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My Personal Recovery Plan - As Explained by My Dog

                I have mentioned that I am working on developing a new recovery plan, because for the past 6 months, I have essentially been in a deep, black hole of depression, and I WANT OUT! 586 more words

WORKout or FUNout?? (subtitle: Strong Mind, Strong Body; I'm back in the game)

Disregard yesterday’s LAZY post (unless it applies to you today).

THANK YOU fellow bloggers and exercise enthusiasts for your encouragement yesterday!! I made it to Yoga last night and Circuit Training this morning. 260 more words

Day 6 - Oops, Sidetracked

I messed up my anti-depressants last night. That is, I ran out of one without realizing it. So although early in the evening I was centered and focused on my task of believing the little girl, later on my attention shifted to what happens to my mind and body from missing even a single dose. 256 more words


Catch-22 & Laziness (subtitle: I think I see Chris?)

One of the most bewildering of concepts: The Catch-22

The last two months I’ve been working out hard and really feeling good. Last week travelling I felt great!! 144 more words