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An Anti-Bucket List, Guide to Life

Everyone has a bucket list stored somewhere in the back of their head but people don’t normally put the things they don’t want to do or things they don’t want together. 581 more words

Anti-Bucket List

The Anti-Bucket List

You know what I hate? Bucket Lists. Why? Because there’s things I want to do, things which I’ve already done and things which I’ve already done which should have been on the bucket list that I have been trying to create for years. 310 more words


An Intense Anti-Bucket List

While I am so grateful and stand in awe of all of the things this life has to offer, there are definitely some experiences I would prefer to opt out of. 691 more words


My Anti-Bucket List

Okay, so everyone’s heard of a bucket list, and at some point of your life you must have sat down to write it or at least thought about it. 357 more words


My Anti-Bucket List

A list of all the things I hope I never do before I die

Through life I’ll experience things and think of more things I’ll never want to do before I die. 589 more words


Lexa's Anti-Bucket List 2017

A list of things I hope I will never do before I die.

  1. Become a lonely spinster
  2. Work in a factory. I honestly have no desire to pull an…
  3. 202 more words
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I'll Pass, Thanks: My Anti-Bucket List

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There’s a lot I want to do in my life. I’m not just a grumpy, ranting cynic, I also have things I would really love to accomplish, a bucket list (nice tie-in, right?). 1,044 more words