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Investment pieces DEPRECIATE

What do you think of when someone talks about investment pieces? Probably a classic trench coat, Chanel flats, a Hermes Kelly or Birkin.

News flash: These are not investments. 189 more words


Travel, Surprise, Forgiveness

Yesterday I reviewed my passport application, regretted some of the past, looked forward to the future.
My last passport was issued in 1982. My father was taking me to Ireland on one of those awful package tours where Irish Americans travel in clumps to see Jury’s Cabaret (if that still exists—it was full of heavily made-up colleens singing “Danny Boy” in a faux Irish castle) and to kiss the Blarney Stone. 777 more words

Shopping agony. 1996.

“You can get it if you really want.”


Going shopping for the first time in a long time. Bombarded by low flying price tags, zooming in a price dropping bombs explode in every glass gaudy window. 74 more words


Becoming Minimalist Day 2: What Exactly Am I Getting Myself Into?

Hello, everyone! I knew I said I’d be back after a few days, but life happened and I was unable to make good of my promise. 981 more words


Ignore the Lies: Your House is Clean Enough.

“Dust, dirt and stains remain inescapable foes for consumers worldwide”

reads the hyperbole in the Nielsen Report on global cleaning trends. They go on to shriek about the “fight against grime” that has become a multi-billion dollar business. 885 more words

3 Ways You Can Save the Planet & Save Money

1. Consume Less: In today’s society we have all kinds of “convenient” products that aren’t necessary, and after their temporary use they end up in the ocean killing sea life, on the side of the road for wild life to consume, or in one of the 3,000+ landfills that are continuously growing. 196 more words


BRB, Currently Dying from Influenza (just kidding)

*written Friday, 1-20-2017*

Hey guys! I’m back…after a couple of unexpected trips for work and an even more unexpected illness. I had influenza AND a sinus infection and I was literally withering away for the past week. 692 more words