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The God We Consume

I have a strange relationship with food. Mainly I hate it. Mainly I want nothing to do with it. My disposition thus leaves me with a very – um – … 836 more words


The Pursuit of Wisdom

We began our reading of Plato’s Theaetetus in Arithmetic today. Like many of the ‘zetetic’ (seeking) dialogues, it focuses upon a central question: 

What is knowledge? 887 more words


More About Archaic Human Genetic Legacy

 Surprise! 20 Percent of Neanderthal Genome Lives On in Modern Humans, Scientists Find

Two new studies suggest that the contribution from Neanderthal DNA was vital. 1,131 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Black, British & Muslim; We're not just a "Complication"

by Momtaza Mehri Follow @RuffneckRefugee

The last UK census undertaken in 2011 showed that Black Muslims made up 10.1% of the British Muslim population, not counting Muslims of mixed Black heritage. 1,456 more words

What Is British?

Interrogating the “Authentic” Local Ethnic Restaurant

M. Ruth Dike
University of Kentucky

I moved to Lexington, KY last August to start a PhD program in Cultural Anthropology. After a few months, I decided to ask my fellow graduate student Daniel, who grew up in Cholula near Mexico City, about where I could find “authentic” Mexican restaurants in Lexington. 1,003 more words


What matters about objects - a book review

Inspired by recently meeting a couple of people involved in putting together the impressive (and expensive) Objects and Materials: A Routledge Companion (Penny Harvey… 962 more words

Kirja Arvio