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Humanista in Luneta

Last April 17, 2018, I was with my friends (Jahzeel and Fria) and we went somewhere to go back to the past, unraveling history and fascinating our eyes with the wonders we inherit from our ancestors: Artifacts, historical landmarks, heritages, and even their culture were passed and preserved for us, the youth, the hope of the nation. 1,189 more words


Making Bedfellows of Journalism & Anthropology in Sweden

Just coming out of the 2018 SANT Conference at Uppsala University,  we wound up with a round table discussion on the Anthropology of Fear. The round table’s theme attempted to frame the age-old discussion of public and engaging anthropology and how could anthropological insight contribute to the conversation about events relating to Sweden. 220 more words


Locke's Law of Nature: Moral, Immoral, or Amoral?

One of the great debates of scholarship surrounding Locke is his “natural law” or law of nature theory.  There are those that argue he stands squarely within the Ciceronian-Augustinian-Thomistic tradition wherein the natural law is not only moral, but it will, at end, produce happiness for us.  841 more words


Drinking during adolescence can alter brain cell nerve growth

The developmental period from adolescence to adulthood is accompanied by a greater vulnerability to addictions — including alcohol use disorders — than is seen in other periods of life. 216 more words


Prakash Upadhyay, PhD

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Tribhuvan University, Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal



The modern history of tourism in Nepal began with mountain tourism embodying the diversity of nature and culture, diversity, marginality, access difficulty, fragility, niche and aesthetics. 5,656 more words