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Casper Reference

This is a reference sheet for my Tentacor character, Casper. Tentacorns are a species I came up with.

Caramel Bust Shot Badge

This is yet another badge, that I started on last year, and finished this year lol. This one is of Caramel Bunn, or Cara for short, my bunny character.

Asylum Headshot Badge

This is another piece that I started last year, and finished in January lol. I am a pretty slow artist sometimes, but I take my time, and enjoy making the art. 18 more words


I sketched this piece sometime last year, but I just got around to coloring it and adding the background in January lol. I tried out a few different effects with this piece, but I think they go well together. 36 more words

"The Terror" is Coming!

I love creepy stuff, and there’s so little of it that’s done really well! ¬†For this reason, I’m really looking forward to The Terror, an upcoming horror series on the AMC network. 253 more words


Deciding to open up commissions

Hey Guys~

Yeah I still have one left in the queue, but I would like to try and keep somewhat of a steady flow of commissions rather than opening/closing them at the most random times (at least that’s how I feel I’m doing it, anyway). 116 more words


Slight changes to Guidelines

Hey guys~

Come next round of commissions, I’ve tweaked my TOS/Guidelines somewhat and will be taking commissions a little differently (some of this will also apply to trades and requests). 251 more words