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When the Odds Favour the Problem - Change the Odds by Creating The Solution!

How do you begin to challenge an orthodoxy when that very entity is the enemy in our midst? Historically we have been fed and persuaded to believe ‘ 2,090 more words

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George Soros Being Sued For $10 Billion 

George Soros is being sued by Benny Steinmetz for $10 billion. Steinmetz is also making some interesting allegations that Soros is an anti-Semite.

Via Bloomberg… 228 more words


The Cuckoos Have Puppets and Play Them to Death

During my brother’s time in Leningrad,  known today as St Petersburg, it was common to hear the tale of 6 million Jews being persecuted by the Bolsheviks. 1,870 more words

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Trump and His Surrogate Brother Robert Mercer's Controversial Relationship

Robert Mercer is one-month younger than Donald Trump. In many ways they could be brothers with one obvious difference. Trump can’t get enough attention to satisfy his fragile ego, and Mercer prefers to remain in the shadows, virtually unnoticed. 352 more words

Is Racial Discrimination Over? 

Why do we do the things that hurt? Why do we shout out those things that are meant to make others cry? What joy do we derive from shutting the door of compassion, acceptance and tolerance against those in dire need of these? 522 more words



They’re a strange thing consciences. Trouble is, what feels best isn’t necessarily what works best.

Richard Rampton (Denial 2016)

So, this is a movie review, and like I always say – no spoilers. 634 more words


Palestinians ARE Semites, killing Palestinians is anti- Semitic: Criticism of Israel in UK universities

Almost 250 academics have slammed attempts to silence criticism of Israel in British universities. This after a university banned a Palestine meeting claiming it had an anti-Semitic agenda.