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Franklin Lopez, Canada, 2010, 75 dakika


END:CIV (TR Altyazili) from MOACM TV on Vimeo.

END:CIV; kültürümüzün sistematik şiddete ve çevresel sömürüye olan bağımlılığını inceliyor ve sonuçta zehirlenen tabiatı ve savaş bunalımındaki ulusları derinlemesine araştırıyor. 590 more words


free writing fight and flighting response

Our problems are given agency, as if they are somehow ghosts that haunt us… the human mind has been so tortured, so fucked, allowed too much time to sit in it’s own shit. 1,038 more words


notes 4 today: 2015-11-08

Title: The Sacrificial Lamb’s Parents

I felt pretty low when I first thought this—given my love for youthful innocence—but perhaps this will make me (and you) feel less horrified when seeing in the nature ¿we? 859 more words


Our Vessel is Revolution, Our Guiding Star is Anarchy


Bored of the type of anarchism that seems to exist only as a boring routine of endless meetings and crap benefit gigs full of self-important tossers? 1,502 more words

Anarchy And Chaos

Pagan Sect of the Mountain claims responsibility for firebombing of buses in mexico city, declares war on civilization

The bombs went off on Saturday, on the state-run Mexibus bus line, causing damage to four buses.

A Mexican group called the Pagan Sect of the Mountain claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack on several buses outside of Mexico City that caused damage to four vehicles, but left no victims. 257 more words


Political searching for a Cartoon

If I had the skill or digital know-how, I would draw this political cartoon:

A bunch of papers/books piled on top of one another, each saying something unprecedented “unprecedented gene manipulation” “unprecedented number of autoimmune diseases” “unprecedented distortion by a fiat currency: The Dollar” “unprecedented number of species dying off” “unprecedented number of children born with autism” “unprecedented disregard for future generations”, and possibly more. 89 more words



Desertification (As Earth’s Subtleties Are Extincted)L

The role that metals play in desertification could possibly be analyzed to be twofold, though more or fewer actual reasons may exist beyond the scope of the author. 745 more words