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Special Snowflake Update: Dozens Arrested in Washington State Environmental Protest 

Protestors and ‘kayaktivists’ came by land and by sea, camping in tents and floating in canoes.

Dozens of people were arrested in Washington state on Sunday, two days after protesters set up a blockade on railroad tracks leading to a pair of oil refineries as part of a global protest over dependence on fossil fuels, authorities said. 202 more words


Joseph Stiglitz: unsurprising Jeremy Corbyn is a Labour leadership contender | Politics | The Guardian

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This is an excellent read from the Guardian, citing Nobel winning economist, Joe Stiglitz speaking candidly in London. Check it out! 84 more words


Fiery protests in Greece

Riot policemen stand guard in front of the Greek Parliament before clashes in Athens, Greece.


George Osborne Declares War On The Working Class. Are We Fucking Up For It?

Do not be fooled by some pissy rise in the minimum wage that will all be clawed back in Tax Credit cuts anyway, George Osborne’s budget speech represents the most savage attack on the working class that has been seen in decades. 709 more words

Welfare Reform

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As ever, some sharp analysis from The Void on exactly what the budget means for working class people. Suffice to say, the brutal reality of Osborne's budget is somehwat different to that conveyed in the gleeful headlines shown in the image on the previous post...

An anti-austerity rally in front of the parliament building in Athens, Greece

Protesters attend an anti-austerity rally in front of the parliament building in Athens, Greece.