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Evolution in Sixty Posts - Part 18 - Creationism and anti-science

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Until Thomas Huxley met Soapy Sam Wilberforce at Oxford in 1860, science was tacitly considered a specialized and focused discipline of Christian theology (cf… 1,065 more words


Links: The Evolution of Politics (naturalistic fallacy abounds btw)

Cooperative politics = Left wing
Prehistory = the time we genocided a bunch of other intelligent primates and ate them.
Not a single mention of r/K or mating strategy. 512 more words


Science or "Science"?

Two weeks ago I met a Young Earth Creationist.

He seemed a nice enough fellow. A pilot. Obviously smart. We had a pleasant conversation about several Evolutionary Biology topics. 1,176 more words


Link: Come to the dark side


Anyone who says “Thou shalt not research this thing” should be booted out of all social circles.

Especially when it’s as vital to our metaphysical, ontological being as evolution. 121 more words