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Vintage '80s funny button NOS "Oh, please God, not another Republican". Unworn, like new

Vintage '80s funny button NOS "Oh, please God, not another Republican". Unworn, like new

Republicans getting paid

This is as fair and balanced as I feel the republicans deserve 45 more words

Democracy Works If The People VOTE!

Democracy only works if the people vote!

It works even better if the voters are knowledgeable about how the candidates vote and where they stand on each issue. 268 more words


Happy Soltice

I would be amiss to not send this to you during this season for celebration of the winter solstice… for me it’s a time for family, friends, loved ones (yes that includes you), the reflection of the past year and the view of the year to come! 705 more words
Anti Tea Party/ Republican

Own The Massacre In Arizona Republicans!

Whether you believe Saturday’s massacre was politically motivated or not you have to believe that the Republican Party should want to own this attack! They should be proud of this gunman’s accomplishment’s because this very thing is what they have been calling for when they have constantly bellowed Second Amendment Solutions and Don’t Retreat, Reload! 218 more words

Anti Tea Party/ Republican

Hate and How The Republicans Use It To Keep Power

I’ve said this before; racism and hate are the reasons why the Republican Party still exists. Without it they’d have roughly 3% of the vote. … 1,364 more words

Anti Tea Party/ Republican

Thankfully I'm an Adult and I don't mind Taxes!

I wouldn’t mind paying more in taxes and I’m far from rich! I’m an Adult and I realize that to live in a country where you have great things and a good education, and you can drive down nice roads and the military is fighting wars and the poor don’t live on the streets and kids don’t starve to death and the sick don’t die by the 1000’s and we can go to parks to enjoy an afternoon with our children and we can call the police when we have a problem and the court system will take over and punish the offender and the prison will house the offender and if our home was destroyed by a storm the Fire Company would rescue us and if we were homeless because our home was destroyed a shelter would take us in and if we lost our job from that storm we’d get unemployment and if we couldn’t get a new home because we had no money because of the storm the government would help us with rent and if we got sick we’d get help with our medical bills and when we get better we can find another job and get back on our feet and until that time taxes is what got us through!! 20 more words

Anti Tea Party/ Republican