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Violence on Violence: Looking Back at the British Antifa and Red Action [VIDEO]

Drawing a little from the history of Anti-Fascist Action and Anti-Racist Action, we bring back this classic reporting about the confrontations happening on U.K. streets.  The news reports goes into the work of Antifa and Red Action in England and their use of “physical resistance” and militant anti-fascism to prevent the street attacks that are happening from racist skinheads.  74 more words


Anti-immigrant discourse is 'un-American': Obama

DES MOINES: President Barack Obama called anti-immigrant sentiment in Republicans’ presidential campaign discourse “un-American” on Monday, appearing without naming names, to be condemning the incendiary rhetoric of frontrunner Donald Trump. 380 more words


When The Boat Is Full...

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The reporter who tweeted it out gets responses like “Why did you tweet this, there are more important things going on.” Yes. There are more important things going on than a privileged, safe woman… 486 more words


Grief and shame

Grief is moving closer. It doesn’t leave my thoughts now, not for a single day. Grief, and shame, and disgust.


For the great temple of Palmyra, once magnificent in its ruins. 885 more words


LOS ANGELES, California  (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has some harsh words for actor Matt Damon.

On Wednesday,  Damon described Trump’s speech on immigrants as “xenophobic,” “disgusting” and “dehumanizing” in an exclusive interview with EFE, the Spanish International News Agency. 105 more words


"An Anti-Immigrant Police-State": The GOP's Crazy Birthright Citizenship Debate Could Have Real Consequences

A droll Politico headline earlier this week nicely summed up the state of bemusement and incomprehension surrounding the Republican Party’s revived fixation with ending birthright citizenship. 905 more words

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