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Awaken The Giant Withing By Anthony Robbins






Book Stack: January 2019

*Finished the last bit of Unlimited Power Feb 1.


Crime and PunishmentFyodor Dostoevsky – I don’t read a lot of literature (or as I like to call it to my lit friends: “story books”), so perhaps my evaluation of it isn’t particularly useful, but I really enjoyed  241 more words


Relationship Destiny: The Place to Share and Care

Man… This seven day challenge is taking way longer than seven days. Those of you that saw my previous two posts relating to chapter 19… 655 more words


The Emperor, the Monk and the Magic lamp. Pt. 2

On the way to the palace Hishiryo told the man who was sent to pick him up the story of a proud King who was envious about his butler that used to be happy all the time. 528 more words


Reflections Upon the Scrying Glass

Photo by Marianna Mercado from Pexels

There is at its essence, something magickal about the smooth reflective surface of a mirror. Both entrancing and reassuring, knowing that you will see that familiar face day after day is something we all can appreciate. 841 more words


Awakening the Giant!

Needless to say there seems to be an air of a determination and excitement around 2019. My drive to affect some real and long lasting change in my life this year is really coming to fever pitch thanks to finishing the book… 419 more words


The Emperor, the Monk and the Magic Lamp.

Hishiryo was known by everyone. Almost everywhere he went to he became a popular man and everyone wanted to talk with him. He didn’t has any pertenences but a blanket he used to sleep by night and sit over by day and a small and beautiful oil lamp covered with gold. 613 more words