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"Penny Dreadful" Returns...

After a long hiatus, John Logan’s Penny Dreadful is returning for a third season on Showtime May 1st. The superbly well-written and handsomely mounted dark horror show features a killer cast ( 221 more words


Spirit of a Big Cat

I am feline but
identify more with the
domesticated variety, yet
I find comfort knowing
I’m kin to the tigers
of East Asia; yet my… 122 more words

Free Verse

WolfDragon Zero (snippet)

What’s a snippet?
A snippet is a piece of a whole. This can vary from material items such as shredded paper to just a few pages out of a book. 399 more words


Path of the Just

The chief concern of the Just is the well being of the many; of least concern is himself
One who is Just shall harm no one, unless the lives of other are at stake… 3,304 more words

Freeform Friday

Return of the Rogue Team: The Ohio Grassman

In the S4/Ep12 installment of Mountain Monsters, the AIMS team returned to Perry County, Ohio to again pursue the Ohio Grassman, a thousand-pound, ten-foot-tall Bigfoot with long shaggy reddish-brown hair also known for speed and agility.   510 more words


nature personified

I spent a day asking people around me what they thought Mother Nature would look and sound like. I wrote down, as best I could, what my abstracted answer is. 502 more words

Biological warfare, ethics and pacifism for the under 13 crowd

Gregor the Overlander: Curse of the Warm Bloods by Suzanne Collins

Fair warning from the start: I am going to spoil this book. Now, in my defense, I did guess the big reveal in the third or forth chapter,so maybe the spoilers aren’t that huge, but you know… just in case. 428 more words