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It certainly seems to be a buzz word at the moment, and we all seem to have somewhat different ideas about what it means to be one. 234 more words

Anti Consumerism

Just call me Jadis

There’s a character in “The Walking Dead” called Jadis.

She is the leader of a group of people that live in a huge junkyard. They’re a group of scavengers, and they’ve built quite a maze through the junkyard they call home. 309 more words

The Challenge

I’m preggo with #2 and like many families, I’m thinking¬†I don’t want my house filled with baby crap.¬†It got down to a really philosophical level about living in a consumerist society after I read a couple of unschooling books, and how much children need materialistically…which isn’t a whole lot. 305 more words

Clothing Clean Out

One of my favorite hobbies is getting hooked on concepts and reading as much as I can about them and never following through with implementing them.  761 more words

Personal Life

Mollie Day

Instead of Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the anniversary of the day Mollie decided she would let us be her people. She was a Valentine’s Day gift to me from Sunshine many many moons ago, and we’re all about rejecting the lies that corporations try to sell us, so instead of buying diamonds or gold or greeting cards or chocolates to prove our love for each other, we celebrate Mollie Day. 49 more words

Bits and bobs

Fancy black switch and outlet plates for the bedroom

Purple tile for the shower walls (bought from a salvage store like ReStore; Rude Ass said he knew that was the one before I even saw them, and sure enough when I did–the heavens opened and light shone down and angels sang “hallelujah”) 354 more words

Anti-Haul or What I'm Not Gonna Buy

These are the products that I won’t be buying beaus I feel that they are not something we need or that they are gimmicky. Check out this week’s video and let me know what products you will not be buying.