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Racism Against Asian Teachers and Professors

Thanks to my subscription to Reappropriate, I came across an article called Students Give Worst Reviews to Professors With Asian Names. This got me thinking about how this is one normalized way that anti-Asian racism plays out in our society in a seemingly harmless way. 413 more words

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Extended Book Study: The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson

No author seems to want to stray from the young adult fantasy holy formula. Our pre-teen or teenage protagonist will have no family or an estranged one, be clever but unpopular with his or her peers, and shall attend some sort of academic training institution for whatever the author’s special brand of magic is. 936 more words


Anti-Asian Nut Gets His 13 Minutes

Man there are some real idiots out there. Case in point this guy.

He may have called his video “Totally Not Racist” — but an Indiana student has sparked outrage with a clip where he ticks off his top ten reasons on why he’d hate to be Asian.

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Asian-themed frat party incites anger

An Asian-themed party held earlier this month by the Kappa Sigma fraternity at Duke University ignited the ire of many in the Asian-American community, both at Duke and on a national scale. 265 more words

Name and shame

It’s sad to see that Asians aren’t seen as equal in the gay community here in sydney…

Name And Shame

Anti-Asian Racism...

Here’s an interesting article I read the other day by one of my favourite celebrity bloggers Ernie.

blatant anti-asian racism on gay websites still exists

Food for thought?