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Feeding bouts and nipple shields (heading into battle or feeding a baby?)

Breastfeeding conjures images of a mother and a baby, skin-to-skin, unfettered by technology. Many people believe that breastfeeding is instinctual, second nature, effortless. In reality, breastfeeding is a skill that humans, like other primates, acquire through social learning  2,491 more words


Tracing DNA From The First Americans In this clip from the 2014...

Tracing DNA From The First Americans

In this clip from the 2014 World Science Festival program “It’s All Relatives,” Stony Brook University evolutionary geneticist Brenna Henn talks about Native American genetics and ancient DNA with broadcast journalist Randall Pinkston.

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alpha male

alpha male

(1980’s | academese | “leader of the pack,” “take-charge guy,” “macho man,” “dominant male”)

This expression takes advantage of the fact that we are animals and there is something very satisfying about showing direct analogies between human and animal behavior. 725 more words



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Women and Death

One of my favorite bloggers has done it again! Curator Carla Valentine, over at The Chick and the Dead blog has published another excellent post–this time about Women in the Death Industry–nope, my metal-head friends, not the… 93 more words


"The Fundamental Connection That We All Share"

On his visit to Ethiopia, U.S. President Barack Obama viewed the fossil remains of three famous human ancestors. These included two belonging to the 3 to 3.8 million-year old hominin species… 196 more words