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Siblings – The Series #2

Siblings – The Series

Episode Two

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Victoria Fox – Editor Extraordinaire

After the mid morning brunch with her brother and aunt, Elise made her way to the apartment of Kiana and her mother. 5,696 more words


Koa of the Drowned Kingdom by Ryan Campbell

I may start sharing my book reviews on here. I don’t read much, but I try to make sure I review every book I’ve read, if only for the author’s sake. 848 more words


3 Views on How to Understand "Day" in Genesis 1


Many Christians disagree when it comes to the issue of how the Hebrew word yom (“day”) should be understood when reading Genesis 1. Sometimes the loudest voices in this disagreement come from the two well known groups: the young earth and the day/age folks. 1,276 more words


Make ami to use up your leftover yarn

I have a basket full of small balls of yarn leftover from other projects. I hate to waste anything. Luckily many ami projects are ideal for solving that problem.  172 more words


Why Amigurumi?

It took me more than three decades to discover amigurumi. When I was about 6 years old my mother’s friend taught me basic crochet stitches. Eventually, I progressed to granny squares. 363 more words


Game Review: Unravel (Xbox One)

One of the most memorable moments of EA’s press conference at E3 2015 wasn’t the presentation of games like FIFA, Mass Effect or Battlefront. Instead, it was a man standing on stage with a small knitted character in his shaking hands nervously talking about a project that he was clearly very passionate about. 666 more words

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