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Reclaim Australia

This post recently came up on my Facebook news feed. My equilibrium is deeply unsettled for the following reasons:

  1. That a campaign such as Reclaim Australia exists in the first place.
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Franklin Graham - Not A Chip Off the Old Block

When I was a teenager, the name Billy Graham was a household word and a respected name. My family would watch the Billy Graham Crusades on television whenever they were broadcast. 2,492 more words

Progressive Christianity

I Am An Islamophobe

By George Garbow

I am an Islamophobe, I’m proud to be an Islamophobe and you should be proud to.

You should be proud of the fact that you criticise a religion that in it’s most important and fundamental texts the Quran and the Hadith’s tells it’s followers to not take non-muslims as friends, to lie to and deceive non-muslims in order to advance the spread of Islam and that there will never be any peace in the world until every single person on this planet either by persuasion or violent force becomes a Muslim. 1,924 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Kurdish Muslims abandoning Islam for ancient Zoroastrianism - Ala Latif

“Committing to Zoroastrianism would mean abandoning Islam. But even those who want to take on the Zoroastrian “belt” are staying well away from denigrating any other belief system. 954 more words

Psychological Warfare