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Venturing out

Day two… I ventured out for a short spell to acclimate to the standards of the local population. The weather was much kinder and rain looks to be on the horizon. 251 more words


Settling in

This is my first contact. I’ve traveled quite a long time… but it will be worth it. It’s been a dream of mine to travel to Earth and be the first to interact with and document human kind. 137 more words



While India now brags about not caring if it’s a baby boy or baby girl, the reality seems to be an anti-parallel. The fight to get rights for the LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender) community rages on but it seems like a far away dream considering the fact that we don’t understand gender at all. 788 more words


Tristes Tropiques

Tristes Tropiques

by Claude Levi Strauss

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This watershed work records Claude Levi-Strauss’s search for -a human society reduced to its most basic expression.- From the Amazon basin through the dense upland jungles of Brazil, Levi-Strauss found the societies he was seeking among the Caduveo, Bororo, Nambikwara, and Tupi-Kawahib. 154 more words


Seeking Guides

What body of knowledge has been most revealing to you?

Anthropology as Guide

In college someone told me I might find it interesting to take a course from an anthropology professor by the name of Leslie White. 551 more words

Women Rising