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Scotland: New actions by cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience "Falcon Of Chaos"

Edinburgh, Scotland

On 8/3/16 at night I set fire to a car using firelighters under the fuel tank. Wandering at night one can also create the very pleasant moments of meeting many interesting individualities that prefer the dark like foxes and raccoons. 616 more words

Direct Action

Three Meme Theme

cages for our bodies, cages for our minds

For more context on my tirades against cars, this post here fills in some gaps. I am fortunate enough to have not lost anyone to a car crash, but it is never out of the realm of possibility so long as these dangerous machines prowl the Earth; tens of millions of others have not been so fortunate to steer clear of car injuries and fatalities, and it is learning from their experiences and on the behalf of the future victims that we should alter our transportation habits ahead of continuing catastrophe—change before the crisis! 40 more words


psychotherapy to civilotherapy [Unfinished Draft of Short Story]

Another unfinshed tale that I don’t think I will make time to finish, in this life anyways…

They threw back their chairs, grabbed for their neighbors hands, and began their group chant: 817 more words


2 poetry quotations from upcoming post

“Lack of a refuge does not erase the refugee
Paralyzed in place does not blind what dreams see”

“Civilization is now trending,
mankind has gone viral, 11 more words


crime combine

I have a daily reminder of an ongoing crime against nature right outside my window, with over a dozen construction vehicles adding noise pollution among others. 268 more words


till your brain dead: Mental Tilling is Killing our Brain's Innate Capacities

I think it is fruitful to lichen (liken) the terrain of the human brain to that of soil, both of which perform orders of magnitude better when they are given the adequate amounts of organic supports. 486 more words


Towards a Better Understanding of "Progress"

This post relates back to a previous one titled Priveledge, Desperation, and Gratitude In the aforementioned essay, I mention that civilians have a preconceived notion that bringing industrial society and the dominant culture to various tribal communities (especially those that are currently uncontacted) is a sort of heroic deed. 747 more words