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'Nem Rán' & Vietnam's Gender Division in Domestic Labour

Nem rán is overshadowed by phở and bánh mì in the contest for the most representative Vietnamese dish in foreign countries. But to put all of the spotlight on  2,044 more words


Nevertheless, this kind of narrative enjoys a vogue which I, for my part, find incomprehensible. Amazonia, Tibet and Africa fill the bookshops in the form of travelogues, accounts of expeditions and collections of photographs, in all of which the desire to impress is so dominant as to make it impossible for the reader to assess the value of the evidence put before him.

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This is the final part of a short series in which I look at Stanley Grenz’s theological anthropology as it can be found in “The Social God and the Relational Self: A Trinitarian Theology of the Imago Dei.” 1,130 more words


Civility, Barbarity, Conspiracy: Critical Theory and Conspiracy Theories

In Discourse on Civility and Barbarity (2007), Timothy Fitzgerald argues that the modern category of religion emerged in the meeting between (Christian) colonial powers and the subjugated Other: 806 more words

Photos of Royal Cremation site at Sanam Luang

BANGKOK — The final scaffolding has been removed, and these photos just came in of the completely finished funerary complex for the cremation of King Bhumibol one week from now in Bangkok’s Sanam Luang. 10 more words


Cheating in Thailand

BANGKOK — Five days after it opened on the mainland, Thailand’s top-performing movie of the year has earned nearly seven times as much at the Chinese box office. 307 more words


Knowing what we don't know: the Chinese economy

One thing that strikes me about us serious China observers is that we are frequently and completely wrong about the direction China is headed. In the 1980s many top analysts predicted that without democracy China would be unable to grow its economy. 125 more words