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For a world without leaders, elections, jobs, money, nukes or fascists: Radical Workers’ Bloc at Tolpuddle 2016.

It was a lovely sunny weekend, with a superb music line-up. We made some new comrades and enjoyed catching up with the Bognor contingent, Bristol Afed, Swindon A’s, North London, South Wales, West Midlands IWW and many musician friends. 798 more words


Quinta 21 e Sábado 30: Ciclo de Atividades contra a civilização! (Brasil)

Quinta 21 de Julho: 17h: Troca de ideia sobre anti-civilização e colonização, videos e material de difusão, bebidas e comidas.. Sábado 30 de julho: 15h: Combate á civilização! 17 more words


Feed the Revolution: An Interview with Rojava Plan — The Free

see also: Rojava Revolution Plan: Organising and Funding Projects and Volunteers Rojava Plan came to the attention of Plan C’s Rojava Solidarity Cluster earlier this year and as their Feed the Revolution fundraiser finished ( the raised 98K euros) we contacted them to discuss their reasons for being in Rojava, what plans they have been developing, […]

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Far-Right Symbols II – Electric Boogaloo — Brighton Anti-fascists

Considering how wildly popular our “Guide to Far Right Symbols” has proved, we decided the only proper thing to do is write another one, looking at some less common symbols, or ones used in other countries.

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July 10th: Day of Solidarity With Injured Antifa in Sacramento — NYC ANTIFA

On June 26th, over 500 anti-fascists ran Nazis the fuck out of Sacramento, preventing a rally and show of force at the state capitol by the Traditional Workers Party, the Golden State Skinheads and other assorted fascists (from Blood and Honor and Red Ice Creations).

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Message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch.

Dear All,

at a time of great domestic political upheaval it is easy to forget about the plight of the Palestinian people. However, the suffering and oppression of the Palestinian people continues unabated and we have to continue to respond to it. 666 more words