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Impulse Buyers by Consumer Perspective

This is Black Friday and Consumer Perspective thought that his song and video Impulse Buyers was an appropriate post for today. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy. 1:01 min. 2 MB

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Happy Black Friday -- Don't have too much fun!

Big Savings!

The Friday after Thanksgiving or ”Black Friday“ is reserved by global corporations for whipping Americans into a frenzy of over-consumption.  Millions camp out and line up for hours… 269 more words


Holiday Budgeting

Budgeting can be hard but budgeting around the holidays is even harder.

There are so many unexpected costs that come up and people you’ve forgotten gifts for or to send cards to. 766 more words


Weekly Progress Report

It’s deer season. And Sunshine got his first buck of the season this week.

Which means we will be spending our black friday butchering meat. I’m OK with that. 358 more words

Cleaning house

Some days, I just don’t want to clean up my house. I think it’s a bit of rebellion against a mom who is “anally retentive” (her words, not mine) about a clean house. 691 more words

An Important Article on Escaping Consumerism

Escaping consumerism and spending more time on things that matter.

Hobbies, Family, Creativity, and volunteerism are a few things that come to mind. But really, it is your life and the most important thing is to experience joy in this moment with the people you love. 6 more words

Cultural Observation

So many cultures coalesce and divide.  Beauteous, miniature democracies are dissolving like tinctures every day
because our eyes are glued to generalized culture.

Do we forget to see the beauty and breadth of the individual’s dreamy eyes?