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Just Protester Persona Back for a Depressing Third Alterview

The Just Protester on losing faith in the state and the least we can do right now

Trevor, the Just Protester, welcome back to The Sewers. 2,060 more words


Restoration project?

This past week, while I was digging through all the shit in the barn, trying to get my table out, I came across these candlesticks that used to belong to Sunshine’s mom. 80 more words

OPINION: Gamers have allowed anti-consumer practices to reach a nauseating peak in 2017.

A very short while ago, before the age of all digital releases was a reality upon us, it seemed like video game hobbyists were abreast the dawn of cheaper and easier to access video games. 2,910 more words

Video Games

I never thought I'd hear myself say....

…that I miss state toothpaste.

State toothpaste is that wonderful, multipurpose substance issued to guests of the gated communities that the government uses to manage the lives of those who’s lives have become unmanageable. 502 more words

Reclaimed wood (and being the change I wish to see in the world)

I mentioned yesterday that Sunshine wanted reclaimed wood walls instead of sheet rock, and that I chose not to fight that battle because I’m saving my arsenal for the kitchen cabinetry battle. 955 more words

Going all in

So, I told you about the ridiculous couch I picked for my little house. Well, this week I bought some ridiculous throw pillows to go with the ridiculous couch. 152 more words

Philippe Quesne: Les Mélancolie Des Dragons

A band of metalheads build an unusual pop-up amusement park for one person in this play by visual artist Philippe Quesne. Besides the constant surprise and delight in unpacking mundanity, the pace of the play allows the audience sink in, slow down, and focus on the simple give-and-take between themselves and the performers.   36 more words