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Geico's "C'mon, Try It!" Raccoons...

Raccoons have kind of come into their own lately, and they’re a rather alluring and likable lot.  Rocket Raccoon in “Guardians of the Galaxy” was pretty awesome, and now Geico is treating us to a trio of articulate anthropomorphic ones who are dumpster diving at night.   177 more words



I used to go to Starbucks to write until they replaced the comfortable leather chairs and couch with little round tables and hard wood dining chairs. 303 more words



Seb and I started making work together at the weekend. We hadn’t collaborated together before;  finding a way of working became an interaction and exchange of thoughts, ideas, skills, knowledge and experiments. 109 more words



After a trip to the park, Fleegle asks, “Raud, are your eyes blue?”


“Does that make you the devil?”

“The devil?”

“The blue eyed devil the angry man at the park was talking about.” 67 more words


Mr. Pillow

I lie on my bed, reading before I take a nap after a late lunch on Sunday. Fleegle keeps shifting positions to goober this part or that part of his body, shaking the whole bed as he does. 344 more words


"Werewolves in America..."

A recent episode of Werewolves in America airing on the Destination America network covered several classic werewolf tales, most of which we’ve heard and seen packaged elsewhere.  247 more words