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So, how do I actually feel ?

I reckon a lot of guys will resonate with this.

You keep going for years, not quite realising that you are slowly getting weaker and weaker . 903 more words

Unleash The Power Within


Điều gì tạo nên hành vi của con người

Trang thái cảm xúc tạo nên hành vi

Trạng thái cảm xúc hiện tài sẽ điều khiểm tâm trí bạn và cơ thể của bạn từ đó tác động đến hành vi của bạn. 335 more words

Personal Development



A major purpose of relationship is to meet your and your partner’s needs in an
expanded way. 822 more words

Personal Development

6 Human Needs

The concept of the six human needs is at the core of human needs psychology. We
believe that human motivation is driven by the need to fulfill six basic human needs. 1,464 more words

Personal Development

Tony Robbins

1# Mastering The Art Of Communication To Thrive In Your Business

Mastering The Art Of Communication To Thrive In Your Business

2# How to Influence People and Get what you Want… 125 more words

Personal Development

Best Methods to Build Rapport - Anthony Robbins

Rapport is the Power

Rapport is created of the feeling commodity

Matching & Mirroring

People like  who people like themselves,  or who  are like  how  they would like to be. 25 more words

Anthony Robbins