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Venlafaxine: Day 6 of...

Today is the 6th day on Venlafaxine. So far, the side effects have been far less severe than those I experienced on Citalopram. I’ve been following the leaflet advice, and taking the tablet with food, and I’m on a half-dose to get used to it (37.5mg) so I reckon the side-effects are reduced along with the dose. 460 more words


Switching anti-depressants: An Update

Today is meant to be the last day that I take Citalopram, and tomorrow is meant to be the first day that I start Venlafaxine. However, I’ve decided to delay starting on the new anti-depressant for another day as tomorrow is the last day of my holidays (I’m skiing with my family) and I don’t want to feel sick tomorrow. 1,138 more words