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The medication combination that finally worked!

I wasn’t formally diagnosed with bipolar disorder until two years ago. This is a brief description of my journey between then and now trying different medications to stabilise my moods. 774 more words


the anti-depressant

hey friend–

so, today i visited the doc and got put on anti-depressants.

fun fun, right?

actually not really.

i feel like now that i’ve hit that low, i am now taking pills to make me better. 147 more words


Hansen Flies Across The Room

Imagine this, your family is having a party. Food needs to be prepared, music needs to be chosen and rooms need to be tidied. But you are a child whose musical taste borders on an obsession with Shania Twain and you’re attempts to tidy usually involve you finding the game of life and opening your own casino with the “roulette” wheel.  924 more words


The Fear

Fear has been with me for even longer than I can remember. My mother tells me that as a young child I used to complain about butterflies in my tummy so much that eventually I was checked over at the hospital. 558 more words


Laughter & Light

Let’s face it, life is full of stuff for our nervous systems to chew on. Not always fun.

Today, lets take a break from all of the things our heads are subject to figuring out—I need a good laugh and some light hearted thinking. 141 more words

Soothe Anxiety

Consume You

What have I told you?

What have I shown you?

I’m here through and through

And not even you have a clue

Love is a pain… 351 more words


A leap in the right direction - coming off antidepressants

Like many people diagnosed with a mental health disorder, such as depression and anxiety, I was encouraged to take antidepressants to ease my symptoms and keep me ‘stable’. 642 more words