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Notes in regards to Communalism vs Anti Civ

The whitewashing of civilization as white has far more to do with Richard Spencer’s fascist ideology than history. Civilization started in Sumer and Africa. It was not initially a product of Europe. 718 more words


Speech to The Pinelands Commissoners (6 of clubs)

**Note: The orated speech was under a three-minute time limitation, and so pieces of the speech below had to be edited out in order to fit. 757 more words


Thessaloniki, Greece: Arson Attack Against Hellenic Telecommunications by Anarchist Cell - Destruction of the Existent

Thessaloniki-responsibility claim

We are confronting technology to the extent that it is a tool in the hand of the bosses and capitalism, taking away our capabilities practical or not. 249 more words

Direct Action

Orbeil (Puy-de-Dôme), France: Arson Attack Against Telecommunications Infrastructure

As you reach to the top of the hill there’s the Great Bear right above your head. And then, below, you see the lights of Issoire, which make war on the stars in the sky. 831 more words

Direct Action

There Is No Civilization, There is No Wild. There Is Only You and Me.

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals)

Editor’s Note: As fans of Dr. Bones on twitter and facebook might know our resident Conjurer was recently blown out of his mind on what Gods & Radicals can only assume to be highly illegal substances. 1,070 more words


The Crisis of Modern Civilization

Growing up in the modern industrial age, few in the wealthy countries even think of questioning the massive system they are born in. Many things about life in the United States are better than what we see in “developing countries” that most of us view what is going on as good. 771 more words