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A couple of Earth eye view memes

The second one is linked with a too-long-put-off post about human migration northwards…


My Thoughts Inexactly: E is for Escalating

The caged bird might not sing so much if the cage could force its voice in to a monotone.

If the body is allowed to wander the mind can wander with it, not away from it as is the norm of the sedentary lifestyle. 675 more words


the self-fulkilling...


I want to fight
I want to fuck
I want liberation
from this sterile muck

I want to kick
I want to fist… 49 more words


I can see the future and it is sickening.

A sickness has spread over the entire planet, it affects our spiritual state of being, as well as our physical and psychological capabilities, traces of the disease can be found in the food that corporations and government offer and to think we are paying for this, the corporations and governments have thier fingers in almost every aspect of our lives, it’s no wonder that most people are sick, if not physically but mentally and spiritually as well… we directly ingest this maladie by consuming the meat products from the animal agirculture industry. 8 more words

Society Against The State - AudioZine

19:19 – Society Against The State – by Pierre Clastres – MP3 Text Archive Torrent YouTube
Can there be a society that is not divided into oppressors and oppressed, or that refuses coercive state apparatuses? 151 more words


I have the right to see the world in such away, as to have the ability to see it for what it really is, a dysfunctional industrial society. 252 more words

Anti Civilization

Cattle Grazing Is Now Causing Massive Deforestation Hotspots In The Peruvian Amazon — ThinkProgress

Deforestation in the Amazon has been a growing problem over the past five decades, with ranchers leading the way in clearing rainforest for cattle and cult… 14 more words