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Newman defends Papal Infallibility

It was well-known that Newman had lively doubts about the wisdom of pronouncing on Papal Infallibility, so there was some surprise when, in his response to Gladstone’s critique, he did just that. 660 more words


Is Facebook Anti-Catholic? Anti-American?

Without warning, Facebook has removed Catholic pages from their social media network. According to ChurchPOP, there are at least 26 confirmed Catholic pages that have been removed.   160 more words



On Tuesday I began what is going to turn into a series of posts about Catholicism and intellectual freedom. The locus classicus of this discussion for me is the debate between Gladstone and Newman caused by the former’s attack on what he called ‘Vaticanism’. 853 more words


Christianity and its content

Bosco’s continued presence here prompts a few reflections in anti-Catholicism. His own blog is full of bile about the Catholic Church. What should be the attitude towards someone with such an attitude posting comments on a blog which does not share that biliousness? 616 more words


Who is saved?

Yesterday’s post began a discussion of what it means to ‘be saved’ and ended touching on the thorny question of who will be saved; here I want to continue with that for a while. 795 more words


'Call no man father'?

Yesterday, we looked at Jesus’ words about the need to drink His blood and eat His body unto our salvation. Today, I want to take it into other territory commonly occupied by anti-Catholic legends. 519 more words


Dagon fish hats revisited

As we come to the end of this short series on anti-Catholic polemic, coincidentally, a Twitter follower retweeted this post from 2014 on Dagon fish hats and other nonsense. 732 more words