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Anti-Muslim extremists: how far will they go? - Background Briefing - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

In Australia there’s been a surge in support for right-wing extremist groups like the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia. Christine El-Khoury asks how far their hate will go. 16 more words


Anti-Muslim Is Anti-American

by Charles M. Blow 

There seems to be no bottom to the cesspool of Islamophobic rhetoric coming from Republican candidates.

The tone of anti-Muslim musings post-Paris attack has become so poisonous that it cannot portend anything positive. 300 more words

Polish Firearms Enthusiasts Oppose Brussels

Just as one would expect, the European Union is using the Paris (and other) terrorist attacks as an excuse to seek to disarm law-abiding Europeans. 47 more words

Defeating Islamic Terrorism

Islamic terrorism is not ‘contained’ , it is spreading and intensifying. Recent events are verifying the truth of this, so why do Americans have such a hard time understanding this? 503 more words


Being Muslim on Campus

In this Friday, Oct. 7, 2011 photo, people walk on the campus of Brooklyn College in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Investigators have been infiltrating Muslim student groups at Brooklyn College and other schools in the city, monitoring their Internet activity and placing undercover agents in their ranks, police documents obtained by The Associated Press show. 308 more words

Anti Islam Sentiment Expressed In Racist Cartoon?

I have to say that I don’t fully get this but I’m trying to.

There’s a cartoon that was published by the Daily Mail, which depicts rats as Muslims, among Muslim refugees. 240 more words


Islam Is Lame T-shirt

Enjoy this t-shirt, which reads:

There’s a place for a space, and when you add an “E” you can see, that Islam Is Lame.