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Discovering Poisonwood, with a little help from my future MIL

Sometimes, when I read a good book, I find myself seriously freaking out. It’s like, “How have I lived this long without having read this book before? 462 more words


From Agriculture to the Atom Bomb: Has Human Activity Forced Earth into a New Geologic Epoch?

For decades millions of visitors wound their way underneath the towering skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops at Washington, D.C.’s Museum of Natural History. Now, the National Fossil Hall has… 1,189 more words


Colonial Latin American Literacy

The most recent issue of Ethnohistory entitled “Colonial Mesoamerican Literacy: Method, Form, and Consequence,” is “overstuffed with expertise and insight, corpulent with many lifetimes of immersion in indigenous languages and cultural traditions,” journal editor Matthew Restall… 623 more words

In The News

“It all comes alive." Robbie Baer on Successful Service-Learning Projects with Anthropology of Food Students

Lauren Moore
University of Kentucky

This month, we hear from Dr. Roberta Baer, Professor at the University of South Florida. She shares what she’s learned from four service-learning projects conducted with Burmese refugees living in Tampa, Florida, and offers advice for instructors who’d like to incorporate service learning into their classes. 4,812 more words


How clothing shapes our perception

Do you ever find yourself making assumptions about others based on their outfit of choice? Humans are like that. We like to classify what we see into categories to make it easier for our brains to understand what we are actually looking at. 300 more words


Sleepwalking near the Río Orlina

So I am looking at this rock, on my way back from walking the dog to a favourite pool in the river for his evening swim, looking at this rock without any particular intent, and I realise that I am drawn to it, drawn to this small cliff or outcrop, framed by dusty green vegetation, and my reaction to it is a strange one: why am I attracted by this, why does it move me? 502 more words

Marcel Proust

The Sci Files #1: Importance of Carbs in Human Evolution

Note: This Fall I decided to do some science communication! The Sci Files (imagine the x files theme playing) will be a collection of health & food-related research articles that I summarize in plain(er) language. 1,704 more words