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Inktober 2017 progress [original]

I am also doing some inktober stuff but due to my work schedule, I haven’t actually drawn the themes I wanted to. Here are some of my original characters and concepts which I liked.  23 more words

Fan Art

still life with whine

And, you thought I’d finally given up painting?  Well, it has been a while since I’ve done anything worth sharing.   This is what is on the easel at the moment, a nice piece featuring a glass of spilled wine – – spillage without breaking the glass!  49 more words


"The Closet" Progressive Insurance Commercial...

We all know that monsters prefer to reside either in the closet or under the beds in our bedrooms.  Tapping into this childhood fear, a boy summons his parents during the night, afraid that there are monsters in his bedroom.   157 more words


Spring-Heeled Jack...

With Spooktober here on Destination America, it’s time to delve into the archives a bit and consider a fairly obscure but historically interesting cryptid who reportedly terrorized London in the Victorian era. 215 more words