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Historicism of Christians and Muslims of the Crusades Pt. 2

Please visit my previous post, part 1, if you have not read it.

What drives the opinions of President Obama and writer Adam Gopnik is the effect of the Enlightenment, Madden writes, “In a post-Enlightenment world, the concept of religious warfare is odious, largely because most people no longer believe one’s religious beliefs are relevant to one’s view of the world,” 1,082 more words


Textualities 2017 Reflections

I recently did the *drum roll please…… TEXTUALITIES MINI-CONFERENCE!!!  I ended up having to give my presentation a bit early because I’d bought tickets to fly back to America last year.  2,209 more words

Reflections on the Annunciation

Our ancestors had a better sense of proportion on so many things than we do. Divorced, as so many of us are, from the natural rhythms of the seasons and their changing, they saw ‘Lady Day’ as an important staging post in the cycle of the year; coming soon after the spring equinox, and nine months before the traditional date for the birth of Christ, it was, for them, the start of the new year – symbolically marking the start of the new life for all Christians. 946 more words


A Catholic Apology (Part 1: Purgatory and Apostolic Succession)

A Catholic Apology

If you thought this was going to be an apology as in me saying, “sorry,” ya thought wrong. An apology, according to Webster’s first definition, is “a formal justification.” The Apology is actually a book by Plato, and is one of my favorite books. 3,273 more words


Moveable bookend

One of the things I’m very interested in at the moment, is the flip side of what commentators often call the ‘Francis effect’, ie, the perceived idea that many lapsed Catholics will somehow find their way back to the flock now that the pontiff has adopted a kinder and gentler tone.  1,100 more words

'Far Right Rot'?

Liberal angst runs high in America, so it is perhaps inevitable that the Washington Post should turn its fire on a construct of its own imagining, the until now unknown figure of… 703 more words


Is the American Dream now a Nightmare?

In contrast with the protests that erupted in major US cities after Donald Trump’s election, I recall how it was when George W. Bush won the US presidency in 2000. 653 more words