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Zip Trivia: Video: Are You a Commie, or a Citizen?

Just from the outset this looks like a Tea Party propaganda film about what it means to be a real American. And this is coming from someone who believe our form of government and economic system is the best in the world based on facts. 291 more words

Political Cinema


This is a letter that Revolutions received just weeks before President Potus’ fatal death. We set it aside for the time being as it did not correlate with any of our ongoing stories, but now, in a time of public opinion, we feel that this person’s thoughts should be spread. 192 more words

Rocky Won the Cold War

I’ve seen all of the Rocky movies, and I watched the first one again this past week, but Rocky IV, in which he goes to Soviet Russia to fight Ivan Drago, will always be my favorite. 316 more words

Anti-communist bill debated in House of Commons

Falsification of History to Smash the People’s Ability to Unite in Action for Nation-Building Today

The House of Commons is now debating a bill passed by the Senate that goes on record as calling the fall of Saigon, on April 30, 1975, a “black day” in history which should be commemorated as such in Canada. 1,069 more words


Harper government's extremism: Despicable attempts to make communism the main enemy of Canadians

Falsification of History to Smash the People’s Ability to Unite in Action for Nation-Building Today

The Harper Government is hell-bent on creating as many anti-communist memorials as possible before the end of Harper’s term as Prime Minister. 679 more words