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Are You the Misfit Toy?

The Christmas Holiday can be a nightmare for many individuals, but for those who suffer from depression it’s a nightmare on crack. For those who suffer from depression and are single the holidays are basically an apocalyptic nightmare. 390 more words


Twenty Five

I feel lost. Like there is no direction to my existence. I wake up each day and I have nowhere to be. Nobody to meet. No work pending or errands to run. 111 more words

Dear doctor,

Thank you for seeing me so promptly yesterday and for the swift renewal of my Zoloft prescription.

Given that you are a locum and have no prior knowledge of my medical history, I was especially impressed by your grasp of reality. 128 more words


Day thirty-three

For a Black Dog Diary, there hasn’t been a lot written this past month about the old black dog. Although that wasn’t really the point of this exercise, was it? 1,584 more words

Black Dog Diary

The Medication Tango

I take medication daily to take care of my mood swings, depression, and anxiety. I’ve been on so many meds, I’ve lost count. At one point, I was taking at least 5 different medications a day. 785 more words

Mental Health

Adobe Acrobat, I'm Not Your BFF

Dear Adobe Acrobat,

I’m very sorry to tell you this, but I kind of wish you were dead. For years I have bottled up my feelings towards you, but tonight it ends. 171 more words


Stay Awhile and listen.

Well, for 7 years I thought all the ‘Exercise improves your mood!’, ‘Exercise is a natural anti-depressant!’ was a bunch of bahloney, nonsensical advertisement for you to sign up to fitness-first or some other trash franchise gym. 467 more words