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How Not To Make A Cult Classic

“Inside The Wicker Man is a treat for all cinemagoers, exhaustively researched and achieving a near-perfect balance between history, trivia and serious analysis. Allan Brown describes the filming and distribution of the cult masterpiece as a ‘textbook example of ‘How Things Should Never Be Done’. 771 more words


Review: Sleuth at Nottingham Playhouse. A Five Star Sure Fire Hit!

Anthony Shaffer’s classic thriller Sleuth at Nottingham Playhouse is a sure fire hit, cunning, murderously witty and dangerously double dealing. This is a five star production and every one of the five actors is a star in their own right. 366 more words


Former US spy speak out about Libya

Interview on Libya crisis with Colonel Anthony Shaffer former Dia officer now tv commentator and bestseller writer

Syria’s bloody mess, Iraq’s State fading, Egypt’s democratic step back and Libya’s quagmire are just a short list of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) area crisis record.

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Robin Hardy: One film's enough if it's good enough

Suddenly the obituary count is once again ratchetting up with the same rapidity as it was doing at the beginning of this benighted year. In the past weekend, we have lost Caroline Aherne, Michael Cimino and Elie Weisel, and now it’s the turn of Robin Hardy. 679 more words

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Un any de mil dimonis

Or, what I did on my holidays…

Mallorca is a funny old place: beautiful mountains and sweeping valleys, azure blue seas and glittering beaches, sun scorched fields and plentiful lemons…and quite fantastical. 573 more words

Anthony Shaffer

Former Intelligence Officer: 15% of Refugees are ISIS

The shockingly high figure comes from one of LTC(R) Shaffer’s sources involved with the refugee flows.

CounterJihad, June 20, 2016:

Last week we saw CIA head John Brennan testify… 744 more words


Sleuth. Class War, Jumped Up Pantry Boys, and Threatening Rich Folk.

A few days ago, I realised that I was waking up on the morning of what would have been Anthony Shaffer’s 90th birthday.  (It was also, necessarily, the birthday of his twin brother Peter.)   Anthony Shaffer had a great screenplay-writing time of it in the early seventies, with  723 more words