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By What Authority? - A Non-Denominational Response

Chalcedon’s excellent piece on the dangers of one’s own unguided interpretation of Scripture takes its title from an exchange between Jesus and the religious authorities in the Temple in Jerusalem. 1,422 more words

Early Church

Mary and her Son

Of all the oddities in the version of our Faith offered by Bosco, is the one in which he maintains that Mary was not a follower of her son. 511 more words


Call no man Father

Our resident representative of a certain strand of American evangelical thinking, Bosco, has, as regular readers will know, a number of themes. They are quite limited ones, and it is quite possible he is immune to reason on them, but since they are very common ones, and thus represent a deficiency in a certain line of thinking about Scripture, it might be worth running a short series on them. 843 more words


Catholicism and prejudice

When Dame Hilary Mantel opined that Catholicism is not a religion for ‘respectable’ people, she enunciated one of the last prejudices acceptable to liberals; like the Labour Shadow Schools spokesman, Tristram Hunt, she was giving vent to anti-Catholic prejudice. 363 more words


PC gone mad?

No, as t happens, this is not about what many of you would think of as political correctness, although it is, I suspect, a form of it. 734 more words


“The Demons are Interchangeable”: Damian Thompson on Anti-Catholic Conspiracy Theories

History is replete with a number of bizarre yet dangerous anti-Jewish and anti-Masonic conspiracy theories, such as the Diana Vaughan hoax, various narratives about the so-called Jewish and/or Masonic “Anti-Christ”, and the infamous ritual murder blood libels. 1,549 more words


A force for reaction?

Part of the problem with condemning whole sets of ideas is that, if one offers no counter-argument, one does two things: make it seem as though those ideas are interesting and threatening; and convey the impression you are a narrow-minded authoritarian with no response other than suppression. 698 more words