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Stratfor: We Have A Sealed Indictment On Assange

The Age, an Australian newspaper who have an investigative partnership with Wikileaks have unearthed secret charges against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The email is one of approximately 5 million that are to be released by Wikileaks. 663 more words


Email From Stratfor, called "the business of stratfor" leaked from wikileaks sent from one vice president to the rest of the company

The Business of STRATFOR

After fifteen years in business it surprises me sometimes how many people wonder about who we are, who funds us, and what we do. 1,017 more words


Stop the world - Anonymous to kill Facebook on 05 Nov 2011!

The self-proclaimed ethereal hacktivist collective known as Anonymous – or, more accurately, someone with a computer, an internet connection, a basic video editor and a voice synthesiser – has decided that Facebook should die. 806 more words


Anti-sec = Anti Script-kiddie movement ??

I know this blog is turning out to be a propaganda machine for the anti-sec guys, but let me assure you there’s no such thing going on here. 174 more words

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An Interview On The Anti-Sec Movement

I decided that a lot of the mystery behind the Anti-sec movement should be dispelled by a follower of the Anti-sec movement and so HackTalk has the inside info on the Anti-sec movement straight from the horses mouth. 1,030 more words


Antisec and Me

After I published my article on antisec and what antisec is, and imageshack became image(s)hack, I’ve been flooded with emails and tweets about just why antisec hacked imageshack and about my affiliations with the antisec movement. 456 more words