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Man shoves Muslim New York City transit worker on stairs, shouting ‘You’re a terrorist’ - The Washington Post

From the creepy racists being creepy files:

The man had followed her off the 7 train into Grand Central Terminal in New York City at about 6:20 a.m.

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Brooklyn man charged for allegedly threatening Muslim off-duty officer and her son

Hate crimes laws sure are coming in handy. The fellow responsible for allegedly attacking both an off-duty Muslim police officer and her son has been charged with a hate crime and aggravated harassment. 109 more words

New York Times starts a "This Week in Hate"column

We can tell you that they will have a difficult time choosing among the many options to feature on a weekly basis.

Currently they have two articles, one for the week of… 129 more words

Dear New York Times: A death threat is not the same as name-calling

In an article in the New York Times, Anemona Hartocollis details the emotional aftermath of the presidential election as it played out on college campuses. Those who won, it seems, have suddenly come to understand the need for “safe spaces” and are resentful of administrations, fellow students, and academics who don’t seem to hold sufficient space for their feelings of elation at winning. 652 more words

General Flynn responds to Russia accusation with anti-Semitic tweet - US Elections - Jerusalem Post

Filed under “shocking not shocking,” Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser, was busted in July 2016 being anti-Semitic on Twitter. According to the Jerusalem Post: 254 more words

Dutch MPs approve burka ban in most public spaces

In what they’re calling a growing push for security, Dutch MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of imposing a ban on burkas worn in a number of public spaces, including hospitals, schools, government buildings and on public transportation. 423 more words


Parlemen Belanda Loloskan RUU Larangan Pemakaian Cadar

BELANDA, FOKUSJabar.com : Parlemen Belanda meloloskan rancangan undang undang (RUU) yang akan melarang pemakaian cadar di sejumlah ruang publik di Belanda.
Melansir CNN, Rabu (30/11/2016), RUU tersebut lolos melalui pemungutan suara di majelis rendah Belanda, tetapi tidak dapat disahkan tanpa…