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Legal Weed Could Save Medicaid More Than $1 Billion

Medical marijuana legalization is causing patients to ditch their prescription pills for pot, a trend researchers say could save Medicaid more than $1 billion if legalization is implemented federally. 59 more words

Out with the washing....

Seven years ago, almost to the day, my life was turned upside down in the most spectacular way. I won’t go into the reasons why, except to say that I ended up living in my late mother’s old house, as a “legal” trespasser. 207 more words

Allen Brooks

I Know I Should be Writing My Truths

Say one thing, do another. Or, rather, don’t do anything.

Every few weeks or so, I announce to my writer/artist/coworkers, that I have started another exciting project. 572 more words


Is it them, is it me, is it both of us. Negative people

I may only be 26years old but in my life, I have already learned that negative people are all around us, be it at school, work or within a friendship group. 517 more words


Goodbye Muted World

Depression is something that’s been with me for all of my life. I’ve had ups and downs along the way. And this next step I am about to take is just another part of a very long journey. 144 more words


Run From The Sun 8 End Of Major Depression

The sun is bright

The sky is blue

I look over and see you

With the dark clouds

In the distance

Just a small thunder sound… 225 more words

So often a diagnosis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

From:    J
Date:    24 July 2002 12:58 AM
To:      S

Be wary Sis, this is a controversial illness.  Some people don’t really think it’s an illness in and of itself, more a label to slap on people who have more than one problem or who don’t slot in easily to another diagnosis. 624 more words

Letters From J