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Inshallah Is Good for Everyone

A COLLEGE student was recently escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight after a fellow passenger said she heard him making comments in Arabic that were “potentially threatening.” 225 more words

‘You’re An Idiot’: Anti-Muslim Provocateur’s Interview With Shock Jock Backfires - New Matilda

It started out looking like a cakewalk but, surprisingly quickly, Nick Folkes found himself under the pump. 3AW radio host Neil Mitchell isn’t exactly known for his sympathy to progressive causes, or those who call-out racism in contemporary Australia, but even he couldn’t find any love for far-right aspiring politician and Cronulla Riots apologist NickMore… 15 more words


Ustadz Alfian Tanjung: Densus 88 itu Detasemen Yesus 88

Dalam pendidikan Densus 88 diajarkan bahwa teroris itu seseorang yang memiliki aktivitas keislamanan.

“Pendidikan Densus 88 diajarkan bahwa Islam sebagai ancaman dan melakukan teror. Maka setiap anggota Densus 88 sudah terpatri dipikiran bahwa Islam itu buruk,” kata pimpinan Taruna Muslim, Ustadz Alfian Tanjung seperti dilansir… 144 more words

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OpIslam by Anonymous...


Well first of all, this operation does not aim at “converting everyone to islam”, not at all.

Islam is a religion misunderstood by many, verses form the quran are misinterpreted, lies about our Prophet Mohammad are spread, all of of this is use to create hate and animosity toward Muslim community. 239 more words

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