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Malware Scanner: RogueKiller

RogueKiller is a powerful malware hunter which uses a wide range of technologies to detect threats. The lack of a “quick scan” is going to be a problem sometimes, but if you mostly just need an emergency “second opinion” scanner it should be a great choice. 6 more words


What is malware? Types of malware and virus.

Malware is a popular expression in its realm security as it is utilized by security specialists as often as possible, to the degree that it has turned into a typical family term. 365 more words

Computer Threats

Securing and privatizing your web browser + Quick progress update

I recently installed Parrot OS onto my computer in order to further my studies on security, privacy and pen testing. A unique feature with Parrot OS is the “Anon Surf” application. 586 more words

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Avast Business Antivirus


Avast Software – 82KB (Commercial Purchase)

The world’s largest threat detection network gives you advanced antivirus protection, no matter what your business needs. 286 more words


Emergency Patches, Patch Tuesday and the Great Anti-Virus Compatibility Challenge

Several (50+) patches were released by Microsoft yesterday as part of their patching cycle for January.  Add to these out-of-band emergency patches designed to mitigate and/or resolve the vulnerabilities associated with Meltdown and Spectre, and sysadmins and security admins around the world are incredibly busy this week. 65 more words

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A is for...

Access Control

Access Control is all about making sure that users only have access to the systems or files that they legitimately need access to. For example, someone in accounts is unlikely to need access to the HR system, so you wouldn’t give them that access. 393 more words

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Canadian govt spooks open source anti-malware analytics tool

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Canada’s main signals intelligence agency has released the code for a malware scanner and analytics tool as open source. 

The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) said the AssemblyLine tool is designed to analyse large volumes of files, and can automatically rebalance workloads. 210 more words