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Midsummer is a traditional holiday celebrated throughout many of the world’s cultures, with ancient origins.  It is the celebration of the summer solstice, a important astronomical date on the annual cycle.  23 more words

A Passion Taught by Science

Most, if not all, that is happening on our planet have evolutionary roots. I’d like to discover when in our evolutionary timeline did humans start to feel very passionate about something. 1,265 more words

Life Story

Do for others what you want them to do for you

Most people complain about the lack of education or about the fact that there is no sense of sensitivity when it comes to treating others. The young don’t pay attention to other members of society; they are so selfish that they can’t even see outside of them. 156 more words


Reference Source Reviews

I may be a burgeoning librarian, but I will always be an anthropologist at heart. Here are some reviews for reference sources relating to anthropology, written within ALA… 388 more words

Case Study: A Night in a Midwestern Dive Bar. By Patrick Murphy.

Patrick Murphy likes to travel. He frequently drives from state to state. (U.S., continental, perhaps it should be mentioned. Driving to, say, Hawaii is difficult. He does not very often do this.) 1,037 more words