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Austerity - Rinse and Repeat

my band did an anti-consumerist Christmas single. Above you can see us dicking around while drunk in Santa costumes. We’ll be having a launch party tomorrow night at Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, England.

"The Story of Stuff" a Short Film All Vegans Should Watch

(Disclaimer: most of this info came from Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack, a vegan podcast I’ve been digging recently. All creds to them for 1) teaching me more about this topic and 2) pointing me toward this short film).  295 more words


The dream house myth

The dream house myth, is shortly told, the myth that you will find a house that is “what I always dreamed of” or the house that… 72 more words


Financial independence

It has been a few years since I discovered the current of people striving to become financial independent, the goal of many of these people is to not need to work any more in their life. 314 more words


House from found objects

We are expanding the footprint of our shop at work. The boss has been doing some major cleanup. Like, REALLY cleaning up, instead of just pushing all the junk to the back of the property and forgetting about it. 149 more words

Thoughts on: The Blackest of Fridays.

Today is a sad day, and will likely continue to be a sad day for me for the rest of my life. It is with a heavy heart that I reminisce on past Black Fridays that I regret ever participating in. 1,161 more words

Simple Life

Big Savings!

The Friday after Thanksgiving or ”Black Friday“ is reserved by global corporations for whipping Americans into a frenzy of over-consumption.  Millions camp out and line up for hours… 233 more words