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Moveable bookend

One of the things I’m very interested in at the moment, is the flip side of what commentators often call the ‘Francis effect’, ie, the perceived idea that many lapsed Catholics will somehow find their way back to the flock now that the pontiff has adopted a kinder and gentler tone.  1,096 more words

'Far Right Rot'?

Liberal angst runs high in America, so it is perhaps inevitable that the Washington Post should turn its fire on a construct of its own imagining, the until now unknown figure of… 703 more words


Is the American Dream now a Nightmare?

In contrast with the protests that erupted in major US cities after Donald Trump’s election, I recall how it was when George W. Bush won the US presidency in 2000. 653 more words

On being 'saved'

To the evident discomfort of some here, we have a long-time contributor who goes by the name of Bosco, who criticises the Catholic Church and all ‘religions’, preferring, instead, his own unmediated connection with Jesus. 788 more words



Today the Church celebrates the martyrdom of Thomas Becket, about whom I have written before on this date. His martyrdom was one of the most dramatic moments in the long struggle in the West between Church and State. 752 more words


Jack Chick the Catholic evangelist

Giving people tracts attacking their religion is the great passive-aggressive form of evangelism. The fundamentalist anti-Catholic pamphleteer Jack Chick died Sunday at the age of 92, and judging from Facebook conversations, a lot of cradle Catholics had to put up with his tracts. 801 more words


Politics and Religion

When I was young, my father, who rarely spoke about such things anyway, advised me never to talk about politics or religion, so running a blog which combines the two is not, it is safe to say, what he’d have advised. 559 more words