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Pop Culture, Big Ideas: 'The Descent' and Anti-Natalism

The Descent is one of the most terrifying and incredibly sad movies I’ve ever seen. Part of what makes it such a wrenching film is the theme of losing a child. 1,150 more words


Episode 166: Girls Just Don’t Want a Bun (in the Oven)

You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on Stitcher 145 more words

"On Earth As It Is In Heaven"

She thought of the verse: “On Earth as it is in Heaven”.

               Passing over the world, looking down through glass,

               At the lands of snow, the lands of sand, of eternal green. 177 more words


Indifferent Empresses

The dust came from the sky, killing all it touched,

               And soaking into skin and earth forever.


               A war he fought, but demons get hooks in skin, 190 more words


A Humble Thomas Ligotti Tribute...

I recall a few choice moments in my life when I began to realize my own cosmic insignificance.

I distinctly recall the moment that the idea that space goes on forever actually registered with me. 1,821 more words

No Dreams In It's Droplets

The ocean IS, only that. Tides and waves and currents.
No dreams in it’s droplets. No fear in it’s crashing surf.
But we ARE. We dream and fear and hope and chase. 121 more words


We Are Creatures That Should Not Exist

Today’s needull is a grim piece. This talks about anti-natalism. This is basically a view which says that it is wrong to have children. The needull also discusses Rust Cohle character from True Detective and how his world view comes from anti-natalism. 43 more words