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Can We Get to the Last Act Already?

 Alt-Hate World Views of King Donald’s Cromwell

The last act where the brain-addled (adderalled?) King Donald finally turns on Bannon and hangs his sorry ass for treason and general irritation? 723 more words


Jared Kushner Stays Silent, His Grandmother Didn't

While Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner stays silent, his grandmother spoke out about being banned from the US.

An interview with the late grandmother of Donald Trump’s son-in-law and close aide Jared Kushner has re-emerged in which she describes her anguish over America’s refusal to accept Jews fleeing the Holocaust.

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Today in Trump's America was the worst day yet

Slate, JAN. 25 2017


You’re not wrong; today was the worst day yet. On Wednesday, the president of the United States made historic moves to recast the country as an angry, insular nation, one that recoils from the world around it and casts suspicion on those within and without.

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Nick Turse | It Did Happen Here. Rebirth of a Nation?

Given his penchant for running businesses into the ground and for economic proposals expected to rack up trillions of dollars in debt, it’s possible that, in the end, Trump will inadvertently cripple the U.S. 2,291 more words


Waking Up To A Donald Trump Presidency

It’s a week now since the shock of the presidential elections result last Tuesday. I’ve been deeply depressed about Donald Trump becoming President, but I still congratulate those who are Trump supporters for being involved in this political process. 1,217 more words