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Into the Shadows by Erin Hunter

Animal Fantasy fans will love Erin Hunter’s Into the Shadows #3 of the Survivors:  Gathering Darkness series.  There is a traitor in the Wild Pack but who?  28 more words


The Fluff About Furries

Many people are curious what a furry actually is and what the furry fandom is about, along with the social normal within the fandom and around fur-cons. 78 more words


The beauty of palm trees...

I love the unique beauty of palms trees. They seem to sweep the clouds…and kiss the sky.

words / image : © 2017 Nena Black 10 more words



After a short rest between shifts

The automated beast stirs once more

Yellow tote blood cells circulate

On conveyor veins

Carrying the oxygen orders

To its extremities

The air is filled with the sound

Of its mechanical breath,

A low rumbling whoosh of

Vent nostrils exhaled into the mods

The constant rumble of motors and conveyors,

Movements and laments

Of the small creatures working

Inside of it create its pulse

So it can churn out box after box

From its constant i.v. drip of orders.


Seaweed Stories...

‘romance’ — Nena Black

‘passion play’ — Nena Black

‘murder mystery’ — Nena Black

‘opéra tragique’ — Nena Black

‘fantasy adventure’ — Nena Black

I like to anthropomorphize nature. 37 more words


Adam Taurus

Just a sketch of my character Snow in Adam Taurus’ costume for Halloween!
This was done back in November.

Snow (c) is a character that is created by me and belongs to me.

Art by- me/Arbrecent/Treehunned



Artwork done for a commissioner, published on June 18th, 2016

Character drawn belongs to respective commissioner.

Art belongs to-