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Stoker (2013)

2016.41: Stoker (Film 4, HD)

Perhaps its a case of the wrong expectations. I was under the (misguided, as it turned out) impression that this was a horror film. 578 more words


The Vault - Psycho (1960) - Film Review

The Vault is a new series I’m starting, where I’m going to go back and review classic films that I love. As we just got the epic Season 4 Finale of Bates Motel, it seemed fitting the first film out of The Vault should be, Psycho (the first and only Psycho from 1960!). 843 more words


REVIEW: "The Last of Sheila"

Its title is as awkward and unusual as its story, but the 1973 mystery thriller “The Last of Sheila” maneuvers through its clever twists and red herrings before finishing in a much different place than where it started. 462 more words

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Shaun vs. Destroyer (1988)

Eighteen months after a riot shuts a prison down, a low-budget film crew arrives to make some movie magic only to be terrorized by a serial killer who was supposedly put to death in the prison.   635 more words


Murder on the Orient Express (1974) or: How Albert Finney Can Save Your Movie

A great case-study in how one great performance can make a movie worthwhile. Murder on the Orient Express is exquisitely constructed. Director Sidney Lumet handles the sprawling cast with ease and constantly fills the frame with lush period-detail. 634 more words


Destroyer (1988)

Directed By: Robert Kirk

Starring: Lyle Alzado, Anthony Perkins, Deborah Foreman, Clayton Rohner, Tobias Anderson, Jim Turner, Pat Mahoney

Serial Killer Ivan Moser is being executed via the electric chair, but a prison riot breaks out during the execution and Moser disappears. 344 more words

Movie Review

The Trial

I had a strange dream the other day. I was in a shop and had taken a few things to buy. One of the items was a smoothie type drink. 235 more words