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Materials Toward A Buddhohorror

A Collage of Ruminations and Quotations Pertaining to The Conspiracy Against the Human Race by Thomas Ligotti

By Max Finkel*

“Hell, purgatory, and heaven are not for us, except insofar as all three are here and now, on this earth.

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Axiological Asymmetry and Anti-Natalism

I recently listened to a podcast on Sam Harris’ website in which he discusses anti-natalism (the view that it is morally wrong to have children) with David Benatar. 1,126 more words


Having a Baby vs. Having a Cat: A Response to The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal, a popular webcomic, recently published Having a Baby vs. Having a Cat. This is my response:

Ironically, the main reason I don’t have a dog or cat is that I don’t like cleaning up poop.


Suffering, Infinity, and Universe Anti-Natalism

Questions that concern infinite amounts of value seem worth spending some time contemplating, even if those questions are of a highly speculative nature. For instance, if we assume a general expected value framework of a kind where we evaluate the expected value of a given outcome based on its probability multiplied by its value, then any more than an infinitesimal probability of an outcome that has infinite value would imply that this outcome has infinite expected value. 6,724 more words


New Yorker: The case for not being born

No editorial here, just FYI. Obviously not the future, in any sense where there is a human–or possibly any form of sentient–future. And I thought I was pessimistic! 7 more words

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Kids: a moral dilemma

I am aware of the nihilistic tendencies of some of my readers and I think they would enjoy reading this essay entitled Kids? Just say no.  635 more words


Mom Bonus, less than 8 hours of tv achievement

Give yourself a mom bonus if your kid(s) watch less than 8 hours of tv a day (this includes streaming video on a computer/tablet/smartphone, video games and regular television, etc.) 31 more words