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from HumaneWatch: HSUS 'Lost Footing' in CPAC



Last week we questioned why the radical Humane Society of the United States would be permitted to exhibit at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). 328 more words

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Two: Fox

Fantastique Monsieur Reynard, Vive Madame Vixen, here we are honoured and glad to catch glimpses of such graceful garden visitors, day or night, a flash of elegant red on green, a fleet-footed rush of rust-coloured fur dashing past, and, thank God, no hounding here. 45 more words


No More Words

Open letter, statement to the following: CEO and Co-founder of Yousign,

We are aware of your statement and only have a few things to say to you. 354 more words


Dallas Safari Club Auctions Hunts

The Dallas Safari Club is one of the most known hunting clubs in Texas. During this years auction to kill African elephants a protest took place outside of the hotel the DSC was holding said auction. 390 more words


The Goose Girl (1977)

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Publication: 20/8/77-5/11/77

Artist: Keith Robson

Writer: Alison Christie (now Fitt)


Ever since she can remember, Glenda Noble and her mother have been fighting over birds. 1,591 more words


Give all the bears a gun.

Give all the bears a gun, still they wouldn’t shoot
‘why shoot those little things, with their glass-eyes and boots?’ they’d say
theirs is the true hunt, for food THEN for fun, 140 more words


The #SteelTrapChallenge

After the Ice Bucket Challenge, what can top it?  How about the Steel Trap Challenge?  Bear with me.

The past month, I have bitched up a storm about the Ice Bucket Challenge.  1,566 more words

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