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Skipped the Lithium and Got Out of Bed

I’m exhausted because I’ve actually been up doing something today, but that is better than becoming a frozen statue in bed, staring at the walls and wondering if rope or a belt or something else is the best material to create a noose that will hold. 88 more words


January 18th, 2017

If you’re astute you will notice that I missed updating the blog yesterday. I was paying for the desk creation and as such my arms were – well, still are – incredibly sore. 513 more words

Daily Log

Random Life Update (like you care)

Things are happening. Things have happened.

My boss announced yesterday that she may have found my replacement. So, my move to Portland may happen faster than I thought. 306 more words


Panicked Gray-A

Things have been both the same and very different since I last wrote an entry here.

Mental Health-wise:

I’ve been feeling neutral to almost-well the last couple weeks or so but about a month ago I hit a real low. 555 more words


Nuvigil Helps You to Stay Alert During Shift Hours

Not each person has a work program that bears a resemblance to the conventional nine-to-five day. In fact, millions of people work in evening, rotating, or on-call shifts. 567 more words


Trying to find normalcy

Normal isn’t a word that I have ever much related to. As a child I never felt this need to fit in that I know is hard for so many other children. 456 more words