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Strawbales and tipis, native spirituality and hospitality

I love being pleasantly surprised…

My initial impression was that this was going to be a very different experience than our last stop at Cornerstone in Bendigo. 1,366 more words


A Dumb Phone Repair

I use technology for communication, but I don’t have a Blackberry or an iPhone. I use an outdated cell phone, but I’m fine with it.  … 306 more words


Community road-trip: an intro

To date, this blog has been a perpetual Work In Progress as I write about living simply, sustainability and choosing an ethical lifestyle.
Coming soon in April 2015, I will be adding a regular series of entries which will document the travels of my wife, Heidi, and I as we explore Australia in search of alternative ways to do life separate from the mainstream. 153 more words

Simple Living

I recently became acquainted with the concept of simple living. It’s a very straightforward idea, simplifying ones life. As someone who is anti-consumerist, keen on reducing my carbon footprint and hoping to provide the best balance in my children’s life (as well as my own), it just makes good sense. 351 more words

Health And Well Being

A few tips to spend less

We’re in the middle of Lenten season and our Lenten challenge this year has been a big one.  If you’re not familiar with Lenten it’s a 40 day period between Ash Wednesday and Easter typically observed by many Christian denominations.   943 more words