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Humans Relied on Rainforest Riches 12,000 Years Earlier Than Thought

Fossil remains suggest that prehistoric people in Sri Lanka may have eaten monkeys and other forest species

Rainforests may not have stayed pristine for as long as scholars had assumed. 664 more words

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New Research Smashes Orthodox Ideas About Human Evolution

  • New evidence has been found that lead scientists to alter beliefs about the first use of tools by primitive man.
  • According to research, our pre-historic ancestors used tools in a similar manner as we do today.
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Salem Witches, Captivity Narratives, and the Demonization of American Indians

The witch hunt that took place in Salem, Massachusetts was a complicated ordeal. Historians cannot seem to agree on a single cause for the hysteria that took place, and for every argument there is a counter argument and all the suspected causes that are most prominently known tend to be very practical and valid. 2,510 more words


Cultural Extinction

At any given time, I have about a dozen books on my shelf waiting for the right time to be read. So it was with “The Wayfinders-Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World,” by… 457 more words