful and entertaining. Many a series only had four or five entries (with a trilogy here and there) and there were still a memorable set of scares. 1,990 more words


PSYCHO 2 (United States 1983)

A sequel to “Psycho” was a pretty daring prospect, since Hitchcock’s original is held in such high regard. The filmmakers wisely avoided getting pretentious about the subject matter. 610 more words


johnlink ranks PSYCHO (1960)

Hey, what do you know? This little project, john link movies, hits 900 movie rankings with this post. I try to do something of substance when I see I’m hitting a number with a couple of zeroes in it, and PSYCHO has been on my mind lately. 1,307 more words

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