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Murder On the Orient Express (1974)

In a startling intro, we hear eery, jagged chords as shocking headlines of a baby kidnapping starkly flash onto the screen. Headlines of names (baby Daisy Armstrong and her famous parents) that are unmistakably a mirroring of a real event, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. 1,132 more words


Master of Suspense?

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock  (August 13, 1899 – April 29,  1980)

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock aka “Master of Suspense” was a British born director known for his mastery of the suspense and psychological thriller.   756 more words

Film History

Private traps: A critical analysis of "Psycho" (1960)

I might have a disadvantage over you because I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” on a big screen. The master of suspense’s 1960 thriller was part of a film appreciation course I took, a course that focused on the works of Hitchcock and Roman Polanski. 703 more words


Alan Arkin in CATCH-22 (1970)

Do you ever feel like you must be going insane because it seems like you’re the only sane one in a messed up world of lunatics? 1,134 more words


Norman Bates. The Ultimate Mama's Boy.

The story of “Psycho”, arguably the creepiest movie ever made, started with a novel published in 1959 by Robert Bloch. Inspired by real life events Bloch, created the character of Norman Bates, the ultimate… 435 more words


Check out the Tab Hunter Confidential documentary trailer

The ubiquitous All American Boy, that defined “dreamy” for a generation of teens, had a secret to hide. Sorry, girls. I’ve heard of Tab’s time working with John Waters, which is, of course, wildly entertaining, but am looking forward to learning about the rest of his life, particularly his relationship with Anthony Perkins.


Stearns Lake Search Over After 2nd Grenade Found

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– An extensive search for explosives at Stearns Lake in Boulder County wrapped up Thursday afternoon after two grenades were found there in less than two days. 310 more words