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Its Great to be Catholic: Response to excatholic4christ

Original article: https://whysoseriousdotcom.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/its-great-to-be-catholic-response-to-excatholic4christ/

Tom, aka excatholic4christ, wrote an article a few months ago titled: 10 Really “Uncool” Things About Being Catholic (link at bottom of page). 2,688 more words


'Born of the Virgin Mary'

The presence here of Bosco offers a perspective against which the orthodoxies of our Faith need asserting. Of all the oddities in the version of our Faith offered by Bosco, the strangest is the one in which he maintains that Mary was not a follower of her son. 459 more words


Images (1)

The view of some strict Protestants that no images are permitted in church whatsoever (even the cross), stems from their reading of Exodus 20:4, one of the Ten Commandments. 762 more words


Rambling on Heat (10th Sunday of Ordinary time, C)

By the time you read this I’ll be enjoying training in the country of Kuwait. We’ll be there about two weeks before we continue on to our assignment at Joint Base Balad, which is about 50 miles north of Baghdad, Iraq. 398 more words

Ramblings In And On Iraq

The New Testament just fell from the sky.

Protestants might have the impression that the bible just came to be as if it fell from the sky, in the KJV no less.  At the time the New Testament canon was being decided there were approximately 45 gospels and over 400 writings contending in some manner for inclusion as canonical scripture.  683 more words

Reading with and without the Church

For the last few weeks readers have borne patiently with two series on one of the more obscure parts of the history of the Church. For our friend Bosco it was all pretty irrelevant: 1,160 more words


1. Keep your Catholic Faith: An Introduction

When I started fervently and regularly writing on this blog, I knew I’d enjoy it. I love writing. I love getting my thoughts out. If I didn’t, sometimes I think I’d burst. 771 more words