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NY Rep. Peter King wants federal Muslim surveillance program

It didn’t work in New York and was probably unconstitutional, but that doesn’t stop NY Rep. Peter King (R) from want to see it go national. 120 more words

Facebook is Against Muslims

Guys, this is what happens with Muslims on Facebook. My Prophet PBUH is insulted non-stop, but when I tell people to stop insulting Islam then I get blocked for a month. 96 more words

Monica Crowley, another of Trump's national security choices, fits right in with the rest

Monica Crowley’s tweeted a picture of herself in front of the Berlin Wall, saying “Walls work.” Perhaps despite having lived through most of the Cold War and certainly having been fully grown when that wall came down, she somehow didn’t understand its function or history. 109 more words

SPLC reports more than 1000 hate crimes since election, with dropoff after first week

Reports of hate crimes to the Southern Poverty Law Center surged in the days after the election but have tapered off somewhat since then. Nevertheless, they have topped 1000 and the nature of them remains repulsive and deeply disturbing. 132 more words

Worshiper near Southern California mosque stabbed in what police are calling a hate crime

According to the LA Times, which is having some struggles of its own, a man stabbed the worshiper following a verbal altercation “near a prayer area” by a mosque in Simi Valley. 90 more words

Man shoves Muslim New York City transit worker on stairs, shouting ‘You’re a terrorist’ - The Washington Post

From the creepy racists being creepy files:

The man had followed her off the 7 train into Grand Central Terminal in New York City at about 6:20 a.m.

71 more words

Brooklyn man charged for allegedly threatening Muslim off-duty officer and her son

Hate crimes laws sure are coming in handy. The fellow responsible for allegedly attacking both an off-duty Muslim police officer and her son has been charged with a hate crime and aggravated harassment. 109 more words