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10 x 10 Blogger Index

I’m going to be starting the 10 x 10 challenge today, and would like to create an organized index of bloggers who are participating, so that we can see each other’s outfits and trade inspiration. 227 more words

Adidas, Versace, Escada and the like - this is a War - a minimalist's revenge!

Dear reader,

I’ve got a workshop to deliver today. As usually, I always¬†come equipped with all sorts of accessories and tools to demonstrate what I say and people love it. 875 more words

Minimalism vs Luxury

Can a girl be a minimalist and still love luxury? Is it possible to follow luxury trends and still align oneself with the popular principles of minimalism? 504 more words


New Year, New You, New Stuff

At the beginning of the school year, I was in a meeting with my co-worker and she was creating her Bullet Journal. She told me about Bullet Journaling, explained it a little, and showed me her new Moleskine and said “I got a new notebook, and I spend fifteen dollars on it, so I… 647 more words

New Year, New Life!

Hey guys, I’m back! You didn’t think I’ve actually forgotten about you, right? I’ve been pretty bad with time management these last few months, but I’m happy to announce that I’ve gotten my life reined in and have dedicated an hour a day to write here! 226 more words


More Than Enough: A New Project

I own seven sweaters. And eight pair of shoes. And over $500 worth of books I’ve never read. And $500 worth of postcards. And six trash bins. 241 more words


Growth in Recovery

When I first got clean, I heard a lot of jokes about “growth in recovery”, usually from people that gained weight when they quit doing drugs. 510 more words