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The Past Is Always With Us

I’m currently working on a very long essay on The Commons and the buried history of resistance.  It may be split in two, at least the majority to be published on The Wild Hunt.  1,520 more words


A Wilderness Guide to Errors & Enemies

Civilization is an error.

The only transcendence is from error.

Man is not fallen, he fell, and refuses to get up.

The core of civilization is delayed-return subsistence strategies. 1,905 more words

Musings & Delineations

Castle Rock Prairie Dogs

Check out this page:

Share it. If you are in the area, go there. Bear witness. Take pictures. Document everything. Cover those holes with your body. 39 more words

Six Distinctions for a Post-Civ Worldview

Under radical ecology is the subset, Φ, under which is the further subset, anarcho-primitivism. The name hasn’t been found, but I suggest it should be rooted to history or place like ‘Cynicism’ or ‘Stoicism,’ kind of like band names and their creation stories.  1,295 more words

Musings & Delineations