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"You've Got A Friend": Italy’s Most Racist Politician Comes To Philly To Help Donald Trump

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s most openly racist politician and leader of the far-right Northern League party, loves Donald Trump. And The Donald apparently loves him back. 479 more words


Helmuth Nyborg: White Europeans Have Higher IQs Than Arabs or Africans

On an April 17, 2016 broadcast of Freedomain Radio, Stefan Molyneux interviewed Danish psychologist Helmuth Nyborg about the relationship between race, sex, and intelligence — a favorite subject of Molyneux’s. 480 more words


Brussels: Nazi Salutes and Lawless Protests Replace Gieving for Those Lost in Terror Attacks -- Place de la Bourse goes from prayerful to violent


PUBLISHED: 08:44 EST, 27 March 2016 | UPDATED: 12:22 EST, 27 March 2016

The Daily Mail

Riot police have descended on the centre of Brussels today after hundreds of far-right protesters hijacked a peace march in the Belgian capital. 1,637 more words

"The Tragedy Of Marco Rubio — And The Republican Party": The Entire Story Of This Period In The History Of The GOP

Marco Rubio’s campaign for president isn’t dead yet, but it’s awfully close. In last night’s primaries he didn’t just do poorly — coming in a distant third place in Idaho and Hawaii, and an even worse fourth place in Michigan and Mississippi — he also failed to win a single delegate in any of the four states. 1,068 more words


Get The Sackcloth

Every now and then I come up against a week that just blows me away.  This week it wasn’t work or anything to do with work that knocked my socks off.  1,283 more words


"Latino Voters Not Loving Cruz, Rubio": These Two Have Taken To Casting Other Latino Immigrants As The Outsiders

It’s striking that in a presidential season with two viable Latino contenders, discussion of Hispanic voters has been negligible.

This will change as the primaries move to states with larger Latino populations, Nevada being first up. 742 more words

Ted Cruz