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Ketamine for treatment of severe depression?

An article from the Guardian exploring potential research into a new pharmaceutical treatment for severe depression.  Ketamine has been used previously as a tranquillizer (often in veterinary medicine) and also has a reputation as a recreational drug. 7 more words

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Cope up with your Stress levels with Management Strategies - Meds99

If you are experiencing extreme stress levels, you have been putting your entire life at risk. The level of stress inflicts and creates chaos on the emotional as well as physical health of an individual. 400 more words

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Think Talking to Your Therapist Online Is A Fad?....Think Again

It is now roughly 10 years since I saw my first client online. I remember it as clear as day. Sitting in my office waiting for my two o’clock appointment, sipping on the tea I had made in the 15 minutes between appointments, I received a panicked call regarding the state of the client’s car. 920 more words


Smack your child ? You are an Abuser

Do you smack your children? If so, you could soon be punished by law if lobbyists in EU have their way. (READ MORE). Let me pitch in. 822 more words


Relationships : Why we Focus on our Partner's Past

We all have a past. When two people come together and try to form a relationship, the experiences gained by both play a role.  How much of a role depends greatly on the people concerned and the experiences they gained. 439 more words


Can an Affair Make or Break a relationship?

Read more in “Our Quest for Happily Ever After and why it sometimes doesn’t work.” Available HERE