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Human-thropology: What is Anthropology? Today, Jeanette...

Human-thropology: What is Anthropology?

Today, Jeanette introduces herself and the discipline of Anthropology.

Welcome to Human-thropology. In this series Sociocultural Anthropologist Jeanette Moreland explores the wonderful world of Anthropology.

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Review: Primitive Mythology

Primitive Mythology is the first volume of The Masks of God, a four volume work by Joseph Campbell. Campbell is well known for his other works in the field of mythology… 1,067 more words

Book Review

Men, Women, and Domestic Violence

There is very little debate regarding presence of violence in human nature, however there is intense debate over whether or not such violence is more present in human males or females. 1,635 more words


Book: "Dolphin Diaries" by Dr. Denise L. Herzing

It is here where the boundaries between humans and dolphins intersect and it is here where we must look for hope in their cultural preservation, as we hope for our own.

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Thinking About Liminality in Tahrir Square

As I struggled to make sense of the dramatic changes in Egypt from January 2011 forward, I was surprised to find that the set of concepts that worked best for me came from the work of Victor Turner: process, field, social drama, antistructure, and, of course, liminality. 844 more words

West African Marriage and Child-Rearing Norms vs. African American Norms

“Divorce is not a new thing, people have been getting divorces in this part of the world for centuries. The truth is that marriage was not necessarily about love, but wait this is not a bad thing, marriage was a contract in which both the husband and the wife would receive mutual benefits. 1,991 more words