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What are the most important prerequisites for egalitarian living? Ethnographically illustrate your answer.

All existing egalitarian societies are hunter-gatherers. The absence of resource scarcity characterizes the physical characteristics and geographical locations of their societies (Bird-David,1990). This,however, is not what makes those societies egalitarian. 1,574 more words

Free Anthropology Books!

I’ve just been made aware of a wonderful site for free copies of books published on all sorts of topics. What’s the catch? The publishing company makes you download your selections one chapter at a time.   51 more words

Suggested Reading

The Fetal and Newborn Voice

Human Uniqueness

Mechanisms of auditory perception and vocal production in humans are derived traits from our ancestor primates. In contrast to non-human primates, human infants develop spoken language quickly and almost mindlessly (Mampe et al. 492 more words


Categorizing a #population

The first thing I’ve had to come to terms with is accepting that people don’t like being categorized.

The second thing that I’ve had to come to terms with is acknowledging that people are being categorized. 111 more words

A Guide for Graduate Students: barriers to conducting qualitative research among vulnerable groups

by Priscilla Medeiros
PhD Candidate | McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada


This paper will explore the challenges graduate students may encounter when working with socially vulnerable groups in the field. 6,889 more words

Volume 3

When you wear your pants inside out and no one notices 

Considering the ubiquitous nature of cameras (well through cellphones and the like) it is amazing in a way how not many people really look at each other. 529 more words


The History of White People

Nell Irvin Painter, 2010

Looking for some clarity amidst our tumultuous news cycle filled with constant reports of an ever increasing normalization of nationalistic fueled racism, I decided I needed some historical non-fiction to realign my perspective about what is going on. 2,272 more words