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GOP lawmaker: There’s a ‘distinction’ between gays and human beings

As of this date and this article, I am going to track how long it takes between the time I was first made aware of a particular GOP politician’s hate-filled words and the time he’s outed. 44 more words


Russian newspaper columnist just discovered gay people

She really just needs to crawl back under the rock she’s existed under for her whole life. Maybe Russia should shut itself off from the world like its friends in North Korea. 50 more words


Supreme Court turns down 'religious freedom' case challenging conversion therapy bans


States can continue to ban transition regiman, the U.S. United states supreme court signaled Monday, after refusing a Christian minister’s contingency against a California law that vetoes the practice. 228 more words

Someone chained a cross to Gay Street

I hate to point out the obvious, but I’m going to anyway: bolt cutters will get you around any lock. Superglue or no superglue. I have no problem with what the residents chose to do with the cross, but if the person who left it there is determined to take it back and cleanse it, bolt cutters will do the trick. 118 more words

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TX to Hire Random Contractors to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses by Phone

Maybe I should sign up to do this. They do stipulate that the “random contractor” doesn’t have to live in the county. They don’t stipulate that the contractor has to live in Texas. 93 more words


James Dobson thinks ‘bisexual’ means ‘orgies’

It’s truly amazing how Christians speak with so-called authority on the matter of LGBT people and yet he’s got no fucking clue what anything really means. 107 more words

Idiot of the Week - Jason Rapert

There is certainly no shortage of idiots out there … so many idiots, so little time … sigh.  I have not been as faithful as I would like in awarding my esteemed Idiot of the Week award, but my fingers have been kept hopping with Trump, Trump, and more Trump.  1,127 more words

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