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By Chas Holloway

I’m watching the latest Antifa protest on YouTube.  The mob is mocking and pummeling a meek, conservative reporter.  It looks like great fun. 355 more words

This is who the defenders of ANTIFA are supporting

A month ago I was reported to Facebook by an individual who didn’t like my response  to the comments he made about an article in  912 more words

Social Justice Warrior And Political Correctness

New York Times reporter fact-checks milkshakes

In an extraordinary feat of journalism, New York Times reporter, Mike Baker, fact-checked the origins of each and every milkshake thrown at an anti-fascist rally held in Portland over the weekend.  282 more words

Mostly Bullshit

New York Times runs Antifa PR piece

In case anyone has been operating under the misconception that a journalist was violently assaulted by Antifa protesters in Portland on Saturday, the New York Times’ Mike Baker is here to set the record straight.  906 more words

Bullshit Explained

"Detailed new history" of anti-fascist heroes

Major new review of Defying Hitler in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, describing it as a “detailed new history of the people dedicated to stopping a fascist madman” which “sums it all up with an inventive weaving of key players and the steps they took to resist a monster.” 92 more words

The manifesto posted by the accused New Zealand mass murderer isn’t just a racist, Islamophobic screed. It also puts forward an anti-egalitarian critique of capitalism and a strategy of fascist revolution through destabilizing society.

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