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Ñ is for Ñthing Ñew: My Thoughts Iñexactly

I will not stop moving, but you may stop stopping.

The magic is in the wandering not the wand.

If there were no chance of finding you in a dream, I would not let sleep find me. 875 more words


malas semillas

Found this email to myself, buried in an inbox. Not let’s see where it grows…

Essentially, you might say there are three options: planting good seeds, planting bad seeds, or planting no seeds… 206 more words


My Thoughts Inexactly: Z is for Zeroing (2018 Remix)

It is not enough to only lose your own chains, for if your comrades don’t lose theirs you are sure to keep tripping over them. 514 more words


Notes in regards to Communalism vs Anti Civ

The whitewashing of civilization as white has far more to do with Richard Spencer’s fascist ideology than history. Civilization started in Sumer and Africa. It was not initially a product of Europe. 718 more words


Speech to The Pinelands Commissoners (6 of clubs)

**Note: The orated speech was under a three-minute time limitation, and so pieces of the speech below had to be edited out in order to fit. 757 more words


There Is No Civilization, There is No Wild. There Is Only You and Me.

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals)

Editor’s Note: As fans of Dr. Bones on twitter and facebook might know our resident Conjurer was recently blown out of his mind on what Gods & Radicals can only assume to be highly illegal substances. 1,070 more words