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Responsible Gift Giving - Easter Edition

At some point between tripping over my millionth toy and stepping on another lego piece it happened – I have been slowly converting to anti-consumerism.  Sometimes I feel like this has made me a humbug when it comes to holidays.   856 more words


The One Where I Do Not Want To Be Your Valentine

I can’t decide if it’s sweet or sad that my mum still sends me a Valentine’s card every year. And when she wished me a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ on the phone this morning, all I could think of to respond with was ‘Um, okay.’ I could sense her pitying me for being single this Valentine’s Day but it actually doesn’t bother me at all. 963 more words


Escape consumerism by reducing exposure to advertising

The concepts of Financial Independence and Early Retirement are not the norm, with society and the media having conditioned us to believe that extreme levels of ever-increasing consumerism are the only way to achieve happiness.  2,167 more words

Personal Finance

The dying of the light

The count down to retirement has begun in earnest.

It cannot come soon enough, particularly after the recent spate of storms we have been having. I swear my left bicep quadrupled in size from throwing snow off the deck and digging a tunnel along my front walkway over the course of the weekend. 640 more words

My So Called Life

Why I take the bus, and probably always will

Let’s face it, if you take the bus after 30, people pretty much regard you to be a loser, at least everyone that is in an age bracket below the age of 25.  902 more words


Sunday night delights #16

This weekend…
Had a busier weekend than I’ve had for a while, which I’ve really loved. So good to fill the weekend with new things and changes of scene to refresh me for the week ahead. 396 more words

Sunday Night

Welcome to Simplicity Club

My utopia looks like this: a small house with my family and only our essential and beautiful items around us….this would require my family adopting a minimalist lifestyle, with only their essential and beautiful items around them. 360 more words

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