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SCI Working to Reverse Airline Trophy Bans

SCI is working to reverse the ill-advised announcements from a fluid list of airlines that have suddenly declared a ban on the transportation of all hunting trophies as 313 more words

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I Am A Trophy Hunter!

Recently, I began to thinking about the term “Trophy Hunter”. In the hunting and outdoor world, it almost comes with a negative annotation. The reason for this is because people think of two things Anti-Hunters, and pen facility hunting. 674 more words

The Normal Life Of A Hunter

Extremely Close Turkey Kill Shots

If these turkey shots do not get your heart pumping I do not know what will. Some of these are so close they could reach out and kill them with their bare hands. 47 more words

The Normal Life Of A Hunter

The Death of the Outdoorsman

I have grown up in a small town my whole life, first living on the east side of Michigan, then moving to the west side never leaving a small community. 430 more words

The Normal Life Of A Hunter

Trophy Hunting - I Kill Because I Care

I love how these trophy hunters claim they’re helping the locals by killing these animals. Let me translate what they really mean:

“If we don’t feed these dark savages, how will they ever eat?

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Discover Card Drops HSUS

HumaneWatch.org is a watchdog group that specifically focuses on the deceptive practices of Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). It educates potential HSUS supporters of facts such as HSUS is not your local animal shelter, spends less than 1% of donations on local pet shelters, and has paid more than $15 million to settle a federal RICO lawsuit alleging bribery and fraud. 161 more words

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10 Stupid Things Antis Do To Stop Hunting

Join SCI Today and help in the fight to protect our Hunting Heritage!

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