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The First Step Is Admitting It

I have thought about sharing something like this for a while, but have never been able to get up enough courage. I have decided to now, as I hope that one day the stigma around mental health will be gone. 554 more words


Writing from Experience

I’m ¬†working on sending a submission to Horror Tree under the ¬†headline Ghosts on Drugs. A nasty bout of depression which stole my motivation, which meant I missed the deadline for my novel. 329 more words


Final Cycle - Day 6

So today we added in a second drug. Cetrotide – this stops ovulation. Ill be given a trigger or ‘hatching’ shot in Cyprus to signal my body to ovulate but we dont want it happening before egg collection. 74 more words

Adverse Drug Reactions Are #1 Cause of Illness, Disability & Death Says Physician Blaming Drug Ads

A one-year-old boy was prescribed antidepressants by the NHS in Scotland, as prescriptions for the drugs soared across the UK. (London Independent) The article said, In very young children, antidepressants can be prescribed for problems including bed-wetting and chronic pain. 722 more words

Current Events

More on not being depressed, this might get a little repetitive

So far this week I have gone to the Lab Rat Keeper, and bought a stamp and mailed a letter at the post office in one day, taken a 2 mile walk to buy cat food, fixed dinner (beans, rice, and vegetables) and had a conversation with Mrs. 419 more words

Daily Feed


I’ve thought for a long time about this post and if I should be honest with the world. Im not afraid of being honest, but there are times when honesty crosses the “too much information” line. 723 more words

My troublin' mind

A bit short on the words, or the right words, or words I can share, or shout out loud. Anti-depressant reduction plan isn’t happening…this level of dealing with my demons enough for now. 27 more words