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Italy's First Black Senator Says His Far-Right Party Isn't Anti-Immigrant Despite Receipts

Italy elected a Black man as its senator this week, but even more attention-grabbing is that Toni Iwobi, a Nigerian immigrant, is a member of a right-wing party known for anti-immigration rhetoric. 498 more words


Building a Wall: Germany and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

Wir schaffen das. We can do it. So said Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding the decision to allow over a million asylum-seekers into Germany. However, the last German election in September 2017 saw the collapse of her governing coalition, and the rise of the far-right, anti-immigrant AfD (Alternative for Germany). 743 more words

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The real cost of Trump's anti-migrant America

It takes only two things to keep people in chains:

The ignorance of the oppressed
and the treachery of their leaders.


Donald Trump wants you to fear all but white, Christian, straight men, who were born in the U.S. 2,425 more words

How to build an anti-migrant consensus: the case of Hungary

Zsuzsanna Szabo traces the murky relationship between Hungary’s political and media establishments

Hungary is in the very heart of Europe but it is not an easy destination for refugees and undocumented immigrants since a… 1,274 more words


My Arrest as an Anti-Fascist Protester in Orange County, Calif.

Southern Californians Counter-Protest against the so-called “Alt-Right”

My name is Samuel “Shmuel” Gonzales, I am an activist historian and community organizer from Southern California; many of you might know me as the author of the… 3,071 more words