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Mary and her Son

Of all the oddities in the version of our Faith offered by Bosco, is the one in which he maintains that Mary was not a follower of her son. 511 more words


Call no man Father

Our resident representative of a certain strand of American evangelical thinking, Bosco, has, as regular readers will know, a number of themes. They are quite limited ones, and it is quite possible he is immune to reason on them, but since they are very common ones, and thus represent a deficiency in a certain line of thinking about Scripture, it might be worth running a short series on them. 843 more words


Catholicism and prejudice

When Dame Hilary Mantel opined that Catholicism is not a religion for ‘respectable’ people, she enunciated one of the last prejudices acceptable to liberals; like the Labour Shadow Schools spokesman, Tristram Hunt, she was giving vent to anti-Catholic prejudice. 363 more words


PC gone mad?

No, as t happens, this is not about what many of you would think of as political correctness, although it is, I suspect, a form of it. 734 more words


“The Demons are Interchangeable”: Damian Thompson on Anti-Catholic Conspiracy Theories

History is replete with a number of bizarre yet dangerous anti-Jewish and anti-Masonic conspiracy theories, such as the Diana Vaughan hoax, various narratives about the so-called Jewish and/or Masonic “Anti-Christ”, and the infamous ritual murder blood libels. 1,549 more words


A force for reaction?

Part of the problem with condemning whole sets of ideas is that, if one offers no counter-argument, one does two things: make it seem as though those ideas are interesting and threatening; and convey the impression you are a narrow-minded authoritarian with no response other than suppression. 698 more words



We live, in the West, in a society where knowledge of the context in which religious matters should be discussed is at such a low level that much of what passes for public discourse would disgrace a society which realised it; it is a further mark of the paucity of knowledge that the leaders of our society do not realise it, either. 518 more words