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Jack Chick the Catholic evangelist

Giving people tracts attacking their religion is the great passive-aggressive form of evangelism. The fundamentalist anti-Catholic pamphleteer Jack Chick died Sunday at the age of 92, and judging from Facebook conversations, a lot of cradle Catholics had to put up with his tracts. 801 more words


Politics and Religion

When I was young, my father, who rarely spoke about such things anyway, advised me never to talk about politics or religion, so running a blog which combines the two is not, it is safe to say, what he’d have advised. 559 more words


Patronising and insulting

The last acceptable prejudice is the one which was the subject of Cardinal Dolan’s comments which form the title of this post – anti-Catholicism. It is inconceivable that had someone from Hillary Clinton’s campaign made the sort of comments about Muslims that were made about Catholics that that person would still be employed; moreover, one can be certain that their name would have been all over the media and a Twitter-mob would have been stalking them. 512 more words


Catholic League Responds to Bigotry, Anti-Catholic Bias in Hillary Clinton Campaign, Suggests She Fire Campaign Chairman John Podesta

Pictured: Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta

Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League, comments on remarks released by WikiLeaks that reveal anti-Catholicism on the part of the Clinton campaign: 973 more words

The R. Zell - Tim Spangler Debate.

Here are the questions that Tim Spangler, a lucker found on many Fr. John Hollowells youtube.com video comment threads has challenged me on.

Tim Spangler challenges me to to show him the Catholicism in the following verses. 459 more words


It was always thus?

It is sometimes said that the survival of the Catholic Church for two thousand years, despite the worst (and best) efforts of those running it (and members of it) is the best proof that the Holy Spirit guides it. 546 more words