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Old story: left to right


For almost half a millennium, political “true-believers” have gone through a painful process of attraction and then rejection of socialism, whether the idealistic Christian or social democratic types or the authoritarian statism of Lenin. 670 more words


Politics of Script (part 2)

In an earlier piece, I commented on the struggle over ‘traditional’ and simplified’ script in China, noting that Taiwan’s decision to keep the traditional script was a deeply anti-communist move. 193 more words


Capitalism's Service To Fascism

Fascism is capitalism in decay.”-VI Lenin

Many new Communists are often confused by the statement we adept Communists say when regarding Facsism. To those reading this article that are very acomplished in Marxian theory know this statement to be that capitalism has always given fascism a free ride in order protect the class that exists. 313 more words


'16 No Trump...Please!

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.”

Thomas Jefferson                    

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Sanskrit proverb                    

As a Republican, I weep for my party when I contemplate Donald Trump still leading the field of contenders for my party’s Presidential nomination, based on no qualifications other than a willingness to express crude outrage on a small number of hot-button issues. 587 more words

Robert Conquest dies – but his lies live on!

Recently, the world learned of the death of Robert Conquest, a ‘historian’ and author who worked for the Information Research Department (IRD) – an innocuously-named operation set up by the Labour government to produce and spread influential anti-communist propaganda throughout the British media and arts. 1,675 more words