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War is upon us!

 Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of war but, that these would just be the beginning of the birth pangs that would mark the end of the age. 393 more words

Standing For Truth

'Swamped by Muslims': Australian MPs walk out as far right leader delivers anti-Islamic speech

Pauline Hanson, founder of Australia’s far right One Nation party, has used her first speech in federal parliament in almost two decades on Wednesday to denounce Chinese ownership of local assets and warn that the country is in danger of “being swamped by Muslims”. 604 more words


The Donald's motor-mouth lands him in trouble again

Donald Trump’s offensive anti-Islam remarks, aimed at the mother of the Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq, were beyond the pale.

The serious doubts many Republican voters had about Donald Trump’s suitability to be the president of the United States of America, that have lately begun to abate, must now be back with a vengeance. 129 more words

Donald Trump

Remember from where you have fallen

We are often called a nation of immigrants, because our people have come from so many nations of the world but, we have forgotten a very important truth about our founding. 576 more words


The changing soul of Germany

Excerpt from “Refugee crisis shows the changing soul of Germany.” REUTERS, Sep. 13, 2015.

“Generosity is a matter of prosperity, which France, Italy or Spain don’t have,” said Josef Joffe, publisher-editor of German weekly Die Zeit. 147 more words


Australia rejects Bernard GayNor's Liberty Alliance Anti-Islam Party

Senator wannabe, Bernard GayNor and his Australian Liberty Alliance Anti Islam Party, barely made a dent in the race to obtain a Senate seat in the 2016 Australian Federal Election.. 55 more words


UK Vows Action After Racist Attacks on Poles and Muslims in Wake of Brexit


June 27, 2016

LONDON — Polish and Muslim leaders in Britain expressed concern on Monday after a spate of racially motivated hate crimes following last week’s vote to leave the European Union in which immigration was widely regarded as a key factor in the outcome. 622 more words