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Kristina Gore Trevail

Kristina, please read your comment. As far as I am concerned you can not sue me for libel or harassment. You clearly stated that you will contact Kristina, the other one. 83 more words

Threats....Threats and more threats

stop kiddyporning around and posting underage info you pedobear.
We have your info on file.

Lang Straat 2b Warrenton

Oh you do!

296 more words

Why I Hunt: A Rebuttal

By: Adam Parr

So here I am, sitting at the library on a rainy Saturday afternoon pondering the question I ask myself on a weekly basis: “Why do I hunt?” There are many reasons as to why hunting has become an integral part of my life but I opted to do a quick Google search to see why others also partake in the lifestyle I love. 2,255 more words

Whitetail Deer

Duck, Duck, PUKE!

For the past three years the West Reading Tavern, located in West Reading PA, has hosted it’s annual Duck, Duck, Beer! event. “Come end duck season with a bang!” the Tavern exclaims. 1,697 more words


What's more scary a world with bears or without them?

With news that Florida is holding a bear hunt to kill over 300 bears I find myself again not blogging about cars today but on animal welfare. 336 more words

When wild animals and humans meet....

With all the bad press that comes out these days regarding humans coming into contact with ‘dangerous’ wild animals I thought I would right a few words. 277 more words


The death of a hunter...

I read a news story today in which an illegal trophy hunter was mauled to death by two lions.

This story left a feeling of not sorrow for him and his family but pure happiness at the thought of this hunter being killed. 241 more words