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... Pics - Weiner (2016)

Documenting a scandal.  So this is about New York congressman Anthony Weiner.  He resigned from his position back when some lewd photos of his got posted to the internet, but it was only a setback.   498 more words


Lauren Heuser: Are political sex scandals any of our business?

Fifty years ago, it was a radical idea that the state had no place in the bedrooms of the nation. The Liberal government of the day was decriminalizing homosexuality, and as then-justice minister Pierre Trudeau explained it, legal reforms were needed to “knock down a lot of totems and override a lot of taboos.” 688 more words

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Federal Grand Jury to Investigate Anthony Weiner Scandal. SHTF!

As federal authorities continue to investigate Anthony Weiner’s sexually charged online chats with an underage girl, DailyMail.com has learned that a grand jury could hear the case against the ex-congressman as soon as the end of the month. 279 more words


Woman Who Chose to Marry Anthony Weiner Thinks AIPAC Is Tacky

Washington: Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abdedin is in a bit of a pickle lately after leaked emails reveal that she had some not-so-nice things to say about the American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC). 44 more words

Secret Tel Aviv


It wasn’t but a few days ago “social media” was agog over a statement made by Hillary Clinton that supporters of Trump were some sort of sub class composed of the “deplorable”. 330 more words

Review - Weiner (2016)

Directors: Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg 

Starring: Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin

Sometimes the best documentaries happen when things don’t go quite according to plan, when the story the filmmakers end up telling is not the one they set out to. 766 more words


Forestville Daredevil to Jump Trump’s Ego

Forestville Motorcycle Daredevil Chucky “The Kid” Murdock, who has made headlines for his various and unusual stunts, announced his latest before gathered media this afternoon: jumping Donald Trump’s Ego. 240 more words

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