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Steve Hassan's Latest: You too can be a "Hero" for only $399 a month or $5,588 a year (plus $1,199 setup fee)!

Self-proclaimed “cult expert” Steve Hassan appears to be cashing in on people who work with human trafficking victims, a much more popular and potentially lucrative cause than cult victims whose popularity have declined since their heyday in the 1970s-80s. 786 more words


Torah to Tampons

It should not be a big surprise that the churches spawned from Herbie Armstrong’s teachings would choose to interpret the bible in a way that generally denigrates women. 1,197 more words


Day 356 - The fugitive guru.

Breathing!!! Breathing is a nice way to start blogging. Am I breathing? It feels nice to breathe with awareness. To become aware of the body, to become aware of the breath moving-in and out. 1,118 more words

Dr. Cathleen Mann Reviews Steven Hassan's Latest (self-published) Book

Dr. Cathleen Mann, a court-recognized expert in the area of cults, has written a review of Steven Hassan’s latest self-published book, Freedom of Mind.  She has done an excellent job of succinctly summarizing the major problems with Hassan’s unsupported theories and claims that he has been making for years, while being uncritically accepted by a certain segment of ex-cult members ( 783 more words

Critical Thinking

Apostasy of the Pedants--How Faith and Fear Are Bouyed by Religious Illiteracy

(Originally posted on the old site in April and March of 2010. I think it belongs here.)

I have always been enthralled by words and ideas. 2,328 more words


Christopher Hitchens: Doubting Thomas

It has taken me longer than I expected to write this. It is somewhat difficult to write a memorial for a man you never knew. Yet, somehow I felt that his passing was an important loss—yet why? 1,069 more words