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Claude Lévi-Strauss : Structural anthropology 1958 pdf

Claude Lévi-Strauss : Structural Anthropology pdf

Now, here is an interesting and (potentially) useful thing.

It is not always appropriate to apply the “structural” method but sometimes, particularly when creating or viewing art, it can help with understanding. 181 more words


Wearing Skin

In a previous post I promised I would go back to the idea of skin as a boundary of the human body. He Took His Skin Off For Me… 1,087 more words


How hunting with wolves helped humans outsmart the Neanderthals

How hunting with wolves helped humans outsmart the Neanderthals | Science | The Guardian.


Robin McKie

1 March 2015

Forty thousand years ago in Europe our ancestors formed a crucial and lasting alliance that enabled us to finish off our evolutionary cousins, the Neanderthals… 398 more words



When I finally picked up ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (originally published in 2010), I did not know what to expect. The buzz around the Netflix series, which I have not yet viewed, seems to suggest high drama, machinations, and lots of attitude. 155 more words


Expert Eyes Shipwrecks in Termini Lecture

Nautical archeology and storied shipwrecks will be the focus of the 2015 Ben and Trudy Termini Distinguished Anthropologist Lecture next month.

Cemal Pulak, an associate professor of anthropology at Texas A&M University, will present his research in a lecture, “Excavating the World’s Oldest Shipwreck: Uluburun and Late Bronze Age Trade in the Mediterranean,” in the School of Architecture Auditorium at 7 p.m., Thursday, April 2. 233 more words

Sociology And Anthropology

At the Market

Open markets are still popular in Latin America. A wide variety of goods can be purchased in the villages high in the Andes Mountains. Children and adults alike spend time at the markets as a home away from home. 26 more words


"Ayya's Accounts" - Anand Pandian

“I didn’t know or understand anything back then.  You may not believe this, but I wasn’t even sad when Amma died.  I didn’t feel anything, although she had just left us all behind.   42 more words

Quotes From Great Minds