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SAY NO TO DRUGS 'My Anaemic Diary' - (Update)

For those of you who read my previous blog post ‘My Anaemic Diary’, I decided to see if I could get my iron levels back up through diet and nutrition and avoid using the prescription iron pills that were causing me to feel really sick. 119 more words


Acceptance of the facts :) 

I tried fighting back but I found myself weak.

So here I am , trying to live each and everyday like it was a month ago . 110 more words


Life - sucks 

I know you won’t look back and my life would be like what I had it to be since always .

I for the first time in life felt special for someone . 60 more words


I miss your existence 

For you ,

I was nothing more than someone who you had those strong feelings for , and by some toxic people you let me go . 60 more words


I miss you :( 

If you are a mess I understand ?

But just be my mess and holds onto it . :)


God please bring him back . 

So I texted called for 132 times and he unblocked me.

I love him people , I am acting crazy but I do .

I can’t let him go . 17 more words


I miss turnip. 😪😢😭

Fever 102.

Bad headache .

Turnip is gone .

Life has come to an end .

For first time in life I had believed in trusting someone , not hiding myself and sharing what I felt . 19 more words