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Book review; Bob Crow Socialist, Leader, Fighter by Gregor Gall

Bob Crow grew up on a council estate in the East End of London: his father was a docker and his mother was  a cleaner. He left school at 16 without any qualifications with dreams of becoming a professional footballer,  and when this failed he got a job working for the London Underground. 892 more words

Human Rights

National Demonstration: March for the NHS - 4 March 2017

A national demonstration has been called for Saturday 4 March 2017 in London to protect the NHS against Tory cuts and the privateer vultures circling our National Health Service 239 more words

Young Communist League

Politicians vs Bristol - Fight The Cuts

Think it should be none of the above? Then join us in the streets this Saturday & Tuesday! 

The fight against cuts has been a long and tough one, but we can’t afford to let up. 595 more words

Actions & Demos

Book review; See Red Women's Workshop Feminist Posters 1974-1990

Activists today could learn a lot from the history of the See Red  Women’s Workshop. In this new book  which documents the life of the collective 1974-90, they provide some important lessons for all of us in how you get beyond the usual left/middleclass way of politics, and reach out to the average person, in this case women, to help them to acquire skills, work together in a non-hierarchical way, and produce some of the best political art of the last 40 years. 743 more words

Human Rights

Succesful Public Meeting Discusses Next Steps in Campaign to Save Edmund Street Day Centre

“This is about the council trying to move the poor out of the city centre to create an image of prosperity and recovery in Bradford. But it’s an illusion, the council are trying to make believe that poverty doesn’t exist here”. 485 more words

Iain Dalton

Read my weekly roundup of radical arts and politics..Up for Love, Thorn,Javier Camanas and Chernobyl Prayer


Up for Love (Home). It looks like your average French film-glamorous woman, Diane, who is a lawyer meets attractive architect. Big difference is that architect, Alexander, is only 4ft 5inches tall. 682 more words

Keep a diary for the day on 12 May and make your mark on history!

History is dominated by the establishment. In books, television and radio the agenda is one of kings and queens, the First and Second World Wars, and generally the people with power. 401 more words