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Read This Book, Dammit: The Secret of Our Success

Starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a new program of research began to emerge in the study of human culture and behavior. Building on pre-existing tools from population genetics and evolutionary biology, researchers like Luigi Cavalli-Sforza, Marcus Feldman, Robert Boyd, and Peter Richerson began to construct a theory of cultural evolution rooted in Darwinian principles. 1,871 more words


Seminar - A Look Into Timeless Modelling for Irreversible Cyclical Systems

“Carbon Emissions and Pathways to a Low-Carbon Economy”

21st October 2016, 12:10pm.

Lectured by Dr Nick Winder, Newcastle University.

Nick Winder is an anthropologist, former archaeologist and research colleague at the Jean Monnet Centre, Newcastle. 510 more words

Life & Environment Seminar Series

Day 4 - A Year of Writing

I’m eagerly waiting to know what my Master’s dissertation’s grade is. I’m told we should know either tomorrow or this upcoming Sunday. I handed the 15,000 word -well, 14,927 word- work over a month and a half ago at this point, and I’ve been nervous about it on and off ever since. 207 more words

Year Of Writing

If Superheroes were real, would the world be a better place?

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An episode from the first of the final Battle Beyond Planet X episodes, Harry brings Donovan back on his show to discuss the realistic merits of the superhero, applying their psychology to reality and discussing whether it truly would be good or bad if they were to exist. 40 more words


The Wedding 

It was evening, and the morning star rose as an old fashioned wedding began in the gray and empty land. To the sound of trumpets, trombones and other brass horns, the nobles carried candles in glass jars and hurricane lanterns as they escorted the man, who had been ceremonially dressed in a torn coat, his head covered with a round wasp’s nest of white bandages, and his feet shod in boots that were too tight and soaked in rainwater. 454 more words