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Cultural Observation

So many cultures coalesce and divide.  Beauteous, miniature democracies are dissolving like tinctures every day
because our eyes are glued to generalized culture.

Do we forget to see the beauty and breadth of the individual’s dreamy eyes?

Weekly Progress Report: The Freegan Edition

This week has seen a lot of free stuff coming our way. I got the yarn from yesterday’s post, along with so many other wonderful things. 629 more words

The Steel Kiss, by Jeffery Deaver / ****

There was a time when Jeffery Deaver’s books were day one reads for me – instant purchases, to be devoured and enjoyed. My enthusiasm for his books has waxed and waned over the years, though, as Deaver has turned more and more formulaic, and for every great read he writes ( 467 more words

Book Reviews

Major Accomplishment

I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping knocked out on Monday.

side note: I know, it’s awful early for all that, especially if I am going to bitch at the bigbox giant for putting up the decorations on their shelves already. 435 more words

Is DEBT Always a 4-Letter Word?

According to the 2015 American Household Credit Card Debt Study, U.S. consumers owe a total of $712 billion in credit card debt, and $8.37 trillion in mortgages. 521 more words


Moving the Boy

The last weeks have been a whirlwind of magic and adventure.  I can hardly believe the wonder and joy.  I made new friends, talked with the plants, prayed for the water, built a labyrinth, met a ghost or two, reconnected with old friends and introduced them to Dan as well, saw Indiana family, gathered all our son Tom’s belongings to move them for him, and traveled about 3565 miles in all .  2,837 more words

Happiness In Life

Disengaged The World

College is three years behind down the road left lingering the paper-trail of an aborted degree. I have turned my facade into a quarry chipping away Doc Maartens and Oakley’s, peeling skin off TV screens and masturbating to Fox News anchors. 176 more words