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A Wilderness Guide to Errors & Enemies

Civilization is an error.

The only transcendence is from error.

Man is not fallen, he fell, and refuses to get up.

The core of civilization is delayed-return subsistence strategies. 1,935 more words

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Castle Rock Prairie Dogs

Check out this page:

Share it. If you are in the area, go there. Bear witness. Take pictures. Document everything. Cover those holes with your body. 39 more words

Six Distinctions for a Post-Civ Worldview

Under radical ecology is the subset, Φ, under which is the further subset, anarcho-primitivism. The name hasn’t been found, but I suggest it should be rooted to history or place like ‘Cynicism’ or ‘Stoicism,’ kind of like band names and their creation stories.  1,297 more words

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Civilization and the Body

The body has been the fulcrum of civilization’s power. All civil forces, in order to be civil forces, must direct themselves over and against the ancient or pre-existent will and tendencies designated “the body.” 2,210 more words

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Thoughts on Primitivism
(or why I’m anti-civilization)

In this and the following two posts, I seek to finally get to the bottom of why a primitivist is against all the things he is against. 1,389 more words

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The message remains the same, as it has been throughout history: "Obey or suffer."

Individual disobedience or even mere failure to “produce” in spite of the individual’s best efforts will result in stigmatization, marginalization, a degrading dependency on the state and, as state support for the economically disengaged is cut back and removed, starvation, homelessness and imprisonment; even the fact of homelessness is defined as a criminal offense by more local jurisdictions with each passing year. 677 more words


Every Minute of Every Day: Patriarchy & Being Male

A vast and beautiful body of work concerning patriarchy and its insidious and traumatic effects on women already exists. In my experience, however, literature concerning how patriarchy infiltrates and destroys male interactions and the psychological and emotional health of males is somewhat rare. 1,906 more words