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Political Women; Lauren, Trade Union Activist and Revolutionary Socialist

Lauren, aged 22 years, represents a new generation of young workers who are following in the footsteps of past activists such as  Mary Quaile,  who never wavered in her belief that trade unions were the key to women and men achieving proper pay and decent conditions. 643 more words

Human Rights

Letter from Another America......

Jane Latour is a freelance writer and author of Sisters in the Brotherhoods Working Women Organizing for Equality in New York City. I asked her to give an activist’s view, both personal and political, on the impact of the election of Donald Trump. 1,218 more words

Human Rights

Labour must listen to Birmingham refuse workers

Refuse workers at Birmingham city council have been on a series of stoppages since June as the Labour council threatens 122 waste collection jobs – about 20pc of the entire refuse collection squad. 1,104 more words

Why Labour must campaign for free movement

By Raquel Palmeira and Ben Towse, Labour Campaign for Free Movement

Not long ago, defence of migrants, the right to cross borders to live and work, and the project of lowering, not raising, borders, were common sense for most of the left. 903 more words

YCL Statement Following the UK General Election (June 2017)

In the campaign preceding the UK general elections, the YCL advocated a vote for the British Labour Party under the left­wing leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. This was the only logical conclusion, it being the only immediate option for an end to austerity for the British people, and instant gains for the Working Class 836 more words


Haringey protests against Labour council's privatisation plan

By a Haringey Labour activist

Hundreds of Haringey residents protested outside the council on 3 July against its plan to implement a Haringey Development Vehicle – a plan to transfer millions of pounds of council estates and community facilities to a private company over the next 20 years. 138 more words

Two years since Syriza's "Oxi": will the British left learn the lessons?

By Michael Chessum

It’s two years since the Greek “Oxi” referendum, in which the people of Greece voted to reject further austerity. I’ve honestly never witnessed anything like it – either in terms of the organization of the campaign or in terms of the party in the streets afterwards. 446 more words