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This Never Happened

Now I do as I please and lie through my teeth
Someone might get hurt, but it won’t be me
I should probably feel cheap but I just feel free… 681 more words


Every day I wake up with the same question: How broken do you really feel?

Sometimes questions follow me around – for a month or two the question lies there, my first and last thought, and at my most distracted moments, my only thought. 395 more words

Anti-depressants. Spiritual Awakenings.

In the past two weeks, since coming off Valdoxan, I have come to the conclusion that anti depressant medication is most definitely evil.

The most scary night of my life, the night I had what the GP said was ‘possibly just a bit of serotonin syndrome’ caused uncontrollable shaking, loss of breath, pools of sweat, and the CERTAINTY that if i didn’t hold on to it… control it… i was going to lose my mind, to go crazy. 878 more words

Fully Automatic Prozac - The Weapons of Delusion

What comes to mind when you hear or read the words Sandy Hook Elementary? What about Columbine High School? When you and your family go to watch a movie nowadays does the 2012 Aurora Colorado movie theater massacre come to mind? 3,421 more words


Mood Meter

I’m a little nervous to do one of these again but here goes. I stopped for a while when things were going okay for me, but I think it’s important to put my feelings down in words again. 230 more words


Is Depression Addicting?

Michael Stein writes: “Addicts frequently have multiple problems; it is rare to find an alcoholic or narcotic addict who doesn’t have anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, or another manner of self-harming behavior” (The Addict, William Morrow, 2009) When I look at my depression, I always see compulsive behavior or addiction associated with it.   556 more words


Finally Getting Help

I guess it’s easier to write about how things started to get better, or my turning point, rather than writing about how bad I felt (which is a complete other post)…. 1,261 more words