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Hidden Catholicism: Why Catholics Shouldn't Hate or Fear Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables has once again gained status as a pop culture icon. It was bad enough when it was just a Broadway musical. I hadn’t seen it at all in high school, and yet I was very familiar with many of the songs. 4,508 more words


Faith of our fathers

Everyone whose ancestors lived in these islands before 1538 is descended from Catholic stock. Quite when my forefathers gave up their Catholic faith is unknown, but as they came from a part of the border with Wales where Catholicism proved hard to extirpate, I would like to think it took some time; but however long or short the time, they did what most English and Welsh people did in the end – they went with what the State wanted – even if, as early as the late seventeenth century they were no longer conforming with Anglican practice. 930 more words


What Does It Mean to Be Anti-Catholic?

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the Catholic blogosphere, you know that the term “anti-Catholic” is bandied around like it’s going out of style. 1,460 more words

A Relevant Church is an Accommodating, Tolerant Christianity

The musty old Church of the Catholic Christians has been called judgmental and misogynistic; so we have made ourselves welcoming to the roles of women and non-judgmental to lifestyles and tolerant of all the new confusing genders that have recently been invented. 650 more words


The Holy Roman Empire in Modern Times Part II: The (Falsely Labeled) Seven-Headed Beast

Read Part I: Reich or Wrong

The (Falsely Labeled) Seven-Headed Beast: Only Protestants Remember the Holy Roman Empire?

“For example, they will often tell you (in their praises of the coming age) that we are moving on towards a United States of Europe. 717 more words


Installment No. 348: The News Media

Based on the comments allowed on its web site and Facebook page The Denver Post has made its position clear: It is anti-Catholic and does not need or want the business of Catholics in the State of Colorado.

State Of Colorado

By What Authority? - A Non-Denominational Response

Chalcedon’s excellent piece on the dangers of one’s own unguided interpretation of Scripture takes its title from an exchange between Jesus and the religious authorities in the Temple in Jerusalem. 1,422 more words

Early Church