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In Defense of Libertarians (TMLF part 2)

In response to Capitalism is Cruelty and this facebook discussion which indicates fundamental differences and problems of reconcilability between two general camps—anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-communists—I’ve decided to republish my responses to a fellow “ancom” where I don’t think it makes sense to try at this juncture to unwed the people from the political identity of “ancap” that they dress themselves in. 841 more words


Globalization Does Not Exist


If I relocalize the first portion of MLK’s famous quote “DARKNESS CANNOT DRIVE OUT DARKNESS; ONLY LIGHT CAN DO THAT” and use it as an antecedent to one proposition herein—

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notes 4 today: 2016-10-13

title: Parenting Possessions

In addition to lacking multi-generational and inter-generational support in the nuclear family (the biggest nuclear disaster, to date), go-it-alone parents are faced with a burdensome task that is unprecedented in its scope. 1,558 more words


Deep Skin

There is a lot of indications of what humans intrinsically are—and what potentials we hold—if we even only focus on our skin. The lack of profound hair shielding our skin tells us we are not intended bodily to be in the colder climates, and presumably the physical abilities we would need to perform well in a cold climate go well beyond a mere patch fix like clothing (or even evolving bodily hair). 1,179 more words


A couple of Earth eye view memes

The second one is linked with a too-long-put-off post about human migration northwards…


My Thoughts Inexactly: E is for Escalating

The caged bird might not sing so much if the cage could force its voice in to a monotone.

If the body is allowed to wander the mind can wander with it, not away from it as is the norm of the sedentary lifestyle. 675 more words


the self-fulkilling...


I want to fight
I want to fuck
I want liberation
from this sterile muck

I want to kick
I want to fist… 49 more words