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My Anti-Bucket List

Like many of you, I have a Bucket List! It is FULL of thing I hope to do as I get older. (Like visiting every Disney!) But, just as much as I want to do everything on that list, there is a totally separate list of thing that I hope I NEVER do! 487 more words


Anti-Bucket list

I’m sure most of you have bucket lists. Skydive, hike the Grand Canyon, kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower…but I’m going to try something a little different. 316 more words

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My Anti-Bucket List

I recently saw a post that inspired me. We spend so much time thinking about the things we want to do before we die-writing bucket lists while worrying about not completing them. 325 more words


My Anti-Bucket List

Many people like to share about their bucket lists and what they’d love to die before they die. And I love sharing that too! But, not many people share what they hope they don’t do before they die so I decided I’m going to bring you my TOP 15 Anti-Bucket List Things: … 459 more words


My Anti-Bucket List

This post has been inspired by the lovely Georgie Moon who shared some fantastic prompts.

I really liked the idea of an anti-bucket list because when I consider a bucket list it’s a things to do. 311 more words


count me out

Analise and I went to a comedy show by a lady I can’t remember the name of (she was killing it tho) and one of her jokes in particular was making fun of ridiculous bucket lists. 423 more words

To Bucket List, or to Not Bucket List

My 2016 bucket list has been typed up, but I’m not ready to share it until I officially close out this year. All year, I keep a running list of my bucket list ideas on the Notes app of my phone (since a lot of my ideas seem to occur at happy hour and I won’t remember them the next day). 490 more words

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