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The Bucket I'll Never Dare to Kick

LIFE has a lot in store for us. We LIVE to explore, enjoy and make the most out of everything. We DREAM for emblazoned impeccable things around us, may it be a thing, a situation, an achievement or perhaps someone to live that dream itself with. 1,287 more words

The Anti Bucket List: The Things I Hope To Never Do Before I Die....

Everyone has a Bucket List of all of these amazing things they want to do. That’s all fine and well, but I often think of the things I hope to never do. 510 more words

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Anti-Bucket List Revisited

Once upon a time, back in 2014, I posted an anti-bucket list of things I don’t ever want to experience.

Though they’re not in any particular order, the first item on that list is jury duty. 75 more words


MY anti-bucket list .....

Georgie at Georgie Moon blogged about an anti-bucket list, and I was intrigued enough to see if I could do one myself.  Here we go …. 193 more words

My Anti-Bucket List

I understand the idea of mulling over and writing down the things we wish, hope and want to do and ticking them off once we’ve accomplished it and for me, it somehow helps me to live out the best possible life I could, though sometimes, I just end up disappointed as it ends up ruining my expectations. 254 more words

Just About Anything

My coming-of-age Anti Bucket List.

I was looking for something to write about, and then came the ‘Anti- Bucket List’.  See this made me chuckle, because no one has ever wrote about the things they don’t or hope to not be doing in life. 228 more words

MY 2018 ANTI- BUCKET LIST | Things I Stubbornly Refuse To Do This Year

I have a very goal-oriented and solution-oriented approach towards life.

It’s something that has come very natural to me from a very young age. I’ve always tried finding the positives in everything and I seldom complain. 1,315 more words

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