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Bishop Fulton Sheen once wrote that: ‘There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church.’ 621 more words


Housekeeping note to Bosco

We are back, I fear, to a discussion of Bosco’s presence here. A few weeks back he was out on moderation to see he kept on topic – and he did. 565 more words


Only I am saved?

There’s no more pointless exercise than trawling across the internet claiming to be saved. If you think you are, you think you are. If, as one person here does, you then make the claim to know who else is, then you take on yourself what God alone knows; best of luck with that. 534 more words



You sometimes find, in my neck of the woods anyway, folk who say they’ve no time for ‘religion’, they believe in Jesus, they have a personal relationship, and they need no other company. 654 more words


An Internet witness?

Gareth Thomas’ post last Friday baffled some, made others cross, and made some of us reflect on what he was saying. It is easy to forget how new blogging is, and how new, in particular, the Catholic blogosphere is. 708 more words


(Fake) Catholics for Choice

For well over a year, various people have been telling me I need to be on Twitter. When I created The Catholic Geeks’ Twitter account… 772 more words