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Headlines -- 2/13/16

An Ohio police officer mocks the suicide of a Black Lives Matter activist, rocker Ted Nugent doubles down after sharing an anti-Semitic photo, a neo-Nazi group promotes ‘white jihad’ and more. 95 more words


"In Search Of A David To Take On Goliath": Will The Republican Establishment Rally To John Kasich?

As expected, Donald Trump cruised to a crushing victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday night. (Who would have believed last June when Trump entered the race that we’d be yawning at his winning New Hampshire?) Trump blew away his competitors, securing well above 30 percent of the vote – more than double that of the first runner-up. 929 more words


Dresden tolerance rally goes ahead as PEGIDA marches take place across Europe

Around 2,000 people turned out to call for tolerance in Dresden, as up to 8,000 far-right PEGIDA supporters took to the streets. Meanwhile, several anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim groups have staged demos across Europe. 848 more words


Roosh Valizadeh: Multiculturalism is a Government Plot to Displace 'Native-Born' Americans

Pickup artist and pro-rape blogger Roosh V was recently in the news for his plan to host an international meetup for his followers in 43 countries. 562 more words


RamZPaul Explains the Alternative Right on Return of Kings

In a January 5th, 2016 article for Return of Kings, white nationalist vlogger Paul Ray Ramsey (better known as RamZPaul) defined the Alternative Right. Ramsey explained that, as a child, he was brought up in a fundamentalist Christian household. 782 more words


Christopher Cantwell Loves Donald Trump; Says We Will be 'Overrun' by a 'Civilization That Does Not Value Reason'

On January 4th, 2016, Christopher Cantwell appeared on an episode of Red Ice Radio — a podcast run by Swedish conspiracy theorist Henrik Palmgren. Palmgren began his program by stating his willingness to ally himself with anyone in his fight against the “PC, liberal, degenerative, Marxist culture,” whether that person is a “neo-reactionary, anti-communist, Alt-Right, or 14/88, or a truth seeker.” Not surprising, given that Palmgren has seen guests the likes of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke and Eric Hunt — a… 303 more words


"Let’s Not Ever Do That Again": SC Gov. Nikki Haley; The U.S. Has 'Never' Passed Laws Based On Race And Religion — Um…

Gov. Nikki Haley’s (R-SC) decision to speak out against Donald Trump and other anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim forces in the Republican Party is certainly laudable — but her awareness of American history needs a little work. 285 more words