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The Internet and the Age of Indignation

In the 1930s, in reaction to the seemingly indiscriminate printing and broadcasting of everyone’s innermost thoughts, Robert Benchley observed 722 more words

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Groups want hunting season suspended for rare wolves

From JuneauEmpire on July 23, 2015 by Dan Joling


ANCHORAGE — Six conservation organizations want to stop hunting and trapping of a rare southeast Alaska wolf while the federal government decides whether the animals merit endangered species status. 338 more words


'Extradite!' Crowd growing outside office of dentist who killed #CecilTheLion [photos, Vine]

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who shot Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe has been the focus of plenty of outrage:

A protest outside his dental office is now under way: 278 more words

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes that's not enough.

One of the things I frequently discuss with other hunters is the importance of public perceptions of hunting. I would imagine that most non-hunters never personally witness or participate in a hunt, meaning that their perception of hunting is developed through their perception of hunters. 1,310 more words

Thought Provoking Quote: Animals Give Me More Pleasure Through the Viewfinder of a Camera...

Thought provoking Quote: Animals give me more pleasure through the viewfinder of a camera…
Jimmy Stewart American actor (1908-1997)

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Want to help bring an end to the barbarity of hunting and other cruel “sports”? 712 more words

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SCI Working to Reverse Airline Trophy Bans

SCI is working to reverse the ill-advised announcements from a fluid list of airlines that have suddenly declared a ban on the transportation of all hunting trophies as 313 more words

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I Am A Trophy Hunter!

Recently, I began to thinking about the term “Trophy Hunter”. In the hunting and outdoor world, it almost comes with a negative annotation. The reason for this is because people think of two things Anti-Hunters, and pen facility hunting. 674 more words

The Normal Life Of A Hunter