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Racist Norway anti-immigrant group mistakes bus seats for Muslim women in burkas

An anti-immigration group in Norway mistook a picture of empty bus seats for a group of women wearing burkas in an online post fuelling Islamophobic hate. 275 more words


Fa v. Antifa?

Syracuse Pro-Trump Anti-Immigrant  Rally joined by the NY Militia and opposed by Antifa protestors and Syracuse University students. 13 more words

Street Photography

Migration and Capitalism, in the Age of Trump

by Mostafa Henaway / Alternatives International – Views and Analysis

“We are people! We are not illegal!”— Kiwi Ilafonte

This past May 1st, across the United States and here in Quebec, the spirit of May Day was alive and well. 3,381 more words


Stand Against Islamophobia: A Report Back from Lansing Class with "Sharia Law" March

About thirty Islamophobes convened in Lansing, MI to protest “Sharia Law” in a multi-city action organized by ACT for America on Saturday, June 10th. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, ACT for America is the largest anti-Muslim hate group in the country and just like many other cities, a massive counter-protest was organized by several different anti-fascist and anti-racist groups to stand up to their hate. 1,261 more words


Letter to the Patriot Militias: The Alt Right Murders Veterans

By Portland Antifascists

The alt-right is closer to power than ever, yet they have never been further from reality. The media portrays them as everywhere at once—from the beleaguered White House to your neighborhood street corner, wheat pasting fascist literature about “European identity.” Yet for all their online presence and in-real-life media attention, their assortment of “Kekistan Flags” and “ 1,589 more words

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Milo is Coming Back to Berkeley, and He Plans on Occupying It

You might have thought that a full scale uprising and millions in damage, a canceled book contract, being exiled from Breitbart, and losing all political cache he had would be enough to shove… 599 more words