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Queering Representation in Games: A review of Adrienne Shaw’s Gaming at the Edge

By Evan Conaway

To read Tom Boellstorff’s introduction to this book reviews series, head over to The Book Review as Conversation.

“Identification is not about a static, linear, measurable connection to a character. 2,383 more words


Social Anthropology: The UK Miners Strike.

The UK Miners Strike was effectively a revolt by the NUM (National Union of Mineworkers) against the closure of unprofitable coal mines in the UK during 1984-85. 1,230 more words

A Reflective Past.

First things first.

The idea behind this blog is to share random thoughts of my overactive brain, travels, and life adventures. I recently graduated from San Diego State University, GO AZTECS, where I obtained my BAs in Journalism and Anthropology. 97 more words


Biologically Constructed

By Eliot van Brummelen who posted this interesting essay on his own blog here. We are delighted that he is keen to have it reposted on Culture Matters. 2,032 more words


Anthropology professor receives Exceptional Faculty Award

Congratulations to Professor of Anthropology Dr. Greg van Alstyne who was the second faculty member to receive this year’s Exceptional Faculty Award.


Professor of Anthropology Dr. 368 more words

Inside Centralia College

Move Dat Body!

Snazzy title, I know.

When I’ve been in countries which speak a different language, I’ve always been with a large group of English speakers. And in Ireland last year, most spoke English so that wasn’t a concern at all. 384 more words


Poker Face


Throwback Thursday.

It was, or so I thought, a perfect weekend.

Six years ago, I returned home to D.C. to attend my niece’s bat mitzvah. 605 more words

Short Stories