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Connecting The Dots - The Game For Critical Thinkers

In a world under the cosh of ever greater active and surreptitious propagandised agendas and outright censorship connecting the dots of truths, facts and alternative narratives becomes an essential and life saving credential. 1,249 more words

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A Couplet for Ben Shapiro

They sling anti-Semite at you,

But do they know you’re a Jew?

I saw some signs over at Berkley accusing Ben Shapiro of being a Nazi and an anti-Semite. 43 more words

You May Most Definitely Be Both a Feminist and a ZIONIST

If You are a Feminist . . .

You may also be a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Muslim or a Jew.

You may also be straight, transgender, bisexual or gay. 184 more words


When the Odds Favour the Problem - Change the Odds by Creating The Solution!

How do you begin to challenge an orthodoxy when that very entity is the enemy in our midst? Historically we have been fed and persuaded to believe ‘ 2,090 more words

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George Soros Being Sued For $10 Billion 

George Soros is being sued by Benny Steinmetz for $10 billion. Steinmetz is also making some interesting allegations that Soros is an anti-Semite.

Via Bloomberg… 228 more words


The Cuckoos Have Puppets and Play Them to Death

During my brother’s time in Leningrad,¬† known today as St Petersburg, it was common to hear the tale of 6 million Jews being persecuted by the Bolsheviks. 1,870 more words

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