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California acts against poll measure to execute gays

I guess Christians are no longer commanded to love one another. What joyous people these are!

Los Angeles (AFP) – California announced legal action to suppress a “reprehensible” ballot initiative to outlaw homosexuality — on pain of execution — in the famously liberal US state.

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Idaho Lawmakers Call On Congress To Impeach Judges For Marriage Equality Rulings

I’m sorry to anyone who might come across this blog and wonder about the owner, but I’m starting to feel worth less and less. I feel my value as a productive member of society being denigrated daily by people who hate so much. 118 more words


Desperate Times Call for Desperate Action

Politics is the only career in the whole entire country where experience and longevity is a bad thing. All of these latest idiotic things coming from the party of the elephant are all from the brilliant minds of the newbs. 87 more words


Oklahoma: F*ck You Gays - Noone Can Get Married!

Oklahoma hates LGBTs so much, it is willing to screw over straight couples in the process:

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday that would stop the state from issuing marriage licenses altogether rather than allow same-gender couples to obtain them, Tulsa World reports:

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Archbishops Correct Irish Bishop's Insensitive Remarks About Lesbian & Gay People

The two leading bishops of Ireland have refused to support the recent statements by another Irish bishop in which he said that gay people are not parents and that… 780 more words


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Jeb Bush, the ‘gay-friendly Republican,’ is still all about that base

You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Seems to me that this new Bush wants to please all all the time and it’s not going to work out. 92 more words