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Day Three - 'It's all in your head'

For a long time I thought that this would be the easy part, the time after starting anti-depressants. I’ve been on them for nearly a month now, and it’s not. 330 more words


Nightly Round-Up for May 28, 2015

I just don’t have it in me tonight. I’m sorry.

But, don’t worry, I don’t have anything else in me either (nothing bad, anyway).

Number of Days without pills = 35? 42 more words


When Hope Is Finally Realized: One Woman's Account of Surviving Sexual and Physical Abuse Through All Odds

Sometime’s we aren’t afraid to say what we’re feeling or how we are coping because we’ve realized that the events of life past has made us who we are.  2,394 more words

Why So Much Attention to the Weather

Why so much attention to the weather?  Why does it matter so much whether it rains or shines?  The news programs focus predominantly on the weather.   430 more words


Brain failure

My depression is playing up at the moment.  Having increased the dose of my previous medication to the point where I was falling asleep while putting the girls to bed and had no time or energy left to do even the most minimal of housework, my GP suggested I tried a different drug.  539 more words


Does A Mental Health Diagnosis Do Us Any Favors?

“She’s a member of the prozac club…”  Yeah, that’s a lawyer’s way of discrediting witnesses.

Guess what? You’ve just shrunk your jury pool to elementary school children and Scientologists because a large percentage of the population has been on in the past, or is currently on, a med like prozac. 1,151 more words



Afternoon. In the end I managed to get an appointment at the doctors this afternoon, after my sister used her well renowned persistence in securing an appointment despite today’s open surgery. 340 more words

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