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Jesus said: "I have more things to say to you,......"

I was told by an Anti-Catholic blogger:

“The Roman Catholic Church’s teachings have been added over the centuries, which means the scriptures never taught them.  If doctrines are added to the church it means the teachings themselves were never there from the beginning.”

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July 26, 2016: Boettner, White Noise, Stereotypes, Gradient Mesh


Boettner’s Roman Catholicism Online
In 1962, Loraine Boettner published the protestant’s definitive guide to the Catholic Church, explaining all of the ways in which Mother Church deceives her members into believing that they are part of a legitimate Christian sect, when instead she is doing the work of Satan, enticing these poor sheep into the snares of false religion. 335 more words

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Lord, I am not worthy

On the whole, I ignore the Huffington Post, and that is usually especially the case when it deal with the Catholic Church; there is only so much uninformed nonsense that one can read in a day without the wells of charity beginning to sour. 762 more words


Father Fulton Sheen and the Millions Who Hate the Catholic Church

It’s not like he had extra time on his hands. Not at all. But if there was a way he could impact a single soul, this man – a priest, respected university professor, esteemed orator and mesmerizing Catholic radio personality —  914 more words


Dwell in peace

This place is, as far as I know, unique in that it does not confine its exploration of Christianity to one church, or one part of one church. 1,140 more words


Reading Revelation

I know there were some who wondered why Bosco’s post was allowed up. The answer is simple – the point of view he comes from is not an uncommon one, and there is very little point complaining his comments are sometimes off the point, and then not allowing him to post. 643 more words


“The Real O’Neals”: A Cautionary Tale Against Mere Cultural Catholicism

ABC’s new “family” sitcom, “The Real O’Neals,” has been controversial ever since the idea was greenlighted a year ago. The show centers on a Chicago Irish Catholic family that is put in the spotlight when all of their family secrets are spilled — where else? 491 more words

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