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This blog is about the very important topic of Healthy diet and our health. As you will read much of our health is determined by our diet and lifestyle. 4,551 more words

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Holding an olive branch is an age-old symbol of peace, but did you know that olives themselves can calm and create peace in the nervous system? 197 more words

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Stress Busting Raspberry Scones

I am stretched in many directions these days so I like to be prepared with ready to go foods that offer me the nutrients I need. 431 more words


Can Diet Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

How Diet Effects Disease And Health

There is nothing that equals the sadness of one not being able to remember their loved ones, the things that matter to them or even themselves. 532 more words


The Holy Trinity of all Apples

According to some of our commercial apple growers we are going to have a bumper crop of apples this year. A mild spring and warm summer, accompanied by the perfect amount of rainfall, has resulted in a vintage year for our English apples. 738 more words


What can I gain (and lose) from eating fruit and veg?!?

Soo much goodness!! And they’re super yummy too.

We have known for years that eating fruits an vegetables is good for us but have you ever thought why exactly? 652 more words


Spring Health & Beauty Tip 12 - Drink Tea

Time for Tea

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 12 – Drink Tea

There is now scientific proof that drinking tea is good for you!

According to scientists at University College London a cup of tea reduces levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and according to a study by Kings College London, drinking 4 cups of tea found that drinking tea can be better for you than drinking water because of the antioxidants (which are great for preventing DNA damage and most importantly wrinkles) in tea – especially Green Tea. 55 more words