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Chances are, you already know how the story of disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner plays out. You may think “Weiner,” a documentary about the man’s unsuccessful New York City mayoral run, will just be a series of ‘been there, done that’ storytelling. 951 more words

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Weiner - "A vital documentary... sitting on a par with Client 9 and Citizen Four"

During the Labour campaign for government in 2015, leader Ed Miliband remarked to Russell Brand (on his short-lived The Trews) that the press don’t hold the sway they once had. 1,002 more words

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Weiner is the story of how one man’s dick pic(s) did him in and probably ruined his marriage and any chance of having a normal life. 251 more words

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Weiner (Kreigman/Steinberg, 2016)

In our current cinematic landscape, audiences walk into movies full of assumptions. In the 12-18 months leading up to a film’s release, we the audience are bombarded with pictures from the set, promotional materials, teasers, trailers, television commercials. 813 more words


John Oliver & Elizabeth Warren Join Stephen Colbert To Cover Donald Trump, Hillary Coronations At Conventions

John Oliver, former congressman Anthony Weiner, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Daniels, Allison Janney and Keegan-Michael Key will be among Stephen Colbert’s guests when CBS’ The Late Show… 190 more words


Cinema Review - Weiner

Former congressman Anthony Weiner launches his campaign to run for Mayor of New York City, after being forced to resign from office after a sexting scandal was made public. 495 more words


Now in Theaters: July 2016 (Part 1)

Summer of 2016 has made for a spotty summer movie season, with some fascinating indies and documentaries balanced out by a lot of blockbuster trash. Part 2, looking at  1,298 more words