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What Follows Anti-Communism?

Of the many stimulating ideas in Tony Judt’s essays, posthumously published under the title When The Facts Change, one is particularly noteworthy.

Until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, we were obsessed by anti-communism. 140 more words

Anti - Islam film ban lifted from Google and youtube .

An appeals court in San Francisco has ruled that a US-produced film called Innocence of Muslims, which sparked global riots after its release in 2012, should not be banned from YouTube. 292 more words

International News

European Football and the Organized Right

The video above is random clip of German football fans (Hannover 96) at a recent match against Bremen. But they could be any fans of any football team in any European country. 195 more words

European Nationalism

"Pamela Geller Is No Rosa Parks": Trying To Cash In On The Moral Authority Of The Movement While Scrapping Its Moral Foundations

After armed gunmen attacked a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, last week, event organizer Pamela Geller went on Fox News to explain the moral righteousness of her cause. 468 more words


Knowing the Times

Obama Calls on Israel to End “Occupation” and Commit to Peace.

US President Barack Obama called on the new Israeli government to show “a genuine commitment to a two-state solution” and resolve what he called the humanitarian crisis in Gaza following last summer’s war. 768 more words


"Pamela Geller Is Not A Hero, But....": Americans Must Stand Up To Those Who Intend To Inflame Rather Than Inform

I am grateful to live in a country where even someone as hateful as Pamela Geller can speak her mind. She can smear President Obama as the “ 465 more words


Mordechai Kedar Joined Geller and Spencer At Pro-Israel, Anti-Muslim Rally

If you had any doubts of the type of cretins we are dealing with look who flew-in just for the anti-Muslim, pro-Israel massacre on Gaza rally.
213 more words
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