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The Constitution, the Bedrock of the Republic

The Constitution, the bedrock foundation of the United States of America, the Republic of freedom and liberty, is just over 200 hundred years old. It is not over 400 years old as Representative Sheila Jackson Lee has stated, and the lack of knowledge of her and other elected representatives is not only astounding, it is a large enough issue that should be dealt with separately. 1,283 more words


Washington and Bloomberg's anti gun law I-594, Violates the Second Amendment

It is interesting to see how the liberal progressives work to destroy the Constitution. They use deception and false information to influence people and then claim victory if the people follow what they say and vote as these liberal progressive haters of America want. 329 more words


California Anti Gun Law

The recent legislation that was passed in California should be of great concern to all who believe in freedom and the Constitution. The claim that it is similar to other laws in southern states such as Texas are not totally accurate and are intended to distract you and make you think it is an acceptable law. 893 more words


The Police

Gone it seems are the days when a police officer actually tried to understand a situation, clarified causes at the scene, cared or could tell the difference between a legitimate criminal committing a crime and someone who was merely experiencing a moment of bad luck, reversal of fortune, or just a torqued instant. 350 more words

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