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The bright minds at Quicken Loans put out this border-line satirical ad about mortgages.  Quicken Loans want mortgages to be as easy to get as buying music off iTunes, all within your phone.   121 more words


On Chasing Sensations

Rethinking the term materialism

I recently read something that made me pause and think about the meaning behind concepts I had heretofore taken for granted. Words are powerful tools, but without clear and universal meaning, our ability to understand and communicate with the world around us is limited. 841 more words

Relish for Repair

There is one advantage to having nothing, it never needs repair.

Frank Howard Clark

RUDE have been continuing on with our de-cluttering.  We have undertaken the bulk of it.  527 more words


Technology: Boon or Bane?

Re-Evaluating the Big Purchases

In the pursuit of simple living and minimalism, I’ve often been conflicted about the role of technology. On the one hand, I can now carry in a single device with the utility of a telephone, camera, calendar, alarm clock, and computer. 1,340 more words

Hair and Back Again

Examining social expectations behind personal care

Years ago I stumbled on a shift in thinking that turned away from mass-produced, full-of-unfamiliar-chemical-ingredient beauty products. (I won’t call it a “movement” – but it probably falls under a larger simple living paradigm that encompasses support for tiny/smaller homes, less consumerism, slow food, and waste reduction.) I’m not crazy about some of the terms that have sprung up around the practice of eliminating harsh sulfates from hair care (“no-poo”) or using only silicone-free conditioner to cleanse hair (“co-wash”). 1,165 more words

What do you want from me?

The heading above was the teaser line in my inmail box this morning.  It originated from the author of an ‘environmental memoir’ blog from @2006 -07”,which blog he morphed into a published book and then into a documentary which was shown at a Sundance Film Festival.   321 more words


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Better Living Through Chemistry…

The 20th Century brought with it many scientific advances and the industrial push to make extremely large batches of chemically synthesized products. 915 more words