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Anti-Bucket List

1. Stop sitting still.
My life doesn’t revolve around my computer chair.

2. Make a To-Not-Do list each day.
As a way of reminding myself that most of my To-Do lists are total crap. 520 more words


Anti Bucket List

Hello world,

I hope everyone is having the most fabulous of weekends! I am very excited because this weekend for me is the planning for my 4 day weekend! 210 more words


My Anti-Bucket List

Apparently today is sibling day. So I decided to do something my brother usually does – go against the grain. He would not read Harry Potter just because everyone was doing so. 329 more words


I'd Rather Not: An Anti-Bucket List

According to wikipedia (a trusty source, I know) to kick the bucket is an English idiom, considered a euphemistic, informal, or slang term meaning ‘to die’.  149 more words


Errr, NOPE: My Anti-bucket List

Before the New Year begins, I have a tradition of writing down things I want to accomplish. It got me thinking, what about the things I swear to never do. 413 more words

Anti Bucket List

Kick the Bucket

I’m sure we all have made a bucket list at one point or another. You know, that list of those things we want to do or accomplish before we die. 345 more words


My Anti Bucket List (or 5 things I never want to do before I die)

This weekend while watching Almost Famous hungover, fear ridden and close to death I smiled while watching the Tiny Dancer scene as this moment made me recall my birthday last year when a large group of my friends and I sang the song together on a party bus and I felt enormous satisfaction after having finally ticked doing that off of my bucket list. 435 more words