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One Lump, Or Three?

Determined to work adventure into her day, she went to the front counter of the shop where she worked; but no adventure came to call. She had to look for it, but whenever she thought she found it, it wasn’t the adventure she sought after all. 133 more words


Another Story about Coneys

As promised, I tracked down the follow-up book by A Coney Tale author Paul Ratz de Tagyos. Yup, it’s time for Showdown at Lonesome Pellet… 429 more words


Dabble 8: Lab Partners

Featuring Gavin Sol, the Corgi and Artemis by my friend Artemis on DA

“Hey Artemis!” shouted the white furred Corgi. “I got those lab components you wanted, where do you want them?” 617 more words


Ninja Turtles aren't as fun as I remember

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures: Vol 3 by Justin Eisnger and Alonzo Simon plus 23 other artists

It’s not that the Ninja Turtles aren’t awesome, they are, but this book wasn’t a great example. 223 more words

Lisa Wood Curiosities

Lisa Wood creates adorable dioramas of anthropomorphized insects engaged in various recreational pursuits.

She also has a collection of egg dioramas, reliquaries, shadow boxes and jewelry.

Lisa Wood