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Melbourne, Australia: Occupation of the STELaR Weapons Research Centre Site in Carlton

Press Release, 21 Feb 2017

STELaR Weapons Research Centre site in Carlton Occupied

Peace protectors are presently occupying the Carlton site of the future Lockheed Martin weapons research lab. 659 more words

Direct Action

Bremen, Germany: Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) vehicle torched

G20: In Hamburg you say goodbye…in Bremen we do too!

“Everywhere – Soldiers are murderers
All over the world – Uniforms are murderers
German weapons – Soldiers are murderers… 196 more words

Direct Action

Scotland: Lock-on blockade at UK nuclear sub base HMNB Clyde

Received on 03.02.17:

ACTION REPORT: lock-on blockade at UK nuke sub base in Scotland: no freedom of movement for WMD minions

On 2nd of February, starting 06.30 AM, five anti-nuclear activists blocked the pleasantly busy morning traffic at the south gate of Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde (yes, they’re still having this monarchy thing going on) in Faslane, Scotland. 690 more words

Direct Action

Athens, Greece: Incendiary attack on the Ministry of Culture (English/ Español/ ελληνικά)

On Saturday night, January 28th 2017, we struck the Ministry of Culture in Exarcheia with Molotov cocktails. It was a small symbolic attack to remind all fascists and militarists everywhere that we don’t give a shit about national ideals. 110 more words

Direct Action

Scotland: Anti-Nuclear activists block traffic at nuclear submarine base HMNB Clyde

Received on 25.01.16:

PRESS RELEASE: Anti-nuclear activist form a sit-in blockade at HMNB Clyde: Off Trident – You can’t cover up a nuclear disaster!

24.01.16: This morning at 06.45 AM, four anti-nuclear activists blocked the ongoing morning traffic at the south gate of HMBB Clyde in Faslane. 499 more words

Direct Action

Why support the white poppy and Veterans for Peace?

The white poppy, what is that? It’s a ceremonial poppy that’s used increasingly in the U.K to remember all victims or war and war dead, a commitment to peace and a challenge to militarism. 423 more words