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Fighting back against austerity

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets on the recent anti-austerity demonstrations across Britain. However, the Tories are now planning further cuts of £13 billion over the next two years. 499 more words

Harrogate Socialist Party

London walks, and anti-austerity-weekend musings.

A collection of thoughts whilst moving around the capital on the weekend 250,000 people came out against the government’s further assaults on social welfare and social life. 2,150 more words


Help the RCG with their bloc at the People's Assembly's March Against Austerity this Saturday

We are going to need supporters to join us and help out with the Revolutionary Communist Group’s bloc at the People’s Assembly’s March Against Austerity this Saturday. 29 more words


Jeremy Corbyn has his 35 MP nominations: we must go for broke and get him to win.

This is it… Jeremy Corbyn, THE candidate of the left in the UK Labour Party secured the nominations needed for the Leadership race. Although I blogged before  (and discussed at lengths with many) on how the Labour Party betrayed many of us and left us, I can’t help but -surprisingly enough- feel overwhelmed and overjoyed by this. 1,237 more words


End Austerity Now Demo 20th June 2015 by Trish Marchant

Saturday the 20th of June is a national day of campaign and action against the ideological austerity measures of this wholly Conservative government. It’s our time to stand up for the rights of the vulnerable and ignored, for workers and non-workers, for the disabled and the elderly, for those reliant on our welfare system and those struggling to find a secure job. 251 more words

Trish Marchant

We all want Corbyn4leader, even us the non Labour Party members, but are MP's listening? I suspect NOT....

A few days have passed since I last blogged, so I thought I would spend a few minutes to continue on my previous entry about Jeremy Corbyn and his bid for the Labour Leadership. 787 more words