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notes 4 today: 2016-12-02 (The Human Body As Cure; Desire And Civilization; Ethics and Mediation; Attacking The Seven)

title: The Human Body As Cure
If humans are to play a part in the remedying of the catastrophic biomass and biodiversity the Earth over, it will not come from their minds but from their bodies. 747 more words


Humans Hunted by Herbivores

As with many of my flighty or subterranean ideas ruminating in and out of consciousness, this is one narrative of deep anthropogenical “predicting of the past” that has heretofore not had a landing space on the surface for which it could clearly be elaborated and connected. 954 more words


Porto Alegre, Brazil: Arson attack against São Pedro Parish in Floresta barrio (Eng/Port)

Received and translated on 16.11.16:

The earth from time to time rebelliously rebuilds what was thought extinct. These are the offshoots of rebellious roots and seeds that spread with the wind. 924 more words

Direct Action

Fall of Colors

You cant see the consequences of past bad decisions when you are the consequence...”

The same old song will keep playing whether or not I refrain from singing it, but perhaps consciousness of the acutely malevolent harmony can prove the needed watershed. 1,222 more words


from ticks to humans, evolution backwards

The senses of ticks (and probably many other creatures) are dulled or non-existent save the key one(s) that help them find prey to latch on to. 410 more words


Civilization is Simplification by Pixelation (images)

This image that started as a supplement to an essay I am writing took on a life of it’s own! I thought I would share a couple of variations from the original (featured image) leaf picture that I pixelated and color reduced, moving from left to right.A few variations exist, and there is one major addition that I will combine once I find an appropriate image (a side view picture of an eye looking right at the arrow). 26 more words


In Defense of Libertarians (TMLF part 2)

In response to Capitalism is Cruelty and this facebook discussion which indicates fundamental differences and problems of reconcilability between two general camps—anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-communists—I’ve decided to republish my responses to a fellow “ancom” where I don’t think it makes sense to try at this juncture to unwed the people from the political identity of “ancap” that they dress themselves in. 841 more words