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  • a liquid plant extract, dark golden brown with natural herbal scent.
  • a natural solution extracted from nature’s product.
  • kills odor-causing germs on contact.
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Slipcover the World

Slipcover the World

If given the choice, most people would not wash their hands with a pesticide even if it assured them a squeaky clean, bacteria-free experience. 140 more words


Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils

Many essential oils possess anti-microbial properties, due to the naturally occurring constituents that result from the distillation process.

However this does not mean that humans should consume essential… 680 more words

Essential Oils

Ingredient Highlight: Tea Tree Essential Oil

This week, we will be making use of Tea Tree Essential Oil as an ingredient. Therefore, I decided to start the week out with an overview of this highly useful oil. 386 more words

Essential Oils

Basil (Tián luólè 甜罗勒)

Pungent,and sweet flavor and warm thermal nature. Acts on Lung, Spleen, Stomach and Large Intestine meridians.

Active compounds:

Basil contains dozens of aromatic essential oil components in its leaves including eugenol, linalool, astragal, limonene, citral methylchavicol, and methyl cinnamate. 317 more words


Around four thousand years ago someone in ancient Babylonia recorded for posterity a recipe that included cumin in the preparation of leftover lamb. This ancient Sumerian tablet was the world’s first cookbook, listing no fewer than 25 recipes, 21 meat and 4 vegetarian. 594 more words



When the Visigoth Alaric I besieged Rome in 408 C.E., the ransom he demanded to lift the siege included gold, silver, slaves, and 3000 pounds of pepper. 665 more words