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Hypomania + Insomnia

For the longest time, I have thought that the depression I experience is not unipolar, but bipolar. I discussed this with my psychiatrist at the GIC, who said that my ‘manic’ episodes are not severe enough to warrant a ‘diagnosis’ as bipolar. 789 more words

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Ketamine for treatment of severe depression?

An article from the Guardian exploring potential research into a new pharmaceutical treatment for severe depression.  Ketamine has been used previously as a tranquillizer (often in veterinary medicine) and also has a reputation as a recreational drug. 7 more words

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Cope up with your Stress levels with Management Strategies - Meds99

If you are experiencing extreme stress levels, you have been putting your entire life at risk. The level of stress inflicts and creates chaos on the emotional as well as physical health of an individual. 400 more words

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