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Design 2 - My Dream Small Van (Part Time)

The 2nd in my series of Dream Tiny Home designs – A small van for part-time living.

This is what I’ve chosen for my current lifestyle – a vehicle I can sleep in at a moment’s notice and live in comfortably for a few days at a stretch without any planning, but that isn’t suitable for full time living. 1,273 more words

December 2015 Astrology - Sowing and Germination

December 2015 is shaping up to look like a time of pivotal and profound decision-making. Both Carl Boudreau and Steve Judd are on the same page on this one. 858 more words

Raise Your EQ

Black Madness

(c) Photo/Agencies

Everyone is marching out of tune these days,
Spirals of armies heading for one’s sanity besiege the mind enemy at once.
New joy, I forbid you to disappear and leave no bread crumbs behind… 328 more words


Watch Black Friday Madness

Instead of going out in the wanton craziness of Black Friday, enjoy it from the comfort of your screen.


Black Friday, Fearing for Humanity

Black Friday, the one event of the year where people hailing from the lands of anti-consumerism can rally up and show the world how consumerism has transformed our society for the worse. 1,237 more words


Mmm, Christmas?

The older I get, the closer to Christmas it becomes,
the more I think that it’s complete bogus.

Maybe not complete.
My dad once explained how he felt about it. 227 more words


400 Pairs of Shoes on the Move

I’ve been a bit busy (and distracted) with my kitchen renovation, so I’ve really only had time to think about 400 Pairs of Shoes.  After a few posts, I realized the organization of the posts are not going to flow correctly.  286 more words