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Cruz: 'It's offensive' that 'amnesty' opponents are labeled anti-immigrant

By Jonathan Swan – 11/10/15

URL of the original posting site: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/259775-cruz-its-offensive-people-who-are-anti-amnesty-are-labeled-anti-immigrant

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says he finds it “offensive” that people call him anti-immigrant for being a foe of “amnesty.” 317 more words


Black Woman Smashed in Face WIth Beer Mug for Speaking Swahili

Another sickening attack on a woman, sitting with her 4 children in an Applebee’s in Wisconsin… Another Trump supporter undoubtedly was the perpetrator of this violent attack for no reason. 403 more words


Defining who is a United States Citizen

Many, including people from Mexico, South America, and Asia immigrate to the United States for economic reasons (Germano, 2010), the deleterious remains of unscrupulous companies in the wake of NAFTA’s promise of cheap labor and lack of restrictions (Bigelow, 2006 p 97); forces that have been highly publicized, such as gangs; and drug production in Mexico and other South American countries (Greenblatt, 2014). 1,591 more words


Center for Immigration Studies Associating With Open White Nationalists

Is it a surprise that the Center for Immigration Studies, an openly anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant group, is associating with the fringe of the white nationalist movement? 444 more words


Violence on Violence: Looking Back at the British Antifa and Red Action [VIDEO]

Drawing a little from the history of Anti-Fascist Action and Anti-Racist Action, we bring back this classic reporting about the confrontations happening on U.K. streets.  The news reports goes into the work of Antifa and Red Action in England and their use of “physical resistance” and militant anti-fascism to prevent the street attacks that are happening from racist skinheads.  74 more words


Anti-immigrant discourse is 'un-American': Obama

DES MOINES: President Barack Obama called anti-immigrant sentiment in Republicans’ presidential campaign discourse “un-American” on Monday, appearing without naming names, to be condemning the incendiary rhetoric of frontrunner Donald Trump. 380 more words