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The Sedated Society: the Real Story of our Prescribing Epidemic - Mad In America

Industry-backed diagnostic inflation and lax regulation of medicines are the drivers in an epidemic of antidepressant prescriptions.

Interesting, because there are a lot of people on YouTube, Tumblr, etc who claim to have depression. 42 more words

Pressed Due To Being Unable To Reblog

My Dear, Sweet Sleep-Deprivation

I’ve been struggling again for a while. They’ve switched my medication. Hoping this one works. Supposed to help my sleep too, but it isn’t really doing much. 269 more words

Losing myself.....and beginning the road to recovery

So since I last wrote I’ve been up, down, up, down and very down.  I felt like I had completely lost myself and there was no way back. 245 more words

21 – “I just want to live while I'm alive” – My Life – Bon Jovi

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of February already. It doesn’t seem very long ago at all that we were all caught up in the chaos of Christmas and I was wondering how I was going to keep the smile believable throughout it all. 909 more words

Mental Health

Responding to the Stigma Against Anti Depressants

In my pervious article, I described the breakdown I had during 2013, how anti depressant medication helped me on the road to recovery and helps me remain healthy to this day. 791 more words


My Worst Moments of Anxiety #1 Newport State of Mind (Part 1)


Part 1

Newport State of Mind

Newport, South Wales, UK 2011-2013

My worst moment of anxiety, unlike the previous four posts, did not take place on one day. 1,519 more words

Bye bye Citalopram

It’s been two weeks.

Two whole weeks anti-depressant (AD) free…

…and it happened entirely by accident.

How I said farewell to Citalopram

If you red this (sporadic) blog, then you’ll know that I’ve been concentrating on my health with significant focus. 340 more words