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The 2016 Republican Platform

  1. Rid the country of all immigrants.
  2. Bomb Iran.
  3. Void all limits on gun ownership.
  4. Ban all abortions and health services for women.
  5. Limit voting to those they deem fit to vote.
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Better Government

Immigration Stories: The more things change, the more they stay the same

I recently had a chance to read a book that I’ve been wanting to dive into for years. Immigration Stories, edited by David A. Martin and Peter H. 1,536 more words

United States

Of Donald Trump's Rabidly Stupid Remarks And His Pig-headed Determination To Stand By Them

Let me just begin by prefacing thus: there are a LOT of reasons to attack John McCain.  For simple starters he’s a RHINO – which for politically illiterate is an acronym meaning “Republican In Name Only” – who has made a career out of splitting the difference by betraying conservatives.  4,241 more words


Charles Blow: Trump Builds One Brand and Damages Another

New York Times — Donald Trump is exactly what the Republican Party deserves.

The Republican Party has nurtured anti-immigrant, xenophobic nastiness for years, but it has tried to do so, at least at the national level, in language that disguised it as a simple issue of law and order. 83 more words


An historic note on refugees

Every day, new tidings arrive from Russia about the slaughter of Jews. Russian Jews flee towards Galicia, and they might be upon the Hungarian border in a day or two.

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