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Cider with Shepard and Milne


Adding meaning to classic literature by defacing it, I’ve called this one “Piglet the gammon”…

The satire section of this blog is mainly concerned with throwing the right wing’s dogshit back over the garden fence.


Review: Cliterati - Ugly Truths/Beautiful Lies

We live in a world full of empty gestures. If you are into heavy music then you are surrounded by faux anger. Often, with screaming vocals being the norm it can be a struggle to find genuine emotion beyond the stereotypes. 285 more words


Report on Radical Workers' Bloc at Tolpuddle 2019

It pissed down Friday afternoon and Saturday morning then cleared up, Sunday was hot and we got our kit away dry. Les’ food was superb as ever. 387 more words


The saddest thing to me is that this is probably a controversial idea. But I would much rather be a part of the anti-fascist software community than the libertarian free market community if the latter absolves itself of its culpability in the spread of white supremacy.

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Antifa - LewRockwell


By Chas Holloway

I’m watching the latest Antifa protest on YouTube.  The mob is mocking and pummeling a meek, conservative reporter.  It looks like great fun. 355 more words

This is who the defenders of ANTIFA are supporting

A month ago I was reported to Facebook by an individual who didn’t like my response  to the comments he made about an article in  912 more words

Social Justice Warrior And Political Correctness