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So, I’m just over halfway through reducing my dose to wean myself off the citalopram ready to start the new stuff I can’t spell.

Turns out those tiny little tablets had worked their way into my body very effectively and it isn’t responding very happily to them going away. 367 more words


An open letter to my doctor's receptionist

I had post natal depression, twice and have anxiety too. I manage this by taking anti depressants. It took me 3 years and a second baby to come to terms and accept the fact that I need medication to help me balance my jumble of thoughts in my head so that I can not only function as a mummy but be the best mummy I can be to my children. 333 more words

A very negative entry

I hate that I feel the most inspired to write when I want to die the most.

I hate that I can’t say that my depression only began 5 years ago when I remember self asphyxiating for years before I realized that it was wrong. 420 more words

The beautiful struggle

“Life is a beautiful struggle” is a mantra I try to repeat to myself when I’m really struggling. It doesn’t really work, but I like the words. 318 more words


So lets start at the beginning.

So how do we go about getting back something of what was seemingly lost (misplaced)? For those that have just joined me, you may want to check out my… 713 more words


No alcohol? No problem.

Welcome to my meanderings about life without alcohol and why I’ve found that the past few months without it have been a positive thing for my mental wellbeing re: my anxiety and awareness of the prevalence of assault in modern society. 946 more words

Hold Tight!

We’re going for a ride.

Well, I am anyway. If you count changing medication as a ride.

The stuff I have been taking seemed to be taking the edge off my depression but in return was making me jittery and anxiety ridden, prone to panic attacks and disturbing my sleep to the point where it felt like I was running marathons at night instead of resting. 169 more words