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Now I know how drug users feel, how smokers feel, how alcoholics feel. All three suffer withdrawal symptoms of varying degrees of severity when they decrease their levels of ingestion. 109 more words

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Another side effect of being on anti depressants is having very lucid dreams, and quite scary ones. A few times of late my late father has cropped up in the dreams. 93 more words

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No it’s not Christmas Day yet. It’s the other meaning of cold turkey – withdrawing from medication, either for good or to change to another. … 262 more words

Ian Fullbrook

Citalopram, Day 1: I Make My Own Hell

The problem with having massive anxiety and being prescribed pills to treat it is something I hadn’t fully considered before yesterday. Yesterday I started taking anti-depressants for the first time to help me combat my wildly over-anxious & downtrodden brain. 777 more words

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Hello all. I’ve had a turbulent evening mentally and I don’t know how I managed to function. I’m actually scared out of my wits, and was on the verge of tears on several occasions. 237 more words

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Just to reiterate what the situation is with me regarding the medication changes, think it’s important to clear up any possible confusion.

The situation is that I’m carrying on with my Fluoxetine for the time being, 3 tablets (60 mg) a day. 77 more words

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Wrestling the Python

Photographer Richard Avedon in the 1980s took what became an iconic photo of the German actress and model, Nastassja Kinski, with a Burmese python.

Pythons are non-venomous, but lethal regardless. 344 more words

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