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Pepe the (allegedly) Hateful frog

Pepe the Frog is an internet meme, it started out life as a cartoon image of a frog, someone posted it somehow, somewhere on 4chan and shit just blew up. 755 more words


The ADL: A History of Organized Crime, Illegal Spying, and Agents Provocateurs

This being the first post on Fearless Freedom, it seems appropriate to begin with an article which serves as a well researched and documented history of the Zionist spy agency, The Anti-Defamation League. 5,945 more words


Is Pepe the Frog a Hate Symbol?

The Anti-Defamation League recently declared that Pepe the Frog is a hate symbol.

Although the ADL wasn’t the first to make this claim, since Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has an entire page dedicated to Pepe memes, it was the first major organization to officially declare the meme a hate symbol.  314 more words


Kevin MacDonald: 'Pepe the Frog' Meme Will Help Stop the White Race From Being 'Cuckolded'

In a recent episode of Red Ice Radio, host Henrik Palmgren interviewed retired alt-right psychology professor Kevin MacDonald about the latter’s recent Reddit AMA session, in which he was asked for his thoughts of “Pepe the Frog” as a white nationalist symbol. 332 more words


Resistance against Resurgent Anti-Semitism: The Pumpkinhead Threat

Over twenty years ago, I wrote a review on William F. Buckley Jr’s book, “In Search of Anti-Semitism”.  The late Mr. Buckley analyzed instances of anti-Semitic language perpetrated by both conservatives and liberals.   916 more words

Public outrage over Filipino President Duterte’s remarks likening himself to Hitler

There’s a public outcry in the international community over the recent remarks of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte comparing himself to Germany’s Adolf Hitler, who ordered the massacre of millions of Jews during the Holocaust, and further saying that he would be “happy to slaughter” three million people involved in the drug trade in his country. 494 more words

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Cartoons - An Endangered Species?

What do a frog, a swastika, and a Confederate flag have in common?  Answer:  they are all on the Anti-Defamation League’s list of hate symbols.  As are the numbers 12, 18, 511, 737, and 100%. 947 more words

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