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The Philippines is a false hope

I had known the Philippines all my life and I take pride of myself being part of this country no matter how much racism is splattered all over our identities because we were formerly… 611 more words

Fucking drugs

so you’re what, thirteen?
fifteen? seventeen?
and it’s cool to swear
well I don’t fucking care
you can fucking swear all day
because I’m here to fucking stay… 348 more words

anti drugs and uncle fags

Okay so I’m 21, I have a pretty big friendship group comprising of lots of different kinds of people and I’m at university. Drugs are a constant problem that plague me. 1,245 more words


Call talk take one 

I was nervous .

He wasn’t .

I still have my hands trembling .

He sounds The same way I had imagined =)

He sounds normal and his haha was making me more nervous though . 38 more words


The reason 

I failed to understand his reason . His lame reason of letting me go and never looking back at all the mayhem I am standing in . 133 more words


SAY NO TO DRUGS 'My Anaemic Diary' - (Update)

For those of you who read my previous blog post ‘My Anaemic Diary’, I decided to see if I could get my iron levels back up through diet and nutrition and avoid using the prescription iron pills that were causing me to feel really sick. 119 more words


Acceptance of the facts :) 

I tried fighting back but I found myself weak.

So here I am , trying to live each and everyday like it was a month ago . 110 more words