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The Exotic American

“Where are you from?”
“San Marino, what about-?”
“You’re so exotic!” 

Gee, thanks! Tell me more about how my existence resembles a tropical bird.

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Where the Rubber Hits the Road: The Intersection of Anomalies and Beliefs

“One person with a belief is equal to ninety-nine who have only interests” – John Stuart Mill

Listening closely to the skeptics, scientists, and rationalist luminaries of our modernist milieu when they deign to turn their attention to strange phenomena, folklore, and religion, one is left with the distinct impression that the primary activity of the unwashed masses of humanity is running to and fro looking for something upon which to focus our heartfelt convictions. 2,482 more words


The genetic structure of the British population

Republication from Nature

Each row represents one of the 51 European groups (labels at right) that were inferred by clustering the 6,029 European samples using fineSTRUCTURE. 333 more words

Crash Course - Fort Ancient People

The Fort Ancient people stretch from eastern Ohio to southeastern Indiana and from central Ohio to West Virginia.  The Fort Ancient People Thrived between 900A.D. – 1750 A.D.   7 more words


Why do you love anthropology?

Why do you  anthropology? We thought we’d get an early start celebrating Valentine’s Day and the Feb. 18 Anthropology Day event by sharing the #AnthroLove. … 506 more words

Meet Your Makers: First Contact Scenarios in Ridley Scott's Prometheus

By Emma Louise Backe

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (2012) was an epic, existential prologue to Alien (1979) over twenty years in the making. The movie expands upon the universe first constructed in partnership between Scott and H.R. 1,413 more words


The Conspiracy of the Animals

But Orwell only touched upon the slightest glimmer of truth when he wrote Animal Farm, and in allegory at that.  The greatest psychological manipulation is not expressed in allegory through animals – it is actual manipulation, by the animals themselves. 645 more words