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Hyde's Lessons

Each outburst taught me a Lesson

Each outburst strengthens Depression

Each outburst taught me shame

Each outburst I experienced blame

Each outburst gave me fear… 892 more words

God, running and pills.

I used to believe that people who used medication to handle disorders were weak, lazy, or somehow inferior. I made statements that anything in your brain could be fixed with self-control or trying hard enough. 605 more words

Mental Health

At Least That's What Depression Tells Me

The Noise in my head

Goes round and round

Telling me to stay in bed

A nuisance of nonsense of sounds

They say take life by both hands… 358 more words

Spinning out

[ 10/10-10/20 ]

Summary: Charged $500 to my credit card, intrusive thoughts, vivid dreams, increase in headaches, shower panic attacks, bizarre sleeping patterns, self-isolation.

The last two weeks have been a unique challenge. 620 more words


“….The search continues” bit on my blog header page is not supposed to suggest that I’m a miserable old boot, or that I don’t find any joy in my life as it is right now, because I do, I consider myself to be a very lucky girl, there’s wishful thinking for you, …woman?…lady?… female..?… fuck it, a lucky human!!! 1,000 more words