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Naturally there is a great lack of clues about life in megalithic times. They did leave foundations of their houses. Traces exist of field boundaries. Their communities were small. 323 more words

"No Man is an Island" But the West Could Be. In Defence of Selfishness and Isolationism

I was in the middle of the Utah desert when six co-ordinated terrorist attacks rocked the streets of Paris, expunging the life from the bodies of 129 people. 2,334 more words


What Makes A Good Account Planner?

When I first entered the strategy field, I often wondered “what makes a good account planner?” I would often hear many different opinions ranging from ” Planners must be good with data tools.” to “Planners gotta make sure they actually think like a human.” ┬áSo what truly defines a good planner? 415 more words


You wouldn't have pumpkin pie without this

Mastodon extinction aided domestication of pumpkins, squash

We may have the extinction of Pleistocene megafauna to thank for our pumpkin pie and squash for the holidays, according to an international team of anthropologists. 26 more words