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Dr. Chaps (and Ted Cruz) shows his ass

Donald Trump seems to be imploding, and while the wagons are circling around the Republicans’ unlikely champion, the Christian zealot Ted Cruz, let’s do some background checks on his venomous supporters. 1,107 more words

Liberty Counsel Admits It’s Behind ‘Bathroom Bills’ Nationwide (Video) | Advocate.com

Liberty Counsel Admits It’s Behind ‘Bathroom Bills’ Nationwide (Video) | Advocate.com:

“As so-called bathroom bills continue to crop up in states across the country, mainstream media is starting to dig deeper to find out where the onslaught of anti-LGBT legislation is originating.  58 more words


More Hatred in NC

You know, politicians want you to believe that the terrorists like ISIS/ISL are the terrorists we need to focus on. Meanwhile, terrorists in our own backyard will destroy this country from within like a fucking cancer. 129 more words


A lapsed catholic lesbian's opinion on religious freedom laws

After coming out last September, the world became a more colorful place. Living in a world where I am not constantly checking my gayness at the door allowed me tap into a new found happiness and confidence that I did not know existed. 704 more words

Life, Love & Happiness

Anti-gay group tells supporters to boycott PayPal… can you guess what they use to take donations?

I guess they know and accept that their membership are a bunch of half-brained idiots, so this applies to all those who have not or refuse to acknowledge they have half a brain. 81 more words


Mississippi OKs religious bill decried as anti-LGBT-CNN

As each of these Republican run States passed legislation that hurts LGBT populations they are proving that Republicans should not have power right now. Everyone now knows someone who is lgbtq and this legislation is unpopular Across the Nation. 77 more words

MS Senate Passes Sweeping Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Bill

For every step we fight bitterly for, there’s 20 more these Hate Fueled people drag us backward.

  • Mississippi senate voted 28-18 Thursday in the last procedural act to advance what critics say is the most sweeping anti-LGBT legislation in the U.S.
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