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REPULSIVE yes pro pedo no

I read a post form the the ralph retort you can read here

I did some thing better then ralph.

Update look like UN is just has bad then anti gamergate… 12 more words


has Luke Gittos point this out

This is bonkers. Firstly, the BBC’s reporting of the numbers was full of bald assertions. Jon Brown, head of sexual-abuse programmes at the NSPCC, was quoted in the BBC report, saying that ‘accessing hardcore pornography is warping view of what is acceptable behaviour’. 155 more words

Fake Charities

rh reality check don't look at reality

I look at this I was not happy with it.

the ESRB essentially controls the discourse of that controversy. And as such, the question of gendered sexual violence has been overwhelmingly—and disturbingly—absent from the conversation. 24 more words


soon or later they find out the hard way

taxpayer end up paying for it.

As Vice’s Frankie Mullin points out, the new censorship rules will have less effect on large porn producers and mainstream sites, “which tend to favour the strip, blowjob, fuck, cum-all-over-a-woman’s-face formula, but the UK’s smaller, independent producers,” 23 more words

You Tax At Work

Has a Feminist find out this law was not made to ban men from things

The frightening answer is that like the proverbial 800-pound gorilla, the tribunal does pretty much whatever it wants, showing scant regard for fundamental fairness, due process of law, and the well-established rules and procedures that have evolved under the Constitution for citizens’ protection. 33 more words

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A victory for the rape lover

It look like loony EU having Loony labour way tax fund sucm make pay for sex a crime and guess what 343 in favour, 139 against, 105 abstentions. 70 more words

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