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Finally, 10 days later

So it’s only taken me another 10 days to get back on here.

I’m officially blaming the two medications I tried, Zoloft and Paxel, for the funk of almost an entire month. 918 more words


When is the right time to quit anti-depressants?

I actually wrote this last year but thought I’d post anyway because this is something I had battled with for quite a while and asking yourself questions about your mental health is always important. 360 more words


Known Your Symptoms on Time to Get Easy Cure of Anxiety with Librium

Librium is most popular medication suggested by the doctors for managing the mental illness of anxiety. The indications of anxiety circumstances are sometimes not all that noticeable as they often mature gradually over time and, given we all practice some anxiety at numerous points in our lives, it can be tough to know how much is too much. 466 more words


Toxic Cell Memory Release healing for Depression

Hayley channels healing for all forms of trauma including depression. Please press play to listen to her clients’ experience with Toxic Cell Memory Release healing. 9 more words

Medication Changes, New Opportunities and Other News

Good evening, yes it’s been a while since my last post once again. Consistency is something I struggle with, something I plan to talk about in a future blog post. 1,000 more words


I don't care

My social worker kept making a big deal that I went to see a band in an other city and spent the night. I flew to the States for two weeks to see my parents when I first got sick. 104 more words

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‘Take me, take me to the riot.’

Mental Health