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Shocking increase in midlife mortality among white non-Hispanic Americans

In “Mortality and morbidity in the 21st century,” Princeton Professors Anne Case and Angus Deaton follow up on their groundbreaking 2015 paper that revealed a shocking increase in midlife mortality among white non-Hispanic Americans, exploring patterns and contributing factors to the troubling trend. 15 more words

Initial Thoughts

//Before I go ahead with the rest of this article, I’d like to highlight that this blog is tracing my thought process from the beginning to an indefinite end. 513 more words

Cave Art: Bison-Man in the Milky Way Theory

Here’s my theory:

(Date: about 13,000 BC)

There’s an image in the Cave of Les Trois Frères in France that looks like a little Bison-Man playing a musical instrument. 91 more words


The Kiss

Kissing seems so natural in Western Civilization, it seems like this act is engrained in the human mating ritual – surely it evolved with us as throughout time. 44 more words


Anthropic Principle: We Are, Hence It Is

Everything Is The Way It Is Because We Are There To Ask This Question.

-One Line Explanation Of Anthropic Principle.

The first view of the universe was based on Ptolemy’s model, which had the Earth at the centre, of not only the Solar System, but also the Universe.

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