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Disengaged The World

College is three years behind down the road left lingering the paper-trail of an aborted degree. I have turned my facade into a quarry chipping away Doc Maartens and Oakley’s, peeling skin off TV screens and masturbating to Fox News anchors. 176 more words


Anti Father's Day?

I had an epiphany this week while racking my brain about a gift for Mike for Father’s Day. Then I thought, “what did I get for Mother’s day?” Asking that question put it all into perspective for me.  230 more words

Life With A Baby

Three Small Steps to Self-Sufficiency

We have been on a long journey moving towards self-sufficiency and as we get further along I’m reminded of everything we have already accomplished and the small steps we have taken that have built up to the bigger steps we are working on now. 611 more words

Dawn of The Dead vs iPhone

How can we stop consumerism consuming our lives?

For those of you who’ve seen the classic zombie movie Dawn Of The Dead (spoiler alert), you’ll know it critically comments on consumerism and excess. 987 more words

Dharmananda: on the farm with the Dharm.

Cows, creepy-crawlies and communal living.

One of the most common remarks that I have heard by folks who lived at or know the Dharmananda community is that they think it’s one of the best they have come across. 2,219 more words