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How to build an anti-migrant consensus: the case of Hungary

Zsuzsanna Szabo traces the murky relationship between Hungary’s political and media establishments

Hungary is in the very heart of Europe but it is not an easy destination for refugees and undocumented immigrants since a… 1,274 more words


My Arrest as an Anti-Fascist Protester in Orange County, Calif.

Southern Californians Counter-Protest against the so-called “Alt-Right”

My name is Samuel “Shmuel” Gonzales, I am an activist historian and community organizer from Southern California; many of you might know me as the author of the… 3,071 more words


The Bad Guys: Julie Kirchner - not Fair

In 2007 Julie Kirchner became the, Executive Director of the         poorly named “FAIR”

Agenda: During her tenure, FAIR launched an initiative to end the                             14th Amendment’s Birthright Citizenship Provision,                                                       183 more words

Racist Norway anti-immigrant group mistakes bus seats for Muslim women in burkas

An anti-immigration group in Norway mistook a picture of empty bus seats for a group of women wearing burkas in an online post fuelling Islamophobic hate. 275 more words


Fa v. Antifa?

Syracuse Pro-Trump Anti-Immigrant  Rally joined by the NY Militia and opposed by Antifa protestors and Syracuse University students. 13 more words

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